Park Bo Gum to Host Baeksang Arts Award

South Korean actor Park Bo Gum was discharged early from the military, ending 20 months of service. He was slated to be discharged in April, but was able to leave in February due to the new COVID-19 rules set by the Ministry of Defense to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Park Bo Gum enlisted in the Navy in August 2020, and joined the military band as a cultural promotion soldier. Since young, he had played the organ in his church and took on the role as keyboardist in the band. With his handsome face, he was the perfect spokesman for the Navy and often appeared in their promotional videos.

While in the military, he made good use of his spare time by exercising, reading, and acquiring a professional hairdresser certificate! He was happy to spend his time meaningfully, while learning more about himself. He was thankful for the mutual respect among his fellow soldiers and their wonderful memories together.

After discharge, Park Bo Gum immediately reached out to his fans and thanked them for being his source of strength. Fans will not have to wait much longer, as the actor will be making his comeback as a host at the Baeksang Arts Awards on May 6.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Park Bo Gum is really a artist I have a soft spot for…I believe he is really a very sincere and warm hearted person. He is a good enough actor if he get the right role… I enjoy a great number of his projects.

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