Power Chan Clarifies Why He Chose To Leave TVB: “It’s My Problem”

On October 9, Power Chan (陳國邦) announced that he has decided to not renew his TVB contract. He published an open letter to TVB on his Weibo, explaining that his reason for leaving is because of the lack of opportunities. Many netizens have expressed their sadness about Power’s decision, lamenting that TVB has now lost another talented actor. Some netizens criticized TVB for unfair treatment, while others speculated that Power’s reason of publishing the letter was to pressure TVB to give him better offers.

Power, who recently completed his theater tour in Taiwan and has returned to Hong Kong, denied having ulterior motives. He said he just wanted to voice out his feelings about his lack of opportunities in the station and does not want the public to misconstrue his reasons for leaving.

After the letter was published on Friday, the press asked TVB executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) about her thoughts on the matter. Catherine Tsang said she does not find Power’s leave to be a pity, as many artistes come and go all the time. She added that Power is a fantastic actor, and said TVB will always welcome back former artistes.

Power said he agrees with Catherine Tsang’s statement. He expressed, “I’ve read about what Tsan Jeh (Catherine Tsang) said in news reports, and I think she understands what I’m going through. Like what she said, we might see each other again in a year or two.”

What is his relationship with Catherine Tsang? “Our relationship is good. She respects me, admires me, and I did not feel sad when she said that my decision wasn’t a pity. Because that is a fact. My reason for leaving is because of me. It is my problem. It has nothing to do with anyone else. I need to start thinking about my future. I am not unhappy!”

Power stressed that he was not trying to blackmail TVB with his open letter, nor was he asking for anything in return from the station. He said, “Please treat the letter as a cover letter instead!”

In Power’s letter, he talked about how unhappy he was for not having the opportunity to star in a production as a lead actor. Asking if he had blamed others for his terrible luck, Power admitted, “I did when I was younger. I was angry, but now, not anymore. We all experience different things in life. I need to start thinking about my future. I will continue acting as it is still my passion.”

Mimi Lo: “Catherine Tsang Is Right”

Power’s wife, former TVB artiste Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), answered questions from the press when she went to the Hong Kong International Airport to pick up Power. She said she has also read the reports concerning Catherine Tsang’s comments on her husband, and she agrees with the TVB executive.

“Everything she said was true. I don’t think she’s being mean. The Tsan Jeh I know is a very nice person. Her comments may seem harsh to others, but as a top executive, she needs to see things from the company’s angle.” Mimi said Power is not a person who can easily get fired up, adding that he was really calm when he wrote the letter.

Source: On.cc, On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @freedalas

      Obviously you care, you seem to have an obsession with WCL.

      Power Chan can act very well, he does great as a supporting actor but there is something lacking (looks? height? charisma? luck?) that he couldn’t pull off as lead.

  2. Mygod Pwer Chan is leaving Tvb too!!!! Dam this station is loosing all the ggreat artist kinda sad to hear….and my eyes are getting painfully sore from watching Tony Hung even for just a lil bit
    What happen to Evergreen Mak Koo Ming Wah Raymond Cho Vincent Wong and etc

  3. Good for Power and Mimi to take the mature approach and not take offense to Catherine Tsang’s comments – I respect them for that.  Me personally though, I have no problem expressing disgust at Catherine’s arrogant and condescending response.  While it’s understandable that, in her position, she can’t outright admit that TVB lost yet another good actor, she could’ve taken the neutral “let me understand the situation more” response rather than the “you watch, he won’t survive outside and will come crawling back later” response (which is essentially what she was implying with her comments).  In comparisons, Virginia Lok actually gave a better response (for once…lol) when she said that she is shocked at hearing the news and needs to understand the situation more (it’s obvious Catherine Tsang doesn’t make public comments often, which is probably why she gave such a stupid response). 

    There was an article/commentary that come out which actually makes some great points about the issue.  People criticize Power for wanting to ‘pursue his dream’ and ‘become lead one day’ – those making such criticisms probably don’t understand the entertainment industry.   In a sense, the entertainment industry itself is a ‘dream factory’ – if, as an artist, you don’t have a creative mindset and shouldn’t even think about pursuing your dreams, how good of an artist will you be?  And if a company discourages its artists (employees) from wanting to pursue their dreams, how reasonable is that?  Would you want to work for a company like that?

    In terms of supporting actors wanting to become leads — the article made a great point about this when it said that this type of thinking is as natural for an artist as it is for ordinary folks wanting to get a better job and earn more money.  In the acting world, going from supporting to lead is similar to getting a promotion at an ordinary company – the pay is better, the benefits are better, you’re treated differently, etc. Let’s be honest here – who wouldn’t want to get a promotion?  And as management of a company that’s supposed to be about promoting creativity, why would I want to hire someone who has no ambition, no creative passion, and is content with just doing ‘whatever’ for the rest of their lives?

    This is why Catherine’s comments make no sense (and there is such a negative reaction from the public to what she said) – if there is truly “no difference” between lead and supporting, then why is there such a huge disparity in the way artists are treated and also the pay that they get?  If what she says is true, then TVB should be treating everyone the same way and pay them all the same rate – who cares if they can act or not, they’re all the same anyway.  This is also why I keep saying that TVB keeps shooting themselves in the foot with the attitude they take toward anyone who doesn’t heed their wishes – a lot of times, it’s actually not the artists burning their bridges with TVB, it’s TVB themselves shutting the door on the artists with their bullying ways and offensive comments. (By the way, this article didn’t print all of Catherine Tsang’s comments, so what I wrote might be confusing if you didn’t read other articles or watch the news clips with all her comments).

    1. @llwy12 “In a sense, the entertainment industry itself is a ‘dream factory” thats true but you also need to know that not everyone that enter this factory can fulfill their dreams. in this dream factory contains also a ruthless part at the same time. how far you will come depends on the your whole package,the right time on the right place,luck,etc. there is a reason why in more than 2 decades time that no any director have used power chan as lead,dont they see his decent acting? are they blind? dreaming is good but if dreaming without a sense of reality then it will always be a dream. and i think it isnt the time for him to dream anymore.

  4. Kudo to Power. I must say that I was shocked when seeing what Cat Tsang said about Power. I mean as an executive and a person that Mimi and Power put many good words to her, she actually said so. Like throwing out of window a used furniture without thinking a second. It is not the necessary attitude for someone who contributed so much to the company.

    On contrast, Power and Mimi only said good words to TVB. It make the words said by Cat Tsang are uglier.

    Always like Power and will continue to like him. Moving out may be his wise decision. Staying in TVB and being ignored, it is never good for anyone. In my opinion, TVB owed him at least one best supporting actor award.

  5. I know a lot of people here appreciate talented actors such as Uncle Chi , Power and Wilson. I think Power is ok in terms of looks, not handsome just very average looking. Same for Uncle Chi (but to be honest I dont find his acting anywhere near great; the last time I saw him was in that ICAC drama and I found him insipid and boring). As for Wilson hmmm, I don’t find his acting anything as good as some have mentioned here and he doesn’t even have a pleasant look. Just be honest, how many people want to see Wilson in a starring role? I can’t even look at him in supporting roles TBH. Ok i get that looks aren’t everything but surely when you watch a drama or movie, the lead actor’s look has to be at least pleasing on the eyes.

    1. @isay No offense, but if all you’ve watched of Uncle Chi’s series is that one ICAC series (which is actually going to be boring no matter what given that it’s a public service announcement more than a true series), then please don’t judge his acting.  Criticize his looks all you want, but spare us the criticism on his acting until you’ve actually watched most of his past performances and can actually give an even remotely credible opinion on his acting skills. 

      Oh and to answer your question….I want to see Wilson in a starring (lead) role and Power as well.  In fact, I want to see all truly talented actors in lead roles, regardless of how they look physically.  Perhaps I’m different from most mainstream audiences in that I don’t give a damn about looks — I care more about the talent and the skills, as that is what attracts me to an artist’s performance first and foremost.  Sure, if the person is good looking, that’s icing on the cake, but if not, I could care less.  Besides, beauty is in the mind of the beholder — what you think is ugly might be pretty in someone else’s eyes, which is why I refuse to judge people by looks alone. 

      1. @llwy12 I think you jumped the gun. Who said I have never watched any of Uncle Chi’s dramas or movies except for ICAC? I said the last one I watched was that drama. I watched him in the past dramas before but they never made any impression on me at all which is why i don’t ever recall being blown over by his great acting. Please give other people’s opinion some respect as well. You may like to see them in starring roles and yes there are others like you too but not everyone thinks like you. I’m merely respectfully stating my opinion just as you are entitled to state yours. There’s no need to attack me for my differing opinion.

    2. @isay I wouldn’t mind watching Wilson as a lead. I rather see someone who can act than just an eyecandy. Look at Moses. He’s not a looker but has became a prominent lead in TVB world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyways. Someone’s rough edges might not be as bothersome to some comparing to others.

      1. @jjwong i can’t dispute that. At least you don’t come across as condescending or trying to ram yr opinion down others’ throats.

      2. @isay Aye. Sometimes opinions are confused and misrepresentated as facts. Also sometime words get misinterpreted over text. It’s always best to just agree to disagree 🙂

        To be clear, I’m not implying anyone specific. This is just a general observation.

  6. This CT sounds like a biotch. She always does. How did she ever become manager? If it isn’t through connection, I bet she would’ve been fired long ago swith her uncanning PR. SMH

  7. He was great as lead in ‘crouching tigger, hidden dragon’. I think he has been getting better roles recently. This could be why he took so long to decide. I guess he wants to give it a shot out there. I will miss seeing him regularly on tv. Hope he finds better opportunities.

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