Noel Leung Denies Extramarital Affair Rumors

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Earlier, former Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, Noel Leung (梁小冰), was accused of cheating on husband, Gary Chan (陳嘉輝), with restaurateur, Brian Wong (王志海). In a telephone interview, Noel treated the relevant reports as a joke, stressing that they were only fellow classmates. Gary Chan replied through a text message that both he and Noel possessed mutual trust in each other.

Noel possessed a good wife and motherly image. Thus, when the extramarital affair rumors surfaced, many artists were shocked.  When the rumors surfaced initially, Noel had expressed through her manager that she will not respond. Yesterday, she broke her silence and said, “I’m very surprised! In my 22-year career, this was the first time I graced tabloid covers!” She explained that she was not hiding after the news broke, but was busy and unable to respond earlier.

Noel realized that she was photographed by tabloid photographers earlier, but did not consider that the published story would accuse her of having an extramarital affair with Brian Wong. Noel explained that Brian was a fellow classmate, “We went to the same class. All the students get along very well. Brian’s restaurant in the Central district is the place where we often gather together.”

Noel stressed that the allegations claiming that she and Brian had entered the storage room together were false. Aside from Brian, other classmates also dropped her off at home. Noel claimed that shes never exchanged flirtatious messages with Brian on Weibo.  Regarding Brian’s messages referencing “Little Bing,” Noel claimed that she never read his Weibo. “I do not know if he did write about me or not.” Despite her rumors with Brian, Noel said that she will not end her friendship with Brian. Next month, the pair will continue to attend class together.

Noel added, “I’m a very warm person. In my 22-year career, I have never had this kind of rumor. This proves that I will not act inappropriately. I feel that linking arms and hugging are normal friendly behavior, but you may feel surprised.” Noel noted that she had a mutual understanding with her husband, Gary Chan.


Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: At least Noel and Gary came forward to address the rumors. However, the press mentioned that Noel and Brian exchanged Weibo messages, but she said that she never read his blog?

16 comments to Noel Leung Denies Extramarital Affair Rumors

  1. Nicole says:

    What class are Noel and Brian attending together?
    Noel still looks so young, but her outfit is so lulz in the 2nd pic.

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    I am glad that she addressed this issue instead of remain silent. I don’t think she is having an affair, but I also don’t believe that she is telling the entire truth. As Jayne mentioned, she said that she never read his blog they exchanged messages… Hm.. I guess only she knows. Maybe Brian has feelings for Noel but Noel is married so she only considers him a good friend?? There are people that don’t care if someone is married or not, they will go after them if they want. I heard that Michele Reis was like that and I find that really sad… It is good that Noel will still continue to be friends with Brian.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    “I’m a very warm person. In my 22-year career, I have never had this kind of rumor. ”

    Which is interesting that such a rumour should surface now…

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  4. iawnaek says:

    So close and so warm until she wipes sweat off that guy’s face and lean her chin on his shoulder. Where do you draw the line honey?

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    • Nicole replied:


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    • KangNam replied:

      So? i mean if you see your friend sweat you dont help them whip it off? And skin ship amoung friends arent that uncommon i mean some hols hands (eg Zac Efron often held hands with Ashley Tisdale while dating Vanessa Hudgens), Some casually have their arms around each others shoulder, feeling tired and resting ones head on a friends shoulder isnt that “intimate”.

      Unless theres picture proof of real intimacy eg kissing or hanky panky pics i dont believe shes cheating

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Sometimes not kissing doesn’t mean it is not intimate. If you’re married, very married, you know better than to lovingly wipe off the sweat on your male friends or female friends, depending on the gender you;re in love with. It may mean nothing but to your beloved it may mean something. Better to be cautious than to be sorry.

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      • LeilaFan replied:

        I don’t know about others, but me and my husband are not that open. We both married and we both know our limits when it come to opposite sex friends. No opposite sex friends are more important than your spouse.
        Since we dating since our college age, we have mutual friends who are our college classmates. Sometimes we and our old friends go dinner together or get together for BBQ, but that about as much as it will get.
        We as married couples don’t go hold hands with the opposite sex, or wipe of their sweat, or even go alone one to one with the opposite sex. This can easily cause misunderstanding, especially when you “married”
        I agree, should be more cautious, certainly you don’t want misunderstanding with your spouse, or if your mother in laws caught you go with another man alone, LOL!!!

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I guess it also depends the couple and how traditional they are. Many that are more open and modernized don’t mind if their spouse hugs or gets close(to a limit of course) with their opposite sex friends. It also depends on whether they are the jealous type or not and how much they trust their spouse as well. For example, I recently went to my cousin’s wedding and my male cousin was kissed by a woman on the cheek and his wife did not mind at all. Also, he even talked on the phone with one of his ex girlfriends for hours and hours and his wife did not mind at all. She only bothered him to tell him to go to sleep since he had to work the next day. However, she was not jealous at all because they both trust each other. But some others would have gotten really jealous… Therefore, it just depends on the couple and how they are towards each other and others…

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I guess you are really traditional. THat is just how my mom and relatives are. They say that you cannot have any physical contact with the opposite sex at all. Even if you talk to them too much it is not ok because people will misunderstand you. One of my cousins used to have a lot of guys friends and after she got married, she continued to talk to them and her father in law(my uncle) did not like it. He kept on telling her “Remember that you are now a married woman”. SHe was so upset and complained about how hard her father in law was…

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      • LeilaFan replied:

        Yeah, depends on the couples.
        My husband cooks in the house. And people usually say men that can cook for wife and kids, those men are very “picky, strict” with their family, overall more ‘picky’.
        Older people tends to say men that cannot cook are easier to deal with than men that can cook.
        This is true in my case, I think in genernal probably true.
        Usually couples that kiss and touch opposite sex are mostly western. I personally do not know any Chinese men who are OK with seeing their wife touch another man.

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  5. sandcherry says:

    Agree with what LeilaFan says. We should draw a “limit” among friends if we are married. This should apply particularly to celebrities because they will be caught by those tabloid photographers easily.

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  6. Boscolie says:

    i don’t believe she cheated on her husband. i do totally agree with leila

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  7. Grace says:

    She’s so SWEET looking!!!!!

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  8. fuzzyduck says:

    Growing up, I was a die-hard Noel fan. There has been very little news about her over the last few years. I was so excited to finally read something about her… but unfortunately it has to be something like this.

    I agree with those who believe that she did not cheat but perhaps lacked better judgements with some of her actions. I do think she and Gary Chan are a loving couple. They’ve been together for like 20 years, they must been through thick and thin. They can get through this.

    I hope to hear better news about Noel in the near future.

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  9. Helen says:

    I love Noel drama and she is like real fairy to me. I can’t believe she married Gary Chan. She could marry a better one.

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