Rebecca Zhu Explains Her Current Status with Matthew Ho

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Rebecca Zhu Explains Her Current Status with Matthew Ho

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was invited to be a model for the 38th Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair and she caught the attention of many with her white, low cut dress. She shared that she caught a glimpse of the price tag of one of the watches that she was modeling and it was worth more than $10,000 USD. She was able to show off the watches with ease as her right hand injury from filming The Great Soy Factory <大醬園> has since healed with no lingering side effects.

She has bought brand name watches for her family before, but she prefers to wear smart watches for the health measurements and to be able to quickly view her schedule.

Reporters asked about her recent trip to Thailand to celebrate Matthew Ho‘s (何廣沛) birthday, and Rebecca instantly was full of smiles. “We went as a big group of friends to help him celebrate. I was in charge of mixing drinks. Alcohol amounts were dependent on our friendship level!”

Linked with Matthew for the past two years, Rebecca was asked if they have reached a new milestone in their relationship with this vacation. She responded, “It’s not easy to fully understand another individual. It takes time.” In regards to future vacations with just Matthew, she responded that she has a super busy schedule. Her friends have commented that she is even busier than a CEO.


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