Recent Photos of Yang Mi Suggests She’s Pregnant

By on March 24, 2017 in NEWS

Recent Photos of Yang Mi Suggests She’s Pregnant

Photos of Yang Mi (杨幂) shooting her new television dramas in Shanghai have surfaced online. Covered up in warm business attire, Yang Mi wore a long coat that failed to cover up her figure. In fact, it accentuated her alleged baby bump.

Yang Mi’s husband, actor Hawick Lau (刘恺威), was faced with infidelity rumors after he was caught spending a ludicrous amount of time alone with costar Angel Wang (王鸥) in her hotel room. Dubbed “scriptgate”, the scandal took a toll on Hawick and Yang Mi’s relationship, leading to speculations of divorce by the media.

But with the rumors of Yang Mi carrying her second child with Hawick, it seems likely that the couple are still as tight as ever.

Yang Mi and Hawick have not yet made any comments about their rumored pregnancy.


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Recent Photos of Yang Mi Suggests She’s Pregnant

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    1. happybi says:

      She does look pregnant as she used to be very skinny. But then could it be the character in the series who is pregnant and she is just wearing extra clothing underneath to look pregnant? Time will tell.

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