Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung at Next Magazine Awards Ceremony

Next Magazine held an awards ceremony for the 2009 Top Ten TV Artists. In attendance was Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Ha Yu, Ada Choi, Michelle Yim, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Shirley Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, etc. Shirley wore a backless dress and was the most sexy female at the awards ceremony.

Earlier in Malaysia, Linda and Raymond received the “Most Compatible Onscreen Couple” award. Many people regard Linda and Raymond to be a real-life couple now. However, Linda said she will not fall for Raymond. Linda said, “I’m very certain about this.” Due to Linda’s shyness in the past, she admitted that she lost out on some romantic opportunities. Thus if she likes someone now, she will definitely express her feelings to him!

Although Ada’s image in “Superwoman” was quite sexy, she joked and said that outside of filming, her husband, Max Zhang must approve of her wearing sexy outfits. Earlier, she filmed an ad in China and Ada was required to wear a very sexy outfit. However, Max was able to accept it. Ada joked and said it was easy to be his wife.

China passed a new legislation that required artists to be held responsible for the products they endorse. Ada has served as spokesman for many products in the past. Each time, she will try them before agreeing to endorse the product. If the ingredients are unclear, she will immediately turn down the offer. However, Ada noted that many artists are less proactive in their validation of product quality. There is no right or wrong way. For example in China’s recent infant formula scandal, it was impossible to test each product on the shelf. Also, no one knew that the milk rabbit candy, which has been highly popular for many years, was also tainted. If artists were truly held accountable for every product they endorsed, that would be a new source of stress and she is not in favor of the legislation.

When Ada first entered the industry, she was romantically linked with rich businessman Mr. Lau Chuan Hung. After many years, Mr. Lau’s daughter finally recognized him as her father. She changed her name to Lau Sau Wah. Smiling, Ada changed the topic, “Today I will also reveal that a magazine has an award for me!”

Regarding the new legislation, Shirley felt it was unfair to hold artists responsible. Artists were only responsible for the advertising. However, she would share part of the responsibility and be more careful in selecting the type of products to endorse. Shirley noted that the new legislation may reduce artists’ income.

At the awards ceremony, there were two pairs of rumored couples: Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, as well as Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu. When Nancy received her award, she cried onstage. Although seated next to Nancy, Kenneth purposely kept his distance and did not talk to her during the ceremony.

Nancy said, “Kenneth and I are only friends and have laughed over our rumors.” Asked whether Nancy likes Kenneth’s type of man, she said, “We are colleagues and friends. The rumors are just rumors!”

It was Tavia’s first year to receive the Next Magazine award. When Tavia was on stage, Ada yelled out, “Tavia you should cry too!” Since Louis Koo gave Tavia the award, she requested a hug instead. Louis was a little shocked by the request, but Tavia said, “I have never collaborated with Louis before. I’ll act as a little fan today and request a hug.”

Next Magazine’s 2009 Top 10 Television Artists (in order of most popular votes):

1. Raymond Lam
2. Ada Choi
3. Tavia Yeung
4. Moses Chan
5. Michelle Yim
6. Linda Chung
7. Ha Yu
8. Charmaine Sheh
9. Lee Sze Kei
10. Myolie Wu

Source: Mingpao, Hkheadline, Tom.com, Singtao

Jayne: Congratulations to the artists who were placed in top 10! Moonlight Resonance artists dominated the list. I think it was really a breakthrough year for Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, and Linda Chung. Their popularity have really soared. Raymond Lam looks delicious in this issue of Next Magazine, surrounded by beautiful leading ladies!

As for the awards ceremony, I think Tavia and Charmaine were the best dressed. Everyone else wore too many black colors. Charmaine looks very beautiful lately; must be due to Kevin Cheng’s credit. Smile Dislike Myolie’s dress; disappointed by her choice of outfits at the last few awards ceremony. Michelle Yim wore the worst outfit.

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