Raymond Cho’s Son Takes Notice When Dad Flirts with Other Women

Raymond Cho Wing Lim and son Brandon

Raymond Cho Wing Lim and Mok Ho Yan attended an event held by the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) with their children in Yuen Long.  Raymond and Ho Yan were present for the grand opening of the animal medical centers. Raymond’s son, Brandon, and Ho Yan’s one-year-old daughter, clasped their hands and played together. From the event, Raymond hoped that Brandon can learn how to love animals.

Entering his “terrible-two’s” stage, Brandon has presented troubles recently. Raymond’s one-year-old Shih Tzu dog recently bit Brandon near the corner of his eye. Apparently, Brandon may have instigated the dog first, tempting it to attack in defense. Also when Raymond was trying to remove the mucous in Brandon’s nose earlier, he accidentally caused his son’s nose to bleed.

Earlier, Raymond revealed that the two-year and five-month-old Brandon has already attended school for half a year. As for Brandon’s talents, Raymond said that he has great public relations skills. Each time Brandon spotted family members, he would go to kiss and cuddle  them. Asked whether Raymond wished his son to enter the entertainment industry, Raymond said, “I do not want him to. Let’s wait for him to finish school first.”

Raymond also joked that he often let his son watch his television series. When Brandon saw Raymond sharing intimate scenes with other women onscreen, Brandon will pat his mother, Elaine Chiang (daughter of John Chiang and Lee Lum Lum) and ask her to watch the scenes. Raymond found Brandon’s gestures amusing.

Due to the airing of Fly With Me <飛女正傳>, Raymond’s popularity has peaked recently. His portrayal of the attentive “Siu Nam Yan” (little man) was endearing and close to his real life personality. Raymond’s subsequent transformation into a villain in Fly With Me also attracted audience’s notice.

Compiled from Sohu.com and the Sun

Jayne: Raymond’s son looks more like Elaine. While not the best actor, Raymond does come across as a friendly and easy-going person. Personally, I don’t think he plays villain roles that well.

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  1. you shall watch Raymond Cho in 倚天屠龍記 as Song Ching Su (宋青酥). he did pretty well as a bad guy.

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