[Celebrity Weddings] Oceane Zhu Got Married in Europe

Former TVB actress, Oceane Zhu (朱璇), got married in Belgium recently. Her husband is a rich second generation from Mainland China. Friends who attended the wedding shared photos on social media, and revealed that the 31-year-old actress is now happily married.

Oceane splashed onto the Hong Kong entertainment scene when she won the 2008 Miss Chinese International Pageant by representing Paris. Starring in the film, Prince of Tears <淚王子>, Oceane was nominated for Best New Performer at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2009. Signing with TVB, Oceane appeared in many dramas, but remained in minor roles due to her lack of Cantonese fluency. In 2015, Oceane decided to leave TVB and pursue filming opportunities in Mainland China instead.

Leading a relatively low-profile life, Oceane did not publicly announce her previous romantic relationships. But Oceane was frequently spotted on dates with Hong Kong billionaire Albert Tong (湯珈鋮), and also linked with Fala Chen‘s (陳法拉) ex-husband, Daniel Sit (薛世恒).

Former TVB actress, Sherry Chen (陳爽), attended Oceane’s wedding and shared a video clip of her son and daughter as ring bearer and flower girl at the ceremony. Sherry said, “A few friends and I chipped in to buy a diamond bracelet for Oceane. She was a beautiful bride. She is very happy. Her husband is very nice and really cherishes her.”

Although Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) did not attend the wedding, she sent her congratulations. “I heard about Oceane’s wedding. Although we haven’t stayed in touch, but Oceane left me with a deep impression when we were competing in Miss Chinese International together. Oceane is a very lively, cheerful, and beautiful girl. I’m very happy that Oceane has found her happiness. Hope her husband takes really good care of her and that they have children soon.”

Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Funny you said that. Maybe she is, maybe she is not. An asian celebrity recently got married in Europe to a tranny. There is another celebrity whose 17th aniversary is coming up and he too is married to a tranny. The entertainment world is rife with transgenders, that many think are born men or women.

  2. I almost forgot about her. she was such a hottie.

    it’s weird, but her posture/body lingo in these photos don’t seem like she’s madly in love. but sometimes people just don’t do candid photos well.

    congrats to her, probably not gonna act anymore now that she’s married. but she would have fabulous history to show her kids.

  3. didn’t know she quit. her roles are quite sexy.
    with a wealthy hubby, why would she need to put up with TVB’s punishing schedule? she can enjoy life as a tai tai now.

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