Rosina Lam Forces Her Husband to Watch Her Intimate Scenes

Rosina Lam (林夏薇) has been hard at work for the upcoming TVB drama Seven Princesses <七公主>. The 33-year-old plays a character with many emotional states, and having filmed nonstop for ten days, Rosina is feeling a bit worn down.

“The past few days have been crazy,” she shared. “I had to break almost everything on set. I was crying and screaming. Nearly lost my voice. It really sounded like I was trying to break the apartment down. It’ll be a huge success once I get these scenes over with.”

In the series, Rosina is romantically involved with Tsui Wing (徐榮). There is a scene where she is topless while hugging him. Even the makeup artist at the time pointed out Rosina’s daring approach to the scene.

Though the scene was meant to be intimate, Rosina did not ask the staff to clear out the studio. “Work is work, and once you’re into your character, nothing else really matters. The scene itself isn’t meant to be sensual. It’s a very emotional and touching scene. I made sure that I was well-protected so I didn’t have to worry about being exposed while doing the scene.”

Asking if she had warned her husband Jason Mok beforehand about that scene, she said, “I even snapped a photo and made him look at it. He said I was crazy, because why would he want to look at a photo of me hugging another man? Every time I film an intimate scene, I’d force him to watch. Usually he’ll just walk away, but I really want him to watch. I really don’t care about how he feels, haha! (Does he get jealous?) Nope. He really supports what I do.”

To get in the mindset of her character, she requested to sleep in a separate bedroom from her husband. “My scenes are very emotionally taxing. Plus I usually don’t get out of work until early morning, and I don’t want to disturb him when he’s sleeping. Doing those scenes have definitely affected my mood, so I want to distant myself from him for a while.”

The sacrifices are big, but Rosina made sure to readjust her emotions by spending time with her husband whenever she didn’t need to work.

Seven Princesses, produced by Joe Chan (陳維冠), also stars Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Samantha Ko (高海寧), and Kaman Kong (江嘉敏).


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  1. Tvb production, hoe explicit could it be. Usually the actors make it sound like a big deal but nothing to see.

  2. Weird that she forces him to watch her intimate scenes. Not sure what she wants out of it, whether she’s trying to make him jealous or what. She definitely gets some excitement out of it though. Odd.

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