Original “Come Home Love” Cast to Return and Save Viewership Ratings?

Come Home Love 2 <愛·回家II> has been met with viewer criticism since its broadcast in July. Shadowed by the original Come Home Love <愛·回家> sitcom, the sequel seemed to be a disappointment for fans and has been unsuccessful in generating high viewership ratings. Due to the poor feedback, TVB reportedly plans to film a new series that will replace Come Home Love 2 starting in March 2016.

The majority of the criticism towards Come Home Love 2 is directed at its plot. Viewers claim the storyline is lame because it either focuses on fighting for the affection of girls or the scheming that takes place among those who work for a dried seafood business. Compared to the heartwarming tales that revolved around the Ma family in the original series, viewers state the sequel is desperately lacking in terms of familial qualities.

Tabloid reports earlier purported that the original cast would return in the sequel. The good news seems to be true, since Evergreen Mak (麥長青) and Kelvin Lee (李興華) recently uploaded photos of themselves and the cast on their social media profiles. One photo showed Lau Dan (劉丹) and Yvonne Lau (林漪娸) eating abalone in a dried seafood shop. Furthermore, Joey Law (羅天宇) left a comment that stated they are finally filming together again. Although the rest of the original cast members are nowhere to be seen, it is predicted that they would all return to save the plunging viewership ratings.

Source. Yahoo.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  2. Huh? Wait, wasn’t there a report just a few days ago that Wayne Lai and Teresa Mo will be filming a new sitcom that will replace Come Home Love 2 starting in March? Did those plans fall through then? Or are the tabloids once again making stuff up based on bits of information they uncover when snooping around?

    In any case, I agree that TVB should just move on instead of trying to save ratings by bringing the original cast back — it’s not going to be the same, plus no guarantee that it will work anyway.

    On a related note: I wonder what CHL2’s scriptwriters have to say now that the sequel was a total flop. After so confidently and haughtily defending the sequel in a rare public interview (which I still feel TVB put them up to doing) and even going so far as criticizing audiences who raised doubts about the new cast and storyline, I would be interested in hearing whether they feel the same way now, LOL.

    1. @llwy12 I think tvb wants the original cast to come in and finish the last bit of Come Home Love 2 (like probably come in sometime in early Dec) then Waynes drama is gonna replace it in march. I don’t think they’re starting a completely new long-running series.

  3. I just wish it’d b back to its original series. I didn’t like how they rushed to end everyone’s ending.

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