Oceane Zhu May Go Back to School When TVB Contract Ends

Oceane Zhu (朱璇) revealed that she is considering returning to school when her TVB contract ends. The 27-year-old, who studied acting, had to postpone her university degree in order to pursue her acting career in Hong Kong. Though she wants to finish school, she also wants to continue her acting career. Oceane said she has not made a firm decision yet.

There was a recent report claiming that Miss Hong Kong contestants were asked to sign long contracts and were only offered a salary of $7,000 HKD per month. Oceane, who was the 2008 Miss Chinese International winner, denied the report’s claims and said her own salary was never that low. However, Oceane did sign a long contract with TVB and has a number of years left with the station.

As for Christmas, Oceane revealed that she will spend the holidays filming Captain of Destiny <張保仔> in Hengdian. The time traveling drama about the Cantonese pirate Cheung Po Tsai also stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Tony Hung (洪永城), Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), and Elliot Ngok (岳華).

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not a fan of hers but saw her in several series her voice is really annoying acting is so/so

  2. Her acting is not so good, but at least she is thinking about doing something more meaningful… looks like TVB isn’t doing a good job in keeping their talents, nothing new.

  3. I think she should go back to her studies.. I find that most winners of the pageant have to be heavily promoted in the beginning if not they’re stuck with small roles. Tracy Yip, Leanne Li, Kayi Cheung, Grace Wong, & Suki Chu are examples of that…

    1. If a winner does not get promoted heavily in the first 2 years, she will be easily be forgotten by TVB as well as the audience. TVB would rather promote those fresh winners, such as Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Jacqueline Law, etc.

      Also, once a winner acts in a drama series, she has to shine in her 1st or 2nd role. If she does not get accepted/recognized by audience in the 3rd drama series, she will again be “buried” forever. Tracy Yip, Leanne Li, Kayi Cheung, Grace Wong, Kayi Chan, Carat Chan, etc. are good examples.

      1. Sorry …….. I meant “Carat Cheung” and not “Carat Chan”.

    2. I have noticed during the earlier years in the pageant that the contestants who lose are more successful than the winners. Many of the winners act for a few years and if they are not successful,they often fade away and in many cases just leave the circle. Also,with the high competition and new talents arising everyday,it is hard to be successful and famous. Sadly,many enter in circle thinking it is easy money.

  4. If she is considering an acting career in HK, she needs to improve her Cantonese.

  5. She has a hot bod. Rather see her than the other stick figures trying to act sexy.

  6. If she still has so many years left, why is she considering it now?

    She hasn’t had any memorable roles recently. It seems like Christine and Eliza came into the picture and took away her opportunities. Then there’s Grace and Sisley in the competition as well.

    Would TVB be fine with her continuing her studies before her contract ends? If they are promoting her, I don’t see why they would go through all the trouble to stop her.

  7. Personally I don’t think she acts well, plus she still has a fairly strong accent in speaking Cantonese.

  8. I have seen her a few times and her acting is very average. Hope that she gets a breakthrough role, but if she wants to go back to school,she should consider doing so as soon as she can or she may have to start all over again as her completed credits will expire.

  9. She does look prettier than she acts but I think her struggling Cantonese is way better than ex softporn actress Shi Qui thou. haha…Come on, it’s kind of weird but I find her bearable. But way to go if she does go back to pursue her degree. Another great option later on than stuck w/cheap TVB forever.

  10. I like Oceane and her acting is improving. I hope she will get a breakthrough role soon. She does have a heavily accent but I don’t think its disturbing.

  11. What happen when her contract with TVB is expired? Is she going to quit acting & leave the entertainment industry? It’s up to her decision.

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