Roy Chow Sentenced to 18 Months of Probation for Injuring Wife

In a court hearing today, singer Roy Chow (周永恒) was sentenced to 18 months of probation for injuring his wife, Yu Chiu (趙頌茹). On August 24, Roy roughly shoved Yu to the ground at his mother’s house in Tin Shui Wai during an argument over his infidelity. Yu sustained injuries on her jaw and knees, which required stitches. At the time, Roy shouted angrily at Yu, “I’m going to kill you!”

The couple fought over Roy’s extra-marital affair with model, Ruby Lau (劉依靜). In a televised interview yesterday, Roy admitted that he had initiated the nine-month affair, even fantasizing his wife and lover sharing his bed together.  He was consumed with guilt and regretted hurting Yu and breaking up the family due to his “despicable” actions. He loves Yu and their two daughters, and did not want the marriage to end in divorce.

At 9 a.m., Roy arrived in court dressed soberly in black while accompanied by his uncle and aunt. Roy remained silent and did not respond to the press’ questions.

Due to the presence of reporters, Yu did not appear at the court hearing.

The judge warned Roy that domestic violence is a serious offense, and that he should cherish his wife and family rather than resolve problems through violent means. Should he commit a repeated offense, his sentence will not be as lenient. Roy replied quietly that he understood.

Although Roy promised to end his relationship with lover, Ruby Lau, news reports surfaced today that Ruby is now acting as Roy’s manager. Ruby sent a message to an event organizer, asking Roy’s appearance fees to be increased due to his higher public exposure lately.


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  1. These mistresses have no shame. First, Ruby is involved with a man she knows is married, with children too.

    If Roy suggested a threesome with his mistress and his wife to Yu Chiu, he obviously had discussed it with Ruby and she agreed to it.

    Now she is demanding more money for an event appearance by Roy because of his recent higher public exposure. What a brazen, shameless, disgusting bit…. I mean Wb1tch.

    He might be getting fifteen minutes of fame, but any decent man, husband and father would not want that kind of fifteen minute fame. Both him and Ruby are parasites who deserve each other. Yu Chiu needs to move on and eventually look for a decent man. She is too good for him.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know some might say it takes two to tango. I believe if a woman knows a man is married, and he hits on her, she should walk away from him. Same thing goes for married men who get hit on by women.

    1. This guy is despicable. First, he commits adultery and then publicizes to the world that he fantasizes about having a threesome with the wife and the mistress. So not only is he lascivious, he also suffers from diarrhea of the mouth. This marriage needs to end in divorce for the sake of the children and the wife.

      What is appalling is how he maintains, “I will not get a divorce.” I believe this shows his selfishness. Who cares what you want? At this point, he needs to contemplate what his wife needs and wants. Even after sh*t hits the fan, all he can think about is himself.

      His “talk” and “vows” to rectify his wrongdoings is cheap. Like anyone would believe him…

    2. Absolutely correct. And the sad thing is, that mistress (Ruby Lau) actually has a bad track record — one of her former friends (another little known actress) claims that Ruby had deliberately befriended her so that she could get close to her boyfriend (now her husband) and even tried hitting on him….luckily he resisted the temptation and even told her to be careful of Ruby.

      In any case, Yu accepted an interview with Mingpao Weekly and told her side of the story. She said that alot of the stuff Roy has been saying about her (about her having mood disorder and trying to commit suicide) is false and he’s merely trying to excuse his actions. She misses her daughters and has been staying in touch with Roy’s mother (who is taking care of the 2 girls). She also said that she is staying at a friend’s house (she emphasized that the friend is someone from her church and not part of the industry – she wanted to make this point because earlier the tabloids were trying to drag other artists into the situation and she didn’t want her friends in the industry to be bothered)….once she finds a permanent place, she hopes to go back and pick up her daughters.

      Definitely looks like this marriage is headed for divorce…if that’s the case, then good for Ah Yu! She definitely deserves better than that scumbag Roy!!

  2. i dont think he has any remorse whatsoever. He probably just regret hitting her and causing her to sue his a55. This is nothing more than a show. And his mistress already confirmed that since she’s with him now once he’s safe from the law. Mind you neither himnor his wife are what i would consider innocent people (they both have bad track records), but i think he takes the cake for being a d0vche.

  3. Serves him right. I hope Yu leaves him soon. He has got issues.

  4. 18 month probation for domestic violence? The should throw the book at him and send him to jail!!! Not only does he cheat but goes on an interview talking about his sick mind! Jail time will do him good.

    1. I guess public figures or rick kids get judged by a different standard. Just look at all the things Paris Hilton or Beiber gets away with. 🙁

    1. I know right? not only ugly but hes just has the word the NERD on the forehead type? haha…wife isn’t bad looking either and this kind of news WOW…

  5. Never allow man to hurt you. A leopard will never change its spots.

  6. Very disappointing….. Yet another scandal. People in this industry think they can get away with everything. It pisses me off. I mean I should be exposing what happen to me and my actor ex boyfriend from TVB as well. Cheaters… They are all cheaters!

  7. She better divorce him.. once a cheater always a cheater and with his case, not only is he a cheater, he is also a beater!! Two things I HATE MOST about anyone! Those people never change and it’ll only be a danger to her and the girls if she stay with him! Be smart and just move on!

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