Noel Leung Portrays Schizophrenic With 9 Personalities

Yesterday, actress Noel Leung (梁小冰) attended a grand opening event for a performance arts school. Currently busy filming for CTI’s new horror drama, Marvel Century <驚異世紀>, Noel revealed that she is portraying a schizophrenic patient who has nine different personalities. As one of her most challenging performances to date, the role requires Noel to often film in distant places where she does not get access to phone or internet services. She will also have many fight scenes, cannibalistic scenes, as well as a few bed scenes in Marvel Century!

Noel, who has filmed more period dramas than modern dramas in her acting career, joked about never having to film period dramas again. She laughed, “Filming modern dramas are actually really fun. Bye bye, period dramas!”

Noel also disclosed that she had to rest for an entire week after doing her bed scenes. “I hurt my back,” said Noel. “My first ever intimate bed scene was with Lawrence Chou (周俊偉). It was really intense, and I ended up hurting my back. Maybe it’s because I didn’t warm up! I definitely learned my lesson.”

New CTI Drama Line-up

Marvel Century also stars ex-TVB actors,  Dominic Lam (林嘉華), Leila Tong (唐寧), Felix Lok (駱應鈞), and Kwok Fung (郭峰), the CTI drama features a cascade of eight separate horror stories that centers around frightening and supernatural elements. The drama is filmed entirely with an HD ARRI camera, which is often used for shooting motion pictures.

Other new CTI dramas include Still Have Time to Love You <還來得及再愛你>, a romantic vampire drama starring Taiwanese actor, Danson Tang (唐禹哲), and Fantasy Love Song 201314 <童話戀曲201314 >, a musical drama starring William So (蘇永康) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒).


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  1. “Marvel Century” sounds very interesting! How will Noel portray a schizophrenic with 9 different personalities? And despite the intensity of those bed scenes, they will probably be edited out for TV viewers anyway.

    “Marvel Century” will look nice given the HD ARRI camera footage. What type of cameras do mainland dramas such as “Bu Bu Jing Xin” use? Many rich details were captured in BBJX that looked great.

    It is about time TVB invested in some nicer camera equipment. Their footage and lighting always look very flat.

    1. I really want to see this drama, given the strong cast. Felix Wong and his daughter will appear in “Marvel Century” together!

      Although horror-themed shows are not my usual preference; I stay away from even vampire shows.

      1. Agreed. Sounds interesting but eh horror 🙁

        CTI’s dramas sound experimental but at the same time, kinda off to me. Vampire love story, ugh been done to death in US. Musical drama.. idk as well.

    2. “It is about time TVB invested in some nicer camera equipment. Their footage and lighting always look very flat.”

      I agree. This is also why I appreciate Jonathan Chik dramas! A lot of viewers complain about how dark (literally) his dramas are, but I actually like it that way. It gives the show a more realistic vibe.

      1. Realistic? Do we walk around around so much darkness?

        The equipment has always been there. It is just a matter of I suppose cinematography? Colour tone?

      2. Well, we definitely don’t walk around with such blazing studio light! I do not watch a lot of Jonathan Chik dramas, but I really appreciate his cinematographic approaches. At least he tries to make his studio scenes less like a studio.

        Now, if only his dramas weren’t so long! I got through The Criminal Investigator series and War and Beauty pretty fast, but I couldnt even get through five episodes of When Heaven Burns and Master of Play.

    3. BBJX is in HD. TVB series… rarely HD except maybe Tiger Cubs look that way. And BBJX has colour coordination. Look at the cursed series and tell me, do you see colour coordination?

    4. Jayne,
      Did you enjoy BBJX? Many that have not watched mainland dramas before really enjoyed it so hope that you did too.

      1. HeTieShou,
        I watched up to episode 11 of BBJX and did not get a chance to finish the rest of the drama. I do intend to watch it, mainly for Nicky Wu and Kevin Cheng’s performances.

        The pacing is a little slow, but not boring. The drama requires full attention to sit down and listen to the lines, and unfortunately I do not have a lot of free time yet to finish watching it.

      2. Jayne,
        Hope that you will enjoy the rest of it..One of my buddies used to watch only TVB even saw BBJX, Gong and many other China series.

      3. Sorry forgot to finish the message… meant to say that one of my buddies used to only watch TVB, now watches some China and even Korean series. Have you seen Korean series yet? Some of them are pretty good so I suggest you give some of them a try if you have the chance to.

  2. Oh, Noel!
    Didn’t see her for almost a decade.
    Wonder how’s her acting now??
    9 personalities…hmhm, abit over ambitious for her. hope she is able to manage well.

    1. Funn,
      While Noel is very pretty in ancient costumes, I wished that she had filmed more modern dramas, which offer different acting opportunities.

      Acting in theatrical productions likely honed Noel’s acting skills as well. When there is no room for outtakes while performing before a live audience, there is no room for mistakes.

      1. Yes she does look pretty in ancient costumes. She is really one of those who can act from the get go, so I wonder after so many years, how is her acting now? Looks wise she still looks good though. She was doing theatre? No offense but for me theatre actresses or at least those who starts from stage background will speak louder and act in a more… nicely put, animated way, reality is they tend to be too expressive to the point of overacting. They need some adjustment for TV or movie. For an actress who move from small screen to stage and back to small screen, my assumption is she will improve in her delivery of lines (clearer) and learn to be more animated but won’t be as animated as those who started off on stage.

      2. I haven’t seen many so I can’t really judge, but it works well for Susan Tse. She always has this presence whenever she’s on screen.

        If a good script comes along, I really do hope Noel considers filming a period piece again. Absolute beauty. (Apart from those tacky costumes ATV had around the 00s…)

      3. I am glad to see Noel again. I thought that she retired after having a son and all. I guess that now her son is older, she has decided to come back to acting. I actually prefer ancient over modern so was glad that she was in more ancient series.

  3. Heh I hope she does do some ancient series again lol. Woa must be some moves in the bed scene to take a week off heh. Mimi Lo also does theatre, she does a pretty good job acting serious rolls.

  4. No complaints about Noel’s acting. She’s a natural talent. I’m looking forward to her new series.

    1. So true! She’s quite underrated, looking back, but she’s such a beauty s well!

  5. This one sounds interesting, will certainly check this one out.

  6. I love Noel Leung. She is so pretty in ancient series. I guess no one can beat her. Hope to see her new drama soon

    1. I think Angie Chiu looks even more beautiful in ancient costume.

    2. There are many other actresses that look nice in ancient costumes such as Idy chan, Kathy Chow,Tse Ning, and many others…

      1. I don’t know who is Tse Ning 🙁 But Idy chan is really pretty as little dragon girl in The Return of the Condor Heroes.

  7. Someone help me here… but wasn’t there a popular actress who played a schizophrenic role on TV and got so into it that she couldn’t escape it in the end? She lost her mind as well as her career?

    Hopefully this actress can withstand the stresses.

    1. Are you talking about Yammie Lam? If so, I think that is just a guess/theory that many just assume… With Yammie’s case, it is a lot more complicated than just that role. We have talked about that a lot here already but I think you missed it. Many things have happened in her life that may have caused her to become how she is now. Some of them are that both her parents passed away, she got raped by a triad boss,

      1. Did not finish yet… To continue:

        Someone even mentioned that one of her ex friends may have even casted a spell on her. Basically, many bad things happened to her in her life that caused her to be the way that she is now… Therefore, who really knows for sure if it is because of the role that she played in Greed of men??

  8. I haven’t seen Noel in a long time. I only remember her from old period dramas. Marvel Century sounds very interesting!

  9. I love Noel! Or I did as a kid she reminds me of an asian Hilary Duff.

    Anyway I really wish I knew how to read and write Chinese. I really want to write a script for CTI it seems they are really trying to be experimental. The problem with TVB dramas is the lighting and color tonality is usually the same. Other times. The lighting or the adjustment of color is bad. Either the light is blown out or the color needs fixing.

    I really wish there were more hong kong channels and they worked on more interesting scripts with better cinematography. I actually have a simple story in mind for 4 underrated actresses in TVB. But since I don’t know chinese I doubt I will be able to make much of it(not that I had much of a chance to send a script to a Hong Kong TV station but still)

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