Oceane Zhu, Elena Kong Promote “Triumph in the Skies” Film

Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> has been generating strong box office sales in Hong Kong theaters since its release. Cast members Oceane Zhu (朱璇) and Elena Kong (江美儀) made an appearance at a cinema to thank fans for supporting the film.

Oceane, who stars as Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) ex-girlfriend Winnie, said she had just returned from a vacation to Beijing and managed to watch the film during her break. Asked if her rumored boyfriend Albert Tong (湯珈鋮) also went with her to Beijing, she stressed, “I don’t have a boyfriend! I’m single!”

On Lunar New Year, Oceane and Sire Ma (馬賽) were spotted visiting TVB executive Virginia Lok’s (樂易玲) home. Oceane was also seen giving Virginia Lok’s husband a kiss. Upon hearing the reports, Oceane looked shocked and said they were just being polite to each other. “It was a healthy embrace. I wasn’t feeling well that night, so I left after half an hour.”

Elena Kong said she already watched Triumph in the Skies twice in theaters. She also watched box office rival 12 Golden Ducks < 12金鴨>, in which her boyfriend Vincent Ng (吳君祥) is a guest star. Asked if Vincent has already seen Elena’s kiss scene with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in Triumph in the Skies, Elena laughed and said, “I asked him how we did, and he said the camerawork was hazy so he couldn’t see clearly.”

Vincent, who works behind the scenes, said that the box office for Triumph in the Skies could do better. Asked if Vincent is interested in becoming an actor, Elena said, “He always said that if he were better-looking, he’d be unstoppable. Although he likes to look at himself in the mirror a lot, I believe that he enjoys backstage work more.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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