Noel Leung Calls Out Monica Chan for Her Disrespectful Attitude

After a row with Isabel Leung (梁佩瑚) in September, 1989 Miss Hong Kong Monica Chan (陳法蓉) is back into a heated argument with another former colleague, this time with former TVB actress Noel Leung (梁小冰).

On November 25, both Monica and Noel were invited to attend a charity event for the Wai Yin Association, a charity institute established by former Miss Hong Kong contestants. The attendees were required to wear the organization’s uniform, which comprises of a white collared shirt and a pink jacket. Noel, who was feeling hot, chose not to wear the jacket. This apparently did not sit well with Monica, who scolded her in a loud voice, drawing the attention of many people.

In a later interview, Noel said the organization never notified her about having to wear the complete outfit, and expressed her disappointment in Monica for yelling at her in public. “She should have been more polite to me. Even if we were very close friends, we would still maintain our civility. This is why I refused to take photos with her, and neither do I think that is necessary. She is very impolite.” (Do you want her to apologize?) “Of course. I will call her in private. No matter who you are, every member of this organization needs be courteous of one another.”

Noel admitted to being short-tempered, saying, “It’s easy to make me mad, but I also do not stay mad for long. A few polite exchanges and I’ll feel good again.” (Is Monica like the guidance counselor for the organization?) “I don’t think she is. Who gives her that right? We are all members.”

The 46-year-old responded to questions about the incident again in a later phone interview. The Menu <導火新聞線> actress said, “[Monica] didn’t even greet me when she saw me. She just opened her mouth and started yelling at me for not wearing the uniform. Before I could respond, she already left. You are a member of this organization just like me. How could you treat me in such a rude, impolite manner?”

Reports said Monica opened fire at Noel again once they went backstage after the event. Monica reportedly said, “It’s such a small issue. Why did you make it into such a big one?” Noel retorted, “Your bullying is obvious. You need to reflect on your attitude. You’re being very impolite now. Was that necessary? I’m giving you an opportunity to apologize right now. If you don’t apologize, I’m going to leave Wai Yin.” Monica then reportedly said, “Let’s go out there right now and set it straight with the press.”

Rosa Chan (陳紫蓮) and Ellen Wong (王愛倫) then separated the two. Ellen said, “Monica has always been like this. Maybe she has attitude sickness, so she’s not all there.” Noel said, “So? If she’s sick, I’ll give her the chance to apologize. I did not expect to be treated so rudely. I’m hurt. Am I being too nice? Is that why she’s bullying me? One side she’s yelling at me, the other side she’s laughing and joking with the guests. She is so double-faced! How can she be so fake? I’ve been in the industry for thirty years. I may not be very well-known or very honorable, but I’ve always maintained civility around others. I am very disappointed.”

Noel continued with her rant, “I can see with my own eyes how she’s like with other people, but I cannot accept this attitude she has towards me. She was the one who invited me to join Wai Yin, and now she’s acting like the big boss, like she’s Cixi. Friends who know me well know that I’m never the person who likes to start drama. I don’t need people to support me. If she’s brave enough to apologize to me, I will accept it!”

Monica, however, did not apologize. The 50-year-old wrote on social media later that night, saying, “Thankfully our consultant Rosa was there at the time. Some members and staff of Wai Yin were also present. They can prove that I neither admonished nor was being impolite to anyone. Thank you for being my witnesses during the interviews. As for the unfounded reports, the only thing I can say is this: puzzling.”

Monica added in her statement a few days later, “Before I stepped on the stage, I was told that someone was upset about being treated impolitely due to ‘a jacket’. This person made up some dialogue that never happened before! Why is she like this? Thankfully I have Rosa, the Wai Yin staff, and members Edith Wong (王殷廷) and Joan Tong (唐麗球) as my witnesses and spoke the truth. They can prove that I was innocently implicated! I will not be made a scapegoat!”

Source: Eastweek, Oriental Daily

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  1. Just finished rewatching The Key Man and am currently rewatching The Edge of Righteousness. They are both Monica’s series. And now she is on the news. What a coincidence! Anyway, not sure who to believe because of the whole she-said she-said thing. But I miss Monica’s acting.

  2. Wow how do you have two sided conversations like that? These allegations are rather outspoken. If MC didn’t do it, I don’t think Noel would make a ruckus about it. She’s never been the gossipy, backstabbing type.

  3. I believe in Noel. She’s always been low profile and never had issues like this. Unlike Monica Chan…

  4. Seems like Monica might be trying to get some attention since her TVB series will air in the new year. Noel has always been nice though assertive. Does not seem like she will make something like this up. Maybe Monica is going through some emotional problems. Sigh.

    1. @elizabeth I tend to believe Noel more too. To me, it can’t be a coincidence that Monica had a fallout with another Miss HK (Isabel Leung, who was second runner up the same year Monica won Miss HK back in 1989) a few months ago (in September) and now this issue with Noel. The issue Isabel mentioned occurred back during the 1989 Miss HK pageant, but it’s along similar lines of this issue in that an incident occurred and supposedly Monica acted one way in front of the press and the other contestants, making herself out to be the victim, however later on it was discovered the explanation she gave was actually not true (Isabel’s account was also “verified” by other contestants from that year, though most of them are no longer in the industry so they preferred not to say anything). Also, Monica has had a track record of issues throughout her career, whereas Noel hasn’t….

      As for whether the situation played out the way the above article stated, I actually don’t think so, as I’ve read the accounts of what happened from more reputable sources (neither Eastweek nor Oriental Daily are reputable in my book), including interviews with both Noel and Monica (plus a few other former Miss HKs who were at the event), and the above account seems to have been “embellished” by the gossip rags. Either way, it’s too bad that the incident led to such negative press for Wai Yin Association and takes away from the charity side of things, which is what the association was founded on — though this is definitely not the first time there has been “drama” within the group and probably won’t be the last time either….

  5. I also believe in Noel Leung. Even the righteous Anita lent her direct support to Noe. From Anita’s tone, she doesn’t seem to highly regard Monica Chan.
    What’s ironic is that Monica’s sisters, namely Ada Choi, Athena Chu and Catherine Hung, all joined hands in criticizing Noel. Feel pitiful for Noel.

    1. @bryantchang Yup, though in a way not surprised at the way things turned out in terms of Anita supporting Noel (they were both from the same year Miss HK and are good friends) and Monica’s “sisters” supporting her (Monica’s circle of sisters have always been very close and have stood by each other in the good and the bad). Anita obviously doesn’t think highly of Monica, though I think it goes back further than Noel’s issue (Anita also made a comment that alluded to how Monica acts when reporters are present, which is similar to what other Miss HKs from Monica’s year have said about her).

      Actually, what I find most ironic is the dynamics of the 2 major disputes that Monica has been involved with in recent months: Monica, as 1989’s Miss HK winner, was responsible for “crowning” Anita back in 1990 when she won. Anita is very close friends with the first and second runners-up from her year (Helen Yung and Noel Leung) whereas Monica was not very well-liked by the other contestants from her year, with both first and second runners-up from that year (Donna Chu and Isabel Leung) not having any good things to say about Monica or how she behaved back when they were in the pageant together. This dispute involves Noel and Monica (and now Anita as well) whereas the issue from September involved Monica and Isabel (with Donna Chu being asked to comment back when the dispute got a bit out of control). Kind of interesting how both issues happened to involve the Miss HKs from 1989 and 1990.

  6. I saw the clips. Noel seems like a more nicer person, much more than this Monica Chan. I never really like or dislike of this Monica Chan but she does seem like a she thinks ” she’s all that attitude ” most of the time esp on series and that annoying whiny voice. Awww…She was being questioned of whether or not she was rude to Noel Leung and she had to intentionally bringing another to the interview b/c she didn’t know HOW to reply? What does others have to do it with her attitude/tone towards someone? And the way she posted other people’s names as witnesses, they are probably just being polite I/o of making a big fuss over the issue? She sounds so fake and naïve and that annoying laugh. Noel Leung being a mother should have just left it as it as well cuz when you know she has that kind of attitude should really be the BIGGER person and just ignore I/o of making a fuss cuz she also will be called why make a fuss over such an issue? But we are not there so we don’t know how she yelled and criticized her so don’t know who mad this person was at the time. The friends supporting friends always happens that way. If you are NOT there, shut up you know instead of blindly supporting when your friend who you know might/might not have been guilty all along. Jus shut it you know…lol…. Alex Fong’s wife might not be a looker but she has the best comments with the reporters. They are both good people, probably a misunderstanding and she is not there which is true.
    I remember she had another incident w/another ex pageant woman who married a rich guy. She started fire on that one, I don’t know the details but this Monica Chan is not even popular or anything so probably anything to get some media coverage.

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