Raymond Wong Happy With Success of “The Forgotten Valley”

The currently-airing TVB drama, The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說>, has been  praised for its suspenseful storyline and intriguing characters. Though the drama is centered around female characters, lead actor Raymond Wong (黃浩然) is also enjoying a boost in popularity due to the drama’s success. Although he was initially worried that the role might be overshadowed by the female ensemble cast, Raymond admitted that the role actually allowed him a greater opportunity to shine.

“I’m very happy that the ratings for the drama online are doing so well. A lot of people have said they are afraid to watch it alone at night, because the beginning parts are very creepy and gloomy. I really like all of the characters in the series. Although this drama is heavy with female characters and a lot of the plot is carried out by them, my character had its own challenges too. Having grown up with and living among a group of very traditional villagers, but also having a very westernized wife, caused my character to go through relationship changes with his father, the villagers, as well as his wife.”

Though the suspenseful drama is already very well-received, Raymond teased that the best has yet to come. “There is a climax later on. The main plot for my character is towards the end. I hope everyone will enjoy it.”

Raymond is also currently busy filming Apple-Colada <果欄中的江湖大嫂>. He praised that the subject is very realistic. “This is the first Hong Kong drama that uses the fruit market as a backdrop. We really did build a fruit market to use for filming. The sensation is very realistic.”

In addition to filming obligations, the 42-year-old actor also has several commercial jobs lined up for the year. However, the father of two makes a conscious effort to balance work and family life. He is known to be an attentive husband and doting father. He shared, “Currently, I still have some commercial work left to do. Earlier, I spent time with my family on vacation. After Lunar New Year, the kids will begin testing, so I will stay in Hong Kong after the New Year.”

With the recent spread of the flu, is Raymond worried that his two sons will get sick? “My son did contract the flu and get sick. He couldn’t go to school for a week! But he is all better now. My younger son’s classmate got sick first, then he got sick after. He started taking medicine, then his old brother started showing symptoms. Fortunately, my wife and I are fine. The whole family wore face masks to sleep. It was difficult to breathe, but it had to be that way. My two sons slept on the bed next to us. We were afraid that one would get the other sick. Other than eating dinner, the entire family wears a face mask. Everyone needs to protect themselves.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lol yes. I watched the first episode alone late at night when everything was quiet and still. It was very creepy especially those scary masks and ghostly kids chanting the haunting rhyme. Gave me goose bumps. Second episode was eerie too but I made sure not to watch it alone haha.

  2. Again, I must not be watching the same series… When was there a suspense in the story line? Which character is intriguing? O_O

    I do enjoy watching Raymond on screen. But one, his character is being overshadowed. His character hasn’t done anything impact-ful. And two, I bet Apple-Colada will only have max 2-3 episodes of actual fruit market scene or fruit market topic.

  3. Watched till Ep 5.
    Grace Chan’s acting is very consistent through the years. Consistently annoying. Lol.

  4. Have thoroughly been enjoying The Forgotten Valley so far and chase it every night. Solid acting from everyone except Grace, Cilla, and to some degree, Raymond Wong. Grace is a more watchable here but still feels a bit unnatural in her delivery of lines. Cilla isn’t convincing as a rough and masculine tomboy. Raymond’s character is pretty bland and doesn’t really give him an opportunity to shine. I’m okay with this though because this is a series about the women! Finally, after an entire year mostly weak character development in all of the 2017 female roles, there are some interesting characters here!

    I am especially loving Katy Kung in this. She’s improved a lot and has nailed every scene so far. Her friendship with Jess Shum and Zoie Tam is very believable and she’s even had some great scenes with Rosanne Lui and Louisa So. Jeannie Chan was GREAT in the limited screen time she had here as well. Definitely a spooky and strong performance – probably her best yet.

    Lau Kong is so good at playing the sexist village leader but it’s nothing new from him. He is among one of the actors that I am always suspicious of when watching any drama. He’s always up to no good!! Even when he’s good, he turns out to be bad (Momentary Lapse of a Reason, Eye in the Sky, etc.)!! That said, I am very annoyed of his role and can’t wait for his character to get what he deserves.

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