Peter Ho Goes Lingerie Shopping With Girlfriend

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Taiwanese actor, Peter Ho (何潤東) was seen buying lingerie with anchorwoman, Yu Sheng (余聲), thereby finally exposing the identity of his mysterious girlfriend.

In recent months, Peter could not stop gushing about marriage whenever he could. In one interview, he expressed his wish for his aging parents to be able to hug their grandchildren soon. And more recently, in the latest promotional event for mainland Chinese drama, Legend of Chu and Han <楚漢傳奇>, Peter declared that he plans to get married next year. Despite his constant talk about marriage, Peter has been extremely secretive about the identity of his wife-to-be, leading the public to make wild speculations.

The latest guess is Taiwanese anchorwoman, Yu Sheng. A netizen spied Peter shopping merrily with an elegant and gorgeous woman in a high-end lingerie shop in Shanghai. A photo of Peter grinning ear to ear was revealed. Peter was allegedly meticulous in helping his companion choose lingerie. At times, both flirted incessantly with each other, like a pair of young lovers.

An insider source revealed that the mysterious woman is Yu Sheng, an anchorwoman working at Taiwan’s An Hui Television station. Twenty-three-year-old Yu Sheng, who graduated from Communication University of China, was the 59th Miss World China in 2009. The source further added that both of them have been keeping a low profile in their relationship, so much so that not many of Yu Sheng’s colleagues know about it either.

Speculated Girlfriends

Yu Sheng is not the first woman speculated to be Peter’s girlfriend. Noted as one of Taiwan’s most eligible bachelor, Peter put his love life in the prying eyes of the public when he revealed his desire to marry before he turns 40.

In the early part of this year, Peter was often spotted with a female friend, Peggy. However, Peter claimed they were only just friends.  He was also rumored to be secretly engaged to Chinese actress Janine Zhang (張鈞甯) and was spotted having dinner with his future mother-in-law in Shanghai. Rumors were fueled more when Janine gushed about a watch Peter gave her. However, Peter’s manager denied both were an item.


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  1. RaySimpson says:

    Wow… Interesting.

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    Time will tell and hopefully Peter will share the good news with everyone soon when everything is set…

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  3. Lee says:

    I was really hoping he would marry Janine. What a disappointment.

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    thats sexy …….. i luv to do that often 🙂

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  5. Terminator says:

    Totally confused!

    So, Taiwan now owns Anhui TV? And a Taiwanese, (who had attended the Communication University of China?) represented China in the Miss World pageant in 2009?

    Boy, what other big news have I missed.

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