Review: “L’Escargot” (By Yina)

L’Escargot <缺宅男女 >
TVB Drama 2012

Producer: Nelson Cheung
Genre: Modern Drama
Number of episodes: 30



Michael Miu – Kwan Ka On (Eldest Brother)
Sonija Kwok – Sze Long Qiu (Ka On’s wife)
Linda Chung – Kwan Ka Lok (Ka On’s younger sister)
Ron Ng – Tin Koon Fung (Ka Lok’s boyfriend)
Michael Tse – Ko Wang Chim (Real Estate Developer, Affair with Ka Lok)
Joyce Tang – Lee Man Wah (Chim’s wife)
Oscar Leung – Kwan Ka Hong (Ka On’s second brother)
Mandy Wong – Lau Siu Lan (Ka Hong’s wife)


Brilliant writers, Lau Choi Wan and Suen Ho Ho, have written L’Escargot that centralizes around the Chinese dream of owning a home for their family.  It is fair to say it’s a dream regardless of any culture. For the Chinese, we know this dream is not just ours but a responsibility we have for our parents and our future family.  This is embedded in our cultural DNA.  This is our responsibility, not just a dream.  It’s a promise to prove our capabilities and in a way, this translates to love for our parents.  I believe most of us aren’t raised to say we love them or to hug them.  Many times, we translate this love into an unspoken responsibility.  We work hard, we provide living expenses and we provide a shelter.  We are taught; this is our honor as children.  And it is. 

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why they named this drama L’Escargot which means “snail” in French.  Until the last episode, Ka On explained to his daughter, the snail represents the burden and responsibility of owning a home/family.  I loved the entire drama but something minor bothered me in the last episode.  After Ka On constructed his countryside cottage, these tough guys came and ruined the place and it is easily solved by Siu Lan (Mandy Wong).  I just thought that abrupt and violent scene was very unnecessary. 

This drama beautifully balances the focus of owning a home and relationships and how trying to own a home is affecting the relationships.  It is an understandable obsession.  If I were a non-Chinese person watching this drama, there’s a great understanding as to why this dream is important, even if I don’t share the same views. 

I love the human struggle.  I love seeing the characters get hurt and hurt each other and their desperate fixes.  Their warped mindset makes sense, but it doesn’t.  Older brother, Kwan Ka Ho lives his life righteously, but he fails to see how being right all the time isn’t always the right thing to do for his family.  This creates a huge conflict with his wife, Lan and difficulties for his 7-year-old daughter.  His younger sister, Ka Lok, repays her debt to Ko Wang Chim with her body, his second younger brother, Ka Hong, lacks the societal characteristics of a man. His youngest brother has “Peter Pan Syndrome.”  Throw in Ko Wang Chim’s narcissistic controlling businessman, who can justify his wrong doings as logic, and you have a beautiful world of people that contrast each other in ways allowing us to understand our own internal conflicts.  What I’m trying to say is, they are simple, straightforward characters that represent a part of us.  It’s the pain that lets us linger onto memories and it’s the pain that pushes us forward. 

Oscar Leung never fails to disappoint as an actor.  In this drama, he portrays someone who “wears the dress” in the relationship.  There are moments where he softly talks some sense into his rambunctious and annoying wife, played by Mandy Wong, who captured the essence of the spitfire Chinese wife archetype.  

I can say that for the first time, Ron Ng’s character actually mattered in this drama.  It is truly comforting to see TVB invest in a drama that  focuses on human relationships and their flaws.  Even among good people, things can become disastrous, but they will come to an end.  I like how Linda Chung’s character is never emotionally available versus Ron’s character, who starts to accept Joyce as his new found lover.  No one is wrong here. Ron’s facial expressions won me over as a heartbroken and devastated boyfriend.  When he found out that his girlfriend cheated on him and when he walked passed Ka Lok; I think he’s improving as an actor.

I find Ko Wang Chim (Michael Tse) a very interesting character.  He brings up the ever-popular question, “Why do men cheat?”  As I’m sure his love for both his wife and Ka Lok are both genuine.  He wants an equal partner, his wife, as well as being an adequate provider and leader to someone demure like Ka Lok.  His wife represents his equal, his success, his earned love.  Ka Lok, his mistress represents an escaped memory he used to live when he was poor, a sense of innocence, and it seems as if he subconsciously longs for emotional pain.  For him, there is an urge for disruption when you feel perfect.  He wants something he can’t have.  He feels her hesitation is genuine love.  When was the last time we ever longed for someone we knew we should not be involved with?  But there lies the confusion; who has the right to impose rules on relationships?  To be human is to be permanently conditional.  And this is why Ka Lok exists.  There needs to be a balance between all the conflicting thoughts and personalities among us.  We need to figure out who we are. We need to make decisions to provide security for others and for ourselves and even when we fall, we need a home to make things right again.  

P.S. Is it just me, or does everybody get a little sad when a drama ends?


This review was written by Yina Z., a Contributing Writer at Visit Yina’s blog!

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  1. This is one of the best reviews I’ve read in the Jayne Stars website. Thank you Yina Z.

    Your views are balanced.

    I’ve just completed this series and enjoyed the issues presented and struggles borne by the characters. They are true to life. Many people had a lot to say about the Michael Tse/Linda Chung’s liason. I only have this to add for those who are so quick to condemn such actions. When a person (generally in the movies/tv series) of the opposite sex presents solutions to life and struggles to the other, it is very difficult not to be slightly in awe of that provider….even maybe a slight attraction because it takes the burden away.

    As I approach my 40’s, I find I am less judgemental in material presented and able to see why certain individuals make certain choices. I may not agree with them or condone the behaviour but I’m more willing to be underestanding of it.

    Well done Yina Z.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish I would’ve edited the earlier paragraphs for a better understanding. But yes, as I’m entering some life changing stages myself, I realized there’s so much more than what is just right and wrong. TVB usually provides stories that enforces morals, but I think they did a great balance in this drama.

      Your words means a lot to me and I wish I could’ve written it better for you.
      But it made my day! Thanks!

      1. You did a really good job Yina. No need to edit.

        For a change, I’ve read a review where you were providing information on the movie/tv series rather than having a critique on the actors.

        I have enjoyed seeing the development in actors. I remember Michael Tse portraying a rather weak husband in Virtues of Harmony. Look how far he has come? The likes of Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen. No one is ever great when they start out. So fair go, a little bit of tolerance & loads of encouragement. We may get better quality portrayals in our actors.

        Hope we get similar quality of reviews on this website such as yours!!!! Well done.

  2. Hi Yina:

    Probably you have not watched the similar drama series called “蝸居” produced by people in Mainland China. It was so popular in Mainland China, as well as in Hong Kong. Therefore, TVB decided to film one in Hong Kong version because dwelling is also a big problem for people in Hong Kong.

    As “L’Escargot” is only a copy cat in Hong Kong style, I cannot agree with you on “Brilliant writers, Lau Choi Wan and Suen Ho Ho”. They just copied the storyline of “蝸居” but in Hong Kong fashion and with some changes. On the whole, they kept most of the storyline.

    I watched “蝸居”. Though it was very slow-paced and a bit boring, it made me watch the whole series. It was rather touching though I did not agree with some of the details.

    1. sandcherry, i have watched Mainland’s Dwelling Narrowness. The concept is the same, which is the pursuit of the Chinese dream- owning a home. But I can say that is basically it. As for the younger sister cheating, she is cheating on a complete different reason. I should’ve added my thoughts on Mainland’s Dwelling Narrowness.

      and this is NOT a copycat drama, did you even watch it? how can you say it’s the same? it’s not.

      1. It is true that I did not watch much of this drama series. After reading the outline of every episode, I decided not to watch it. The theme of the storyline is the same as the one produced by Mainland China, except the details were changed to reflect life of people in Hong Kong.

      2. i’ve watched every episode of dwelling narrowness and l’escargot. They are not the same. i hope you gain a new perspective in the unlikely chance that you’ll give it a second chance! Because I really enjoyed it.

      3. l’escargot added in a few more characters and changed around some details, but you can tell it was essentially based on dwelling narrowness. right from the start, i knew ka lok would sleep with michael and i knew ka lok and ron would not end up together. even the producer admitted during the filming that the series was inspired by dwelling narrowness, as hkers also face this housing dilemma. the character of ka lok is based on ho jo. it was in the papers way before the series aired.
        having said that, i enjoyed this series way more than the original. i am glad the writers changed enough to make it more interesting.

        btw, i think the whole point of the violent scene near the end was so michael’s eye condition would be cured.

      4. anoninhk, i know that this drama is inspired by narrow dwellings…i believe i’ve said that numerous of times. but TVB made it into its own. i’m glad you enjoyed it! i think each drama had their own charms.

  3. Personally, I feel as if Linda’s acting wasn’t that “strong” in this drama. Her acting was too simple that her character began to bore me after episode 6. And as for Michael Tse, he still has the ‘laughing gor’ attitude.

    1. Yea, I don’t think their acting really shined through. Michael Tse got lucky because his dialogue really shaped his character. And Linda didn’t need to be strong. I don’t know if you’re referring to her acting skills or her character. But it doesn’t matter in either subjects, I think she did her job. Actually what I mean is, she is supposed to be demure, defenseless, and borderline submissive. She is not there to outshine other characters or to be their equal. She is supposed to possess a certain -je ne sais quois, and have these men care strongly for her, which would’ve led to self-destruction. Because we know there’s a generalization when it comes to men. If men made a choice, then he sticks to it. If he doesn’t like you, you can give him the world and he doesn’t like you. And if he likes you and you don’t like him, he will move the world and die until you change your mind. But this is different for women.

    2. Agreed. I feel Linda’s acting isn’t strong too and Michael Tse is still in Laughing Gor mode.

      1. Who is Michael Tse? Is it one of Laughing’s aliases in his new undercover operation? 🙂

  4. I only remember Michael Tse as Laughing Gor, and no one else. Either he was super outstanding acting as Laughing Gor, or he can only act Laughing Gor.

    His acting is never amazing to me so far.

    1. Have you seen Virtues of Harmony? Michael Tse was pretty darn good in it. Everyone was, actually.

    2. And only E.U. Laughing Gor was memorable to me. The rest were kinda bland.

      1. Agreed that Michael Tse has struggled with breaking out of the Laughing Gor mode since then. But before that, I considered him one of TVB’s most underrated actors. He wsa really good in Legal Entanglement and La Femme Desperado, in two totally different characters.

      2. I LOVED virtues of harmony. but i never saw the laughing gor drama. nonetheless, i never thought much of his acting. he’s just lucky he got the role.

      3. E.U was the born of Laughing Gor and it’s the best. All of the stuffs after this are only for the sake of promoting and eating Laughing’s image.

        Micheal Tse is a good actor, but too many Laughing is haunting him. Hope tat he’ll get rid of it soon.

      4. Too many Laughing is turning Michael into a boring Laughing. There’s still the Law Ba and Laughing crossover too.

  5. L’Escargot is the best tvb drama I’ve seen this past few years, everyone act their role so well. The struggles are extremely relatable is the society we have today. I truly enjoyed this drama, with tears and laughter!!

    1. Yes! I see myself in almost every character, which made this drama really special. I was coming in watching it, ready to criticize it because I heard it was tailored after Mainland’s Dwelling Narrowness. Not only did they NOT copy but I was blown away by how focused the writers were on the simplicities of their human flaws.

  6. Great review, agree with most points except that I found the characters in this series rather confusing and inconsistent.

    Thanks for explaining the title! The snail metaphor is a good one.

    1. Thanks bridget!

      what do you mean the characters in this series is inconsistent? i thought they were pretty straight forward and stayed pretty true to themselves.

      1. Yina – I’m writing a review on this series and am trying to describe what I mean by ‘inconsistent’. Basically I found Lok to be seriously confusing – she see-saws between her feelings for Jim and DD, and the ending to me was terrible. Jim and DD, I found, both ended up with women that they were grateful to, not the ones they loved. That’s just my opinion though!

        I think my review will be a different lens from your review, which focused more on the house-owning aspect and family. Mine focuses more on the love story / conflict between Lok, Jim, DD and Joyce. Great to have different views!

      2. I see what you mean, Bridget. I didn’t just focus on the house-owning aspect, but it’s great to read another person’s take on this drama.

        Like I’ve said in my review, the reason why Ka Lok exists is to show that even with all these conflicting wants, she finally realizes what she wants and pursue them. She started out as this naive innocent girl who had everything settled and then became directionless due to mistakes she’s made. Because of the hurt she is in, she started falling for Jim. Not to say her feelings for him weren’t genuine. I believe they are. But she finally made the decision and realized her feelings for DD is much stronger and that’s what she wanted. She represents imperfection that finally made a decision and tells Jim to snap out of it, and realizes it’s best to let DD go. Just by making those decisions, we see her as a woman now.

        As for the men falling for the ones they are just grateful to. Well…that is hard to say in my opinion. I personally believe that is genuine love too because you can never force a man to be in a relationship he does NOT want to be in. They went through hardships and even though it doesn’t seem to be ‘ideal’ doesn’t mean it’s not love.

        And you brought up a great topic. A great part of the general public believes love is something that happens out of an ideal/story like situation. But isn’t an earned love, more REAL? Or is something closer to reality seem less genuine to you?

        Sorry if I sound confusing. But I love where this conversation is going!

      3. Yeah, I just mean I don’t think my review will really talk about the house-owning aspect that much, even though it’s a big part of the drama, which is why it’s great that your review talks about it!

        Excellent point on Lok representing imperfection.

        I’ll explain more in my review on the whole love vs. gratitude thing for Jim and DD. Basically I don’t even think of Joyce and Jim’s wife as earned love – up until the last episode, I see them more as second choices to Lok. If Lok believed that she and DD could work it out, I don’t doubt for a second that DD have gone with Lok. If Lok had told Jim she loved him, no way would Jim end up back with the wife. I’m not saying that Jim didn’t love his wife at all (they were married for years after all) but I feel he loved Lok more. Actually, I don’t believe his whole “I love 2 women” bullsh-t. He fell out of love with the wife and in love with Lok, resulting in the cheating. But he could never fully ‘get’ Lok, which is why he stayed in the marriage. Then when Lok totally rejected him and after the wife saved his life but sacrificing herself, he went back to her. That’s why I see the wife as second choice.

        DD I don’t think loved Joyce at all – he settled for her. Maybe over time he would grow feelings for Joyce, but even in the last episode I felt he still loved Lok.

      4. Hm… but Jim never left Lee Man Wah. He still claims he loves her. But I get what you’re saying because when he’s with his wife he thinks of Ka Lok. And when he is with Ka Lok, he is whole heartedly there. But I think it’s cuz it’s new so he feels the need to possess her first.

        But nonetheless he never wanted to let Lee Man Wah go, no matter how much she hurt him.

      5. “DD I don’t think loved Joyce at all – he settled for her. Maybe over time he would grow feelings for Joyce, but even in the last episode I felt he still loved Lok.”

        I disagree. I believe he loved Joyce much like Jim loved his wife. But not the passionate sort, but still love.

      6. Funn, gonnahave to agree to disagree with you on that one. At one point in the series DD tells his friend that he sees Joyce as a little girl, and even when they start dating he tells her “I’m not over Lok, but maybe this relationship will help me forget about her”. In the second last episode he makes it a point that he wants to get back together with Lok, but since she chooses to leave and he’s not persistent enough to want to chase after her he settles for Joyce instead.

      7. I will find it unrealistic if they reconciled. Too much hurt and insults thrown at each other, to reconcile would be impossible. I feel you can’t be with someone if you don’t feel love for them. There is a difference between love and in love. I feel he felt safer and easier with Joyce.

      8. I think the same with Funn, DD and Ka Lok hurt each other too much to go back to the way things were. I’m happy with how things ended. DD did tell his friend he thought Joyce was a little girl, but that was before he realized Joyce played a significant role in his life and there was a moment when Joyce tells him his happiness is the most important thing and DD saw this potential in her right away. He felt love.

      9. I agree that there was too much hurt between Lok and DD to reconcile, but that’s why I think both should have ended up alone.

        The fact that DD ended up with Joyce so soon after the true end between him and Lok just makes me think that Joyce is second choice (haha that rhymes). I think eventually he would grow feelings and maybe even fall in love with Joyce, but at the last episode of the series I don’t think he loved her; in fact I think he still loved Lok.

      10. Bridget, I think DD will always love Ka Lok. But this ‘love’ will just be out of caring and memories.

        I think how Joyce was emotionally encouraging and there for DD was enough to make me believe he does genuinely love and want to be with her. Through watching this show, I can see how DD has moved on and is ready for a new chapter in his life. It makes sense, that’s all I’m saying.

  7. “I find Ko Wang Chim (Michael Tse) a very interesting character. He brings up the ever-popular question, “Why do men cheat?””

    THe series made it quite plain in the end. He loved his wife, no doubt but he was madly in love with Ka Lok. It is like those heady sort of love. He appreciated his wife but he loved Ka Lok passionately. You can say he stayed with her because he appreciated whatever she has done for him but he wanted Ka Lok because his heart is with her.

    1. ok…so what is love?

      that momentary feeling of a new found passion…or one that went through heaven AND hell?

      1. Both but with different results. Some may want the passionate all encompassing love but many do prefer the love that has been slowly shaped over the years. Young ones want passion, older ones want stability. No doubt Jim loved his wife but in his heart he will always pine for and desire Ka Lok whom he fell head over heels for.

      2. U really think ko Wang chim still desires after ka. Lok after all that they’ve been through? U think chin still is passionate for ka Lok after what his wife, lee man way went through in the last episode?

        Why does it seem like to me, there’s still people who discounted who the characters have become in the END? It makes sense to me why DD in the end loves and wants to be with Joyce. Same thing with ko Wang chim and lee man wah

  8. P.S. Is it just me, or does everybody get a little sad when a drama ends?

    I know that feeling, and I used to get that feeling, but not anymore. None of TVB’s recent productions are good enough for that, lol.

    1. Don’t know when was the last time I had the feeling “so good” after finishing the series. Now I often yawn and think “When it finishes?”

      1. Yeah, I feel the same way almost 99% of the time when it comes to TVB series these days. Even in THC I was thinking “finish already” LOL.

        The last series I didn’t want to end so soon was TOT.

      2. Haven’t watched and don’t plan to see both so can’t tell you which one is better :p. I even don’t feel eager to see the ending of Txb series now.

      3. I knew you didn’t bc of TY, guess you prefer MSOEF and MWNS.

      4. I’ll decide which two are better if I watch. Since I don’t plan to watch TOT and THC, no point to compare and obviously, can’t compare.

    2. I still do but mostly with series from other countries, not really TVB. A few TVB series still give me that feeling, but not that many…

    3. Hm..I feel sad whether I find the series good or bad because I got to know the characters…but then again I never finish a series I don’t like.

  9. I’ve watched 14 episodes thus far. I haven’t continued on for weeks but spring break is around the corner but should I give it another shot? Or rather, I guess I’m looking for some convincing to continue on further. After reading the review and having things “spoiled”, I didn’t feel like anything happened that I didn’t already expect was going to happen. So many unnecessary scenes in this drama. It’s not a bad drama but I don’t see what sets it apart enough to entice a viewer like me. Excuse my whininess and and complaining in this pursuit for an excuse to continue watching this drama.

    1. To be honest, I can’t remember a particular plot point to ‘entice’ you to continue watching it. But I assure you, you are about to hit the point of revelation where everything is about to change between the characters. Because this is a subtle drama, where its selling point is DIALOGUE, if you don’t have patience, then you might miss what I think is some really relatable experiences we find comfort through a TV screen. But once you get over that latent period and watch everything unfold, you will be hooked.

    2. I watched the series with much of it spoiled as well… my take on it would be, you’re already halfway through, might as well finish? Hahaha, is that a weak argument?

      I don’t think surprise is this drama’s intention at all. But it does raise a lot of questions about love, relationships, and “what if” that people love to debate. And to me, a lot of the issues hit me in the gut, b/c they are very much grounded in real-life problems. If that’s your kind of thing, continue watching.

      If you’re more about action, unpredictability, or the warm and fuzzies, this drama’s not gonna do it for you. 😉

  10. Yina, great review! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next review.

  11. Casts:
    Michael Miu – very good as usually
    Sonija Kwok – good
    Linda Chung – boring
    Ron Ng – nothing special
    Michael Tse – okay but then his Laughing Gor ^_^
    Joyce Tang – normal
    Oscar Leung – normal
    Mandy Wong – good at first then get to be normal
    Not new
    Execution of Story/Events:
    Very well
    What or not watch? Watch it!!! Because it can be the best one in 2012.

  12. Hi Yina. Great review.. This is one of the best reviews I’ve read. Hoping to see you write more review in other series.

    Thank you Yina…I love watching this series.

    1. Thanks JN! I havent gotten much time to watch dramas now. I’m so behind! But I’m so glad u appreciate my review. Ill try to write one again soon!

  13. Hey Yina,
    Thanks for referring me to ur review. I like how you went to talk abt the issues and te storyline and it’s deeper meaning and how the audience can engage themselves to the characters. Just a suggestion tho maybe you can add in ur personal opinion of the performances of the acting too so ppl can read abt how the actors performed. Mandy and Sonija did a great job. Joyce and Ron have improved tremendously and these have been brought up by various forums.

    As a reviewer, sometimes reading and researching what other the majority have said can give u ideas on how to write a review. Reviews are a personal thing – and the writer will write it in a way whether they like it or not. But if 80% have given positive feedback and if for some reason u go and talk abt the negative – of course ppl will disagree. Im not saying only good reviews should be written but don’t forget abt the positive things that were praised.

    Ur review is positive. Some negative aspects was Linda’s character. Forums were discussing how her character was inconsistent, indecisive, not admitting she’s at fault, playing games with Ron …… That can be added in to give another aspect to look at.

    I’m glad you didnt add in references abt Ron’s plastic surgery gf or Him’s domestic violence like some ppl would persist to do. It just becomes very annoying to the reader and it has nothing to do with the series.

    Keep it up Yina. You bring a bit of light here because negativity all the time makes this place kinda dark. So many ppl live with so much hatred I don’t understand why they continue to post news and watch series if they hate the actors so much lol…. Makes their own lives do miserable.

    FYI. I praised Mandy and sonija’s performance. Him and Yoyo were also a humorous pair. Are you gonna say I only praised them because I’m their fan? For te record, I’m not. For according to many here, only fans would praise their idol no matter what. Funny because I never seen Mandy in anything except Lescargot or THC. She was good in Lescargot but not in THC. Some ppl should stop using excuses such as you are blahblah’s fan therefore u praised her. Haters always use that excuse when a non-fan says something positive abt someone they hate. It kind makes them feel better hahaha

    Looking forward to ur reviews Yina. Come to the forums at AF! There’s usually a lot more discussion there (both good and bad) so it will allow you to have a wider insight in helping u write ur reviews.

    1. ” For according to many here, only fans would praise their idol no matter what. “

      No, many here don’t say so. Many here only have issue when some fans blow up over any negative thing said about their idol (or the series they like).

      @ Yina

      I know you didn’t ask for my opinion. But, please don’t say something is good just 80% of other people said it’s good. Only say something is good if you yourself think it’s good. Your review is your review, not, other people’s review. It is also not a survey of what other people think. Even professional reviewers give their own opinion of a movie, not base it what others say.

      But, you can use those info in your review and give your opinion on it. For example, many people think Linda’s character was inconsistent, indecisive, not admitting she’s at fault, playing games with Ron. You can put this in your review and then state the reason why you don’t think so.

    2. A review isn’t a hotpot where you can put everything in. 80% think something is good, still have 20% disagree.

      For watever, I’m so looking forward to see your review on any series to see how you conform all the fans of everyone and of course, how do you react when someone disagree with your review.

    3. The very reason I enjoyed Yina’s review was because she focused on the movie/tv series. She wasn’t overly critical. When she did have anything critical to say, she did it constructively and she didn’t follow what other blogs had already written

      Just a reminder for everyone that actors work within the material and direction given. A lot goes on behind the scenes and by the time we see the end product, it would’ve been edited for whatever reason. So we can’t criticise the actors for bad acting without considering other factors.

      Keep up the good work Yina.

      1. To me, Yina’s review reads more like an analysis of the series rather than a review. A series review to me is more of a writer’s overall reactions to the series and acting.

      2. @claimine: Yup, it’s the way a review should be in my point of view. A review should be the personal thinking and shouldn’t contain the feeling of many ppl.

      3. Claimine,

        You are right, this is more of an analysis than critique. Because of my personal life, I haven’t had the time to write reviews like I used to. But I love this drama so much, I just thought I’d write what I want to talk about the most and the critique with the drama will follow in replies. Also, I focused on the concept a lot more because I want to talk about them.
        But it is what it is. I just focused on what I really wanted to talk about; which is the story concept, the human flaws and struggles. I still hoped you enjoyed reading my review though.


      4. MTSE,

        You are great! Very positive and encouraging! I would’ve been more critical if I had more time.

        MTSE says: “Just a reminder for everyone that actors work within the material and direction given. A lot goes on behind the scenes and by the time we see the end product, it would’ve been edited for whatever reason. So we can’t criticise the actors for bad acting without considering other factors.”

        OH YES WE CAN! That’s what we’re all here for! LOL. But anyhow, we just take the product for what it is, we can’t always think too much of ‘behind the scene’ factors. In the meantime…if you don’t mind I have written several other reviews here. I don’t know when’s the next time I will post. I don’t even write on my blog as much o.o.

    4. Fez,

      Thank you for taking time to read my review and writing a reply. I asked you to read my review, so we can share our views on this drama…even though I didn’t ask for you to instruct me how to write. But I appreciate your opinion. And I’ll leave it at that.

      This isn’t my first review here…I’ve done a much more analytical/critical dramas review, but watching dramas and writing reviews is a favorite past time of mine. So I focused on what I just really wanted to talk about.

      It’s not necessary to to participate in forum discussions to write a ‘better’ review, whatever that may be, because they are just opinions. I’m sure it has a lot of insight, but I’m sure reading a lot of discussions on forums won’t make me a better writer. And to be honest, I think that’s a little too obsessive into this whole TVB drama world.

      You said: FYI. I praised Mandy and sonija’s performance. Him and Yoyo were also a humorous pair. Are you gonna say I only praised them because I’m their fan? For te record, I’m not. For according to many here, only fans would praise their idol no matter what. Funny because I never seen Mandy in anything except Lescargot or THC. She was good in Lescargot but not in THC. Some ppl should stop using excuses such as you are blahblah’s fan therefore u praised her. Haters always use that excuse when a non-fan says something positive abt someone they hate. It kind makes them feel better hahaha”

      Uh….are you talking to me? I don’t care about any of that stuff.

      But since you have such a detailed critique of my review, I’ll be looking forward to your review. But I won’t tell you how to write. Instead I’ll just chime in on what I agree/disagree on.


      1. Yina,

        U are very gracious even though Fez was so condescending. Hats off to u!

      2. Oh, and btw, +1 on Josie’s comment. Great response, Yina. Hope to read more of your reviews!

  14. One of the main reasons why I don’t like to write reviews is that many will disagree with me. But a review is just one person’s opinion and isn’t a fact or anything so it’s not like we all have to agree with it. I don’t think there will ever be any series that will be liked by everyone, even the classics. There are also flaws to every series since no series is perfect.

    1. I also tend to give out spoilers and many don’t like that…

    2. That’s such a shame. I’ve read your reviews. I think they’re good. Also, I really don’t get why people are pissed off at spoilers in reviews. I mean, why would you even read a review before reading the drama then?

    3. Yes, I’m cool with spoilers too. But maybe next time when there are spoilers in your review/overview/synopsis/critique then there should be a warning. SIGH….hard to please everyone. LOL!

    4. HTS, I miss your reviews! Kidd and others are right – shouldn’t not write reviews because many will disagree with you. And btw, I find it basically impossible to write a review without including spoilers.

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