Oceane Zhu Spotted on Date with Albert Tong

Although crowned Miss Chinese International 2008, Oceane Zhu’s (朱璇) rise to stardom at TVB was rather difficult. Rarely garnering any gossip over the years, Oceane’s romantic rumors were few. Four years ago, she was spotted on a concert date with billionaire Albert Tong (湯珈鋮). At the time, Oceane maintained that Albert is only her godbrother. Despite this, the pair continued to go out together and were spotted shopping at a mall yesterday.

Albert is the son of Golden Horse Best Actress, Hsu Feng (徐楓), and his late father was David Tong (湯君年). At the age of 18, Albert became Executive Director of Tomson Group, achieving the status of the youngest Executive Director of a publicly-traded Hong Kong company. Currently 32 years-old, Albert is one of the youngest billionaires in Hong Kong.

Although Oceane and Albert were photographed together on numerous occasions, she refused to acknowledge their relationship. Yesterday, Oceane and Albert were spotted shopping at a mall. Smiling timidly when she saw the reporters, Oceane allowed for some quick photos. When asked where she and her boyfriend were going, she said, “Nothing too special – we’re just going to have dinner.” Oceane then placed her hand on Albert’s arm, steering him away from the cameras.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not bad, young and rich. haha…LOL…I actually like this girl, her Cantonese is not good but she has a cute face and acting is not bad.

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