Roy Chiu Reenacts Bed Scene by Himself in “Marry Me Or Not?”

The Taiwanese idol drama, Marry Me Or Not? <必娶女人>, continued its winning streak with its third episode, which aired this past Sunday. One of the drama’s most memorable scenes showed lead actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) reenacting a drunken bed scene by himself while under hypnosis. Netizens praised him for being able to move so quickly between the two characters in the scene.

In the latest episode of Marry Me Or Not?, Cai Huanzhen (Alice Ke 柯佳嬿) is on the brink of tying the knot with her current boyfriend. However, he begins to doubt her honesty when four of her ex-boyfriends show up at the wedding, all proclaiming their continuing love for her. Upset at her boyfriend’s lack of trust in her, Huanzhen flees the wedding with Hao Meng (Roy Chiu) in tow.

After a long night of drinking, Cai Huanzhen and Hao Meng find themselves checking into a hotel, where a one night stand presumably takes place. Unfortunately, Hao Meng does not remember anything after he wakes up the next day, so he goes to a hypnotist to try to jog his memory.

In the ensuing scene, the director of Marry Me Or Not? requested that Roy be the one to reenact the bed scene, which meant he would have to portray Hao Meng for a few seconds, then immediately switch to Cai Huanzhen, and keep going back and forth. As a result, Roy had to remember the dialogue, facial expressions, and physical actions of both characters.

“Switching between male and female really did feel a bit like having a split personality,” said Roy, “but it was very satisfying to act out.”

Viewers were also quite satisfied at the result, as the hypnosis scene became one of the most discussed scenes from the episode. Marry Me Or Not? also reached 1.59 in the ratings, with 962,000 people tuning in. The drama proved especially popular among viewers between the ages of 25 and 39.

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