Nicky Wu Responds to “Bu Bu Jing Qing” Criticism

Although the broadcast of Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情> was highly anticipated, the Mainland drama received poor reviews since its premiere last week. The series featured the return of the majority of Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s <步步惊心> popular cast, including real-life couple Nicky Wu (吴奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩).  Nicky appeared unbothered by the criticism and urged viewers to keep watching the drama.

The sequel takes place in modern day times, with the convenient plot device of the time-traveling Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu) forgetting her past palace romance with Fourth Prince (Nicky Wu). Since it aired, the drama is criticized for its illogically confusing plot and slow pace. Furthermore, netizens pointed out the actors’ lip movements did not match their speech and blamed it on poor editing skills.

Nicky explained, “An actor’s job is to perform and we do our best with the provided script. But I did find some adjustments in the released production, including how some parts were re-dubbed. The final decision regarding our dramas are not in the hands of any production company, since things are done according to certain policies. I’m not entirely sure of what happened in between, but at least I know it wasn’t like that when we filmed.”

Comparing his characters in the two installments, Nicky admitted Yin Zheng in the sequel is a more relaxing portrayal than Fourth Prince. Lacking the tense atmosphere of the Qing dynasty palace, he could release his emotions freely. Although it was his portrayal of Fourth Prince that propelled his popularity to its current level, Nicky expressed he will not limit himself to similar roles. In fact, he turned down more than ten Qing dynasty dramas in order to sample new experiences.

The plot of Palace 3: The Lost Daughter <宫锁连城> is currently moving forward at a quick pace and attracting high viewership ratings, opposite of Bu Bu Jing Qing. However, Nicky is unafraid of comparison and stated ratings are unpredictable. “No one knows how things will change tomorrow. And honestly, the ratings are quite strange. According to published statistics, there should be no one out on the streets and everyone should be watching TV at home. I don’t really understand it either.”

Thoughts on Reporter Restrictions

Earlier, reporters caught actor Wen Zhang (文章) cheating on his wife Ma Yili (马伊琍) in a secret affair with Yao Di (姚笛). Several comments surfaced online questioning the limits that should be set in terms of reporters’ duties. Since Nicky’s relationship with costar Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗) was also exposed after photographs emerged, he was asked to comment on the limits of reporters. Nicky admitted feeling helpless, “We are artistes, and I have nothing to say if you want to take photos of me. Even when I go to the washroom, someone would snap a photo and run off. If I yell at them, people would criticize my attitude. That’s why I’m fine with taking photos, but just don’t make things up.”

Once Nicky’s relationship with Cecilia had been publicized, the two have been bombarded with questions regarding marriage and baby plans. The couple is currently speculated to be living together, as Cecilia was spotted leaving Nicky’s home at odd hours. Nicky expressed the media has been too persistent, and believes many things in life require time to carefully think through.


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  1. Bu Bu Jing Qing is boring at max. I am waiting for the evil Liu Shi Shi to come and see if there is a chance. The current episodes of the series is dumb, plotless and only can ride on the fame of Bu Bu Jing Xin to survive. However I was not that big fan of Bu Bu Jing Xin to begin with, hence I dont be blinded by Bu Bu Jing Qing’s cast.

    Despite the plagiarism, Gong 3 on the other hand is quite interesting. Yuen Shan Shan has great improvement and the gong fight (with full of Yu Zheng’s style) is good. I dont have a surprise if Bu Bu Jing Qing lose to Gong 3. Audience knows what is better.

    1. The problem with BBJQ is it is trying to ride on the popularity of BBJX when it should be its own series and the fact that it has an uncharismatic leading actress in 2 roles.

      Gong 3 is worse in terms of storytelling. Yuan Shan Shan became the typical pursed lips her towards the later part. The story is in its own universe.

      Neither are good examples.

      1. Gong 3 is better in plot than BBJQ in my opinion. I think it is even better than the original story of Qiong Yao (I dont know that you have watched the original story of Qiong Yao or not.) The gong fight with Yu Zheng’s style is actually good with twists. The character of Yuan Shan Shan is not bad written and not as stupid as Bai Yan Shuang in Unfortunate Plum.

        However, I watch BBJQ because of Liu Shi Shi and will wait until her other role appears to judge.

      2. Agree with Funn. But I must say the TV, cut version is annoyingly bad. I made a few mistakes when I was too impatient and didn’t wait for the uncut version, so watched 3 cut episodes and it’s bad. In cut seriously is worth the wait.

        Alluka or Fox, Liu Shi Shi’s other role already appeared and disappeared too I think… Her second role is, Zhang Xiao’s twin sister Lan Lan. Spoiler alert for my next comment…

        Lan Lan have been disfigured and then disappeared. I’m guessing that she will return but with a new face and that’s when Annie Liu will start appearing, as Lan Lan with a new face and identity.

      3. Wow BBJQ is getting more ridiculour. Sigh.. what a butchering of BBJX’s legacy.

        Gong 3 is stupid. As simple as that. BBJQ is ridiculous. Both deserves Razzie awards.

        Puff I remember watching ep 8 from the same uploader without the opening and was sohu version suddenly same uploader how has ep 8 with the opening theme and the rest doesn’t tally. This is getting too confusing for me.

      4. “I dont know that you have watched the original story of Qiong Yao or not.”

        Watched it and am still traumatised by it. Gong 3 fares no better.

      5. Gong 3 does better to me. For example, it explained quite well why the huang fei must exchange the kid. The most stupid part is only the unfrozen scene. However it cant be as ridiculous as a dumb Zhang Xiao.

        I have not up to Lan Lan’s appearance. Actually I dont know how to continue with the rubbish change at plot of BBJQ. Maybe I can give the uncut a change but it is no where to find. Nevertheless, I am not fond of Annie Liu. Too bad for Liu Shi Shi to be changed to Annie Liu. Perhaps it means I will have a clear stop after the disappearance of Lan Lan.

      6. Original Plum Blossom explained it as well in fact YZ copied EXACTLY.

        Anyway for uncut version after checking several version, this is the one to follow;

        The uploader actually uploaded 8 episodes with sohu watermark then stopped and the reupload ep 1 onwards without watermark and except for episode 1 which is same as before, the rest now begins with opening theme. Hopefully really uncut version.

      7. Do you mean the novel? Unfortunately, it was explained simply by around 300 or 400 words. The huang jia has a new wife which made his old wife to give birth to a son in order to keep her status. The nanny switched two new born baby and inserted a plum on the shoulder of Bai Yan Shuang. The series has worsen it to make it uncleared of how the new wife threaten the old wife.

      8. Alluka, Lan Lan appeared in Ep1, that means you’re saying that Gong 3 is better than BBJQ before you finished watching Ep1… That’s based on the fact that you said you’re not up to Lan Lan’s appearance.

      9. Huh? I didnt see her in the episode 1 I watched.

      10. I watched both cut and uncut version of episode 1, Lan Lan appeared in both. She bumped into ZX at the stairwell, and was casted by YinZhen as a model. Lan Lan is also in episode 2 and almost every episode subsequently. So your comment is confusing and you’ve commented without watching?

      11. Hold on, you made me confused. In the version I watch on my local channel, there is no Lan Lan up to episode 4. I stopped there. I will see other versions because you are saying Lan Lan appears in episode 1?

  2. If anyone able to find the uncut version, it quite very good… The one on TV is the edit n have lots of cut part… Cause of the time travel band in China…

    1. I totally agree with you. The cuts and re dubbing made the tv version awful. The uncut version was aired on but now its been banned. At least episodes 1 through 4 I have seen it in uncut version.BBJQ production company tried their best to release the uncut version but to no avail.

      1. I was very confused because I made the mistake of watching another uploader when the original uploader was so slow. So I stopped originally at Nicky kissing Cecilia in a publicity stunt. Next episode (I followed the numbers) they were in some old building chit chatting and it was winter with snow. Then I went back to the original uploader and the supposed episode I saw was actually 3 or 4 episodes later. So the TV broadcast was much faster than the uncut version? Very confused that I decided to go back to the original uploader and be a bit patient.

        Perhaps the uncut version should not be uploaded in the first place for consistency.

      2. No I fear they will edit Da Mo Yao very badly too! Since it has a lot of historical background. I hope at least that one will turn out! First reason why I watched BBJX was because Kevin Cheng was in there. thats when I started to like LSS. I thought she was good in BBJX. BBJQ looked dark and mysterious when the first trailer came out. But I am not drawn to it. Eh maybe I will wait til all of it comes out, then this way I can fast forward watch this series.

      3. right now there is 18 episode for the uncut version.. as for the cut version it at episode 20 or 21 right now
        the uncut version have at least 45min worth of show.. the cut version have only 30 to 35 min worth of show..

    2. Thank J.H. Yes, I’m now only watching from lijuan chen. The version is TV cut version, so not watching that eventhough it’s quicker than lijuan chen.

      1. You are welcome Puff. I don’t think we are getting everything on this version either because I read somewhere (previous articles from here?) before that there is supposed to be 44 episodes. I think it’s down to 35 episodes now. If you watch the trailers – you will not see things from these episodes. The banning is really hurting this drama. It’s not fair to the actors and the fans. 🙁

      2. Yes, banning, bad editing is not fair for all the drama production people. I’m taking a break from BBJQ.

        Started watching Perfect Couple instead, with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan, it’s good. Actually quite funny for a mainland drama. I hope the chemistry and humour will be maintained as the series progress.

  3. I don’t think that they will edit Da MO Yao, cause they already change the name of the character and the dynasty so that it will not link with history..

    1. I hope that’s all they changed! That series will take 10 years to be release! lol

  4. I feel very bad for the the production company in china cause of all the restriction and band. Many show that already recorded got shelf cause they didn’t meet SAFT stander.

  5. I like how Nicky is responding to the questions without blaming anybody for the “failure” of this series. It could have been great it none of the CUTS ARE MADE due to china restriction.
    I also agree the the series is going at a slow pace and i hope it will speed up a bit now. Though, is boring but I still watch it for Nicky and LSS. They chemistry is still there to help me get through this series

  6. I’m more interested in sun yizhou going through the change in personality and annie liu appearing

  7. Very disappointed BBJQ!All actors & actresses are great, except the disaster story lines. Sometimes, very confusing and complicated. I’m so sad after watching till ep 10…also same! Oh Gosh!!

  8. I think the original BBJQ is not bad, based on original trailers released thus far. It will be damaged and confusing because of all the restrictions, cutting and banning of certain scenes…..which resulted in all the confusion. I have not even tune in yet to the first episode.

    From all the above discussion, why does the story require LSS’s character (Zhang Xiao) to loose her memory (the trailer showed she was electrocuted)/then later recover. That other ‘evil twin’ should not even be in the script at all!! because technically, Zhang Xiao ‘returned’ to the 21st century after she (Ruoxi) died and was cremated. By introducing this ‘evil twin’ (whom I suspect also died later), does it mean she too will return to the Qing dynasty?? (note that Ruoxi’s body was already cremated !!). This is why I said the ‘evil twin’ should not be in this series. Let’s hope Tangren will do the right thing and broadcast a good ending with Nicky & LSS (Zhang Xiao) finally ending up together despite whatever little traumas they went through.

    Nicky is very tactful in answering those questions.

    1. I’m sorry, but Nicky knew the series will be a failure before filming it.
      That was why Kevin and others did not return. Nicky stated that he was just there to do his work as an actor and called it a day.

      He filmed the series for the company to return the favor, because they made him popular again.

      1. I do not think it is because of the plot and series itself but the bad editing, banning,various versions,etc…

      2. I do not think so. Nicky need not return any favour. Yes, it’s true he became popular all over again but only because he did a fantastic job as Yong Zhen. Tangren needs him more to return in BBJQ because there were initial talks that he may not return and fans/netizens protested, etc. Kevin agreed to return too but due to delay in the script, the shooting schedule now pushed forward clashed with his other commitment (filming another mainland series).

        Lin GengXin was an overnight sensation too (BBJX being his first series) but I think there were misunderstandings (fallout??, not sure) with Tangren. Have you not noticed how LSS’s other love interest in BBJQ looks a little like LGX? Yuan Hong should have return.

  9. Thanks Funn, I was looking for one with Engl sub. 🙂

  10. Agree with you. I’m also watching his uploaded versions. So that I won’t get mixed up.

    1. Thanks. There are so many videos of BBJQ uploaded by other people also. It’s so easy to get confuse.

  11. All the comments here pointed this drama is a hot mess lol! That sinking ship still look on course for sinking ;p

  12. Actually the one uploaded by the actor is also the CUT version. If you look at the weibo entry of the scriptwriter she is uploading the parts of the script which have been cut. All the cut parts are actually all scenes that BBJX fans were waiting for SIGH. The cut tv version is a mess and now at ep 22 is getting worse as the story just does NOT make sense without them recovering memory loss and the 4P RX memories. To save us pain and keep our faith in BBJX wait for the uncut version which we hope TVB will broadcast. SHAME on you china tv for ruining what is actually a good show.

    1. What they cut from the script can’t be helped. But the version uploaded one is in a way the final intended version perhaps? So avoid the TV version and go for the internet version.

  13. I really wonder how the DVD version will be?? I hope it will be the complete version.

    1. I hope so too
      The cut version is either super fast paced or super slow and didn’t make any sense

  14. Hear that BBJQ is showing in Hong Kong right now.. anyone know were I can see the uncut version??? please let me know..

  15. I hear that Hong Kong TV have show 3 episode already.. anyone know where I can see it..
    please help..

    1. I think that it’s airing on TVB Drama 2 channel. It’s the original uncensored version. Someone in this thread has provided a link to watch the original uncensored edition (just look through) the thread.

      1. The link provided constantly gets deleted by Jayne or moderator of this website. So on YouTube search for ‘lijuan chen’ he loaded the uncensored version I’ve watched. It’s slower than the aired censored by a day or two.

        The guy who loaded it is Zhang Xiao’s ex boyfriend, now good friend Huang Di.

  16. TVB is broadcasting the original version for anyone who is interested. The original version is superior to the censored version and made it more clear that BBJQ is a continuation of BBJX. The censored version either change the dialogues or outright cut out scenes that reference BBJX. I’ll hightly some major differences in the first 2 episodes below.

    Original episode 1:

    Open in Qing dynasty with Emporer YZ ordering the jade hair pin and his jade ring be taken to RX’s birth place. The treasures got lost during a storm. We then comes to present day. ZX visits Qing exihibit where she met modern 4th prince (also initial YZ). She cries because well, he’s her lost love – chases after him to his work place where she apply for a job to be closer to him. All very understandable.

    Censored episode 1:

    Open in modern day where ZX watches BBJX on TV (yes you read that right. WTF!!) and becomes obsessed with the characters etc. Visit Qing exhibit, met YZ, cried (because she’s nut), chases him to his work place where she apply for a job because she is obviously an insane fangirl/stalker.

    Original episode 2:

    ZX and a friend talked about time travelling and parallel universe and how Lan Lan might be the “real” RX and whether modern YZ is reincarnation of Emporer YZ. (This friend knows about ZX “dream” about her life as RX).

    We also have an entire “reminising” sequence. ZX think about 4th Prince, how he’s the one thing that she couldn’t let go of, how much she loves him etc. This whole sequence is very touching and really establish that BBJQ is a sequel to BBJX and is essentially a continuation of ZX/RX and 4th Prince love story. This sequence also contain the scene of ZX and Emporer YZ walking in parallel on opposite sides of the wall that was featured in the promos.

    Censored episode 2:

    Same scene of ZX and her friend except now it involves the friend telling ZX that she needs to be more aggressive in her pursuit of YZ otherwise her competition (ie. Lan Lan) will win. This scene is ridiculous and made ZX comes across like a desperate loon.

    The entire reminising sequence was complete cut.

    One ZX lost her memories there are less reminising and falshbacks for obvious reasons, but there are still differences sprinked throughout.

    The bottom line. Watch the censored if you can’t wait and want to get the gist of the story lines. Watch the original if you want the continuation of ZX/RX and 4th Prince love story.

    1. so in the cut version she is a crazy obsessed stalker?

      1. Well, I’ve personally never understand the “fan” mentality. At least not the screaming, crying and fainting version of being a fan. So in my book anyone who cried when they met some stranger that they watch on TV is not quite right in the head. And if you chased after this stranger and apply for a job at his company than “crazy, obsessed stalker” is a pretty accurate description for you.

        Thankfully, ZX lost her memory in episode 2 or 3 so we didn’t get prolonged exposure to her crazines in the censored version. Her actions are understandable in the original version. Heck, if my lost love from 300 years ago suddenly appeared in front of me I would have done more crazier stuff than that to be close to him.

    2. Thanks Cali. I saw ep 1 censored version, but watch uncensored ep 2, so this is a very helpful perspective. It’s silly that China authorities are banning time travel as a genre for TV.

    3. Thanks for pointing out because I’m sure it helped to straighten out all the confusion. From your description/comparison, the cuts/bans are pretty obvious. I wonder why Tangren let the authorities go this far with the editing because it distorts the script way too much. Hope the dvd version will be the complete (44??) episodes and the true version.

      Now it makes me wonder if I should get my HKG gf to tape it for me.

      1. Jasmine,

        The TVB’s version is the most complete version to date. It contain scenes that are cut/missing in both the censored broadcast version and the uncensored Sohu version.

  17. Tvb is showing the uncut BBJQ right now, anyone know were I can go to watch..

    1. Ami, lijuan chen uploaded 2 episodes on YouTube. I won’t post the link because those link will be deleted

  18. To update on all the difference versions floating out there for anyone who are interested.

    There are currently 3 difference versions of BBJQ at the moment:

    The uncensor/Sohu version – dialogues has not been change, there are still references to BBJX and timetravel etc. This version was broadcasted originally but got pull due to censorship issues. NOTE – this version is NOT THE FULL version because there are scenes that have been cut.

    The censor/broadcast version – dialogues has been change to omit references to BBJX and time travel. Scenes have also been cut.

    The TVB version – uncensor and the most complete version to date. I suspect this is the full version that Tangren wanted to release. Contain scenes that are missing from the two versions above. Also, scenes from this version are sometimes in a different order compared to the other two versions.

    If you are a fan of BBJX, then I suggest you save yourself the aggravation and wait to watch the TVB version.

    1. Cali: Thanks for the update. Do you (anyone else) know the link to this version? Please share with us. Thank you again.

      1. I am wondering too, Is there such a version online?

      2. I can only find 2 episodes thus far. Is it consistent with HK broadcast?

      3. Funn,

        I got my source somewhere else, but watching through the link that you posted it is the TVB version.

        TVB is only broadcasting 1 episode a day and only 2 episodes have been shown so far, so it is consistent.

      4. My question to TVB is why air JTTW when they can air BBJQ?

      5. Agreed, “new” BBJQ is preferred over “old” JTTW here too.

      6. Funn Lim and Cali: Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the links and the information with us. I can’t wait to watch it tonight and hopefully they will continue uploading them.

  19. I heard that the BBJX is really good but I never have time to watch it until I come across BBJQ. So I decided to watch BBJX and man I am hooked to the series that I lost count how many times I have been watching it over and over and still not the interest. Love every scene between Nicky and LSS!!! I watched some of BBJQ but I don’t like it very much.

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