Ron Ng and Vincent Wong Cried at Tavia and Him’s Wedding

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Ron Ng and Vincent Wong Cried at Tavia and Him’s Wedding

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) will do anything to help a brother out.

On October 2, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) held their wedding ceremony at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong. The couple each had nine bridesmaids and groomsmen, a lucky number in Chinese culture. Him’s groomsmen included Ron Ng, Vincent Wong, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Pal Sinn (單立文).

During their wedding reception, Him surprised Tavia on stage by dressing up as the bear Rilakkuma, a popular Japanese character. Ron and Vincent were in charge of bringing Him, disguised as Rilakkuma, over to Tavia so they could take a picture together.

This surprise was planned last minute. Ron said, “Him Law told us about it only moments before the reception. It was pretty secretive.”

After Him unveiled himself to Tavia, he tried to sing George Lam’s (林子祥) “Need You Every Minute” <分分鐘需要你> to her, but started to cry. Tavia cried with him.

“I cried with them,” said Ron.

Ron expressed that this wedding was his first time acting as a groomsman. “Vincent and I were in charge of drinking for Him.” (What drink?) “Red wine. Him can get a little drunk from just a single can of beer. We’re here to help him out.”

As a close friend of Tavia’s for twenty years, Ron said he will do his best to take care of Him. “His mother asked us to take good care of him, so we will do our best. He really can’t drink!”

Asking Vincent if he’s good at drinking, Vincent immediately said, “I’m not either! Just doing my best. As long as the newlyweds are happy!” (Did you guys drink a lot?) “Actually, not really.”

Vincent said Him’s Rilakkuma surprise was also the part in the wedding that had moved him the most. Ron added that he also felt emotional during the marriage signing ceremony, but didn’t cry. Vincent said, “But I did! Him spoke up about his most heartfelt feelings to everyone. He was already choking back tears when he said the first few words. Couldn’t even say the second.”

Him’s Rilakkuma Surprise

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • 7 comments to Ron Ng and Vincent Wong Cried at Tavia and Him’s Wedding

    1. muchloser says:

      that’s touching and cute, i really love tavia so i hope this really works out.

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    2. Nice happy couple! Congrats on the sweet new beginning!

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    3. panda says:

      the rilakkuma moment was soooo cuteeee

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    4. yeny says:

      And hahahas so funny when Tavia thought the one inside the Rilakkuma is LamFung xD

      But Him’s shoe spoilt the surprises but its so sweet!!

      Wish them happiness always!!!

      And pleaseeee another drama of Tavia and Ruco pleaseee!!!

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      • dandan replied:

        @yeny I was pleasantly surprised Raymond made it, but happy he did! He didn’t make it to Myolie’s.

        It would’ve been weird if it was Raymond in the suit, though I think it’s a testament to their friendship that Tavia could think that. Probably because he arrived a bit late, so Tavia might not have seen him yet??

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    5. dandan says:

      Him seems very thoughtful and loving to Tavia. Wanting to make her feel like a princess with the fairytale wedding and the lovely photos they took at the castle in England. And then trying to recapture the feel and memories of their first date (dressed up as Donald Duck) by surprising her with Rilakkuma.

      I think it got rounded up, lol. Ron and Tavia should be friends for 18 years now. To be honest, Ron is probably more on the bride’s side than Him’s (even though he is friends with Him too), haha. xD

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