Nicky Wu’s “The Legend of Zu 2” Drops First Trailer

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Nicky Wu’s “The Legend of Zu 2” Drops First Trailer

Starring returning cast members Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and newcomers Fortuna Yu Ting’er (雨婷儿), Chen Zheyuan (陈哲), Liu Yitong (刘一曈), and Nie Zihao (聂子皓), Chinese fantasy television series The Legend of Zu 2 <蜀山战纪2踏火行歌> has dropped its first promotional trailer to prepare for its upcoming premiere on Zhejiang TV. The Legend of Zu 2 will be airing two days a week starting January 30, 2018.

Combining elements of Chinese mythology and wuxia, The Legend of Zu 2 centers on the story of a village girl Yu Yingnan (Fortuna Yu) and her assumed older brother Yu Yingqi (Chen Zheyuan), both who end up becoming powerful pugilists for the world’s number one sect, Mount Shu. Yingnan is haunted by a mysterious past, as she is unable to recall the events that lead up to her arrival in the village.

After mistaking Changxu disciple Bai Guyi (Nie Zihao) to be the great hero of her dreams, Yingnan seeks to learn martial arts from Changxu, but ends up in the tutelage of Mount Shu instead. Yingnan, Yingqi, and Guyi’s fates intertwine after their two sects come together to solve the incident of the enchanted Chihun Stone.

The Legend of Zu 2 is met with hesitance among the fan community. With only Nicky as the returning cast member, The Legend of Zu 2 falls flat in star power without the return of cast members such as William Chan (陳偉霆) and Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖). However Nicky, who is also the drama’s producer, has confidence in the young actors and story.

Check out the trailer below!


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3 comments to Nicky Wu’s “The Legend of Zu 2” Drops First Trailer

  1. says:

    Nicky Wu’s production are always very unfortunate. Zhao Liying was extremely famous right after she finished the Journey of Flower, and she was styled up so pretty in Legend of Zu too but the drama is just so bad that I think the rating were not that good. Even Zhao Liying did not get high rating for a drama, so for the new actors, we need to wish them luck.

    I don’t quite like dramas with lots of color and dull props (quite empty actually), but the storyline seems to definitely be the problem.

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    • replied:

      @davy Agree. The plot was definitely lacking, in terms of creativity and coherency. It was filled with plot holes, and a lot of it felt very contrived and senseless. Didn’t help that the main lead (William Chan) delivered an incredibly wooden performance. I actually enjoyed the supporting cast much more. Also, wasn’t a fan of the hair/makeup and costume design, as everything seemed very excessive.

      The second one looks like it might a step farther in the right direction, but that’s not saying much.

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  2. kk12345 says:

    I still prefer TVB’s Zu Mountain although it is old. Legend of Zu is dull despite having better scenery and special effects.

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