Roy Chow Arrested for Fighting on Streets

Seen fighting on the streets yesterday, Hong Kong singer Roy Chow (周永恒) was arrested by the police once again.

Although the media has not seen his face in a while, especially after being arrested for physically abusing his ex-wife Chiu Chung Yu (趙頌茹) in 2014, Roy was once again caught in a fist fight near Tsim Sha Tsui. When the police took him away, Roy appeared very mentally unstable and drunk. He knelt to the ground, begging the police for forgiveness.

For the 35-year-old singer, this is not the first time where he was arrested. In 2004, the actor was arrested for possessing illegal drugs and was given an 18-month probation order, only to be seen causing chaos on the streets and ruining public property. That same year, he was arrested again on intimidation and assault charges.

After Roy was caught in a nine-month extramarital affair with model Ruby Lau (劉依靜) in 2014, Chiu Chung Yu filed for divorce to end their four-year marriage although the couple have two daughters together. During that time, Yu also came forth after Roy beat her until her head bled. When the police arrested Roy, he was fined $3000 HKD and sentenced an 18-month binding over order. Still angry, he began appearing outside of Yu’s apartment and screamed profanities and spat on Yu’s mother, resulting in two months of jail time and another 18 months on probation.

Last year in June, Roy married his Mainland girlfriend Britni Chen (陳薇). The couple opened a production company in China and have a son together.


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  1. And someone actually married him again after all that fiasco w/the first wife and abandoning his 2 children. If i didn’t know he was married to Sammi’s Cheng’s look-alike I wouldn’t even know his name. lol….

    1. @wm2017 That’s my exact thoughts when reading that he remarried. With his history known to the public, why would someone still willing to marry him.
      Didn’t follow his news closely so unsure if he abandoned his 2 children from his earlier marriage. However I would believe that his ex-wife wanting to have custody of the little ones given his emotional instability and physical violence.

      1. @bearbear But then again look at Edison Chen? lol… Women and a minor still went to him after all those photo fiasco so I guess we should never surprised at these. This one on the headline seriously I wouldn’t even know him if not for the Sammi look-alike ex. It popped up on my utube one time so I saw clips. He looks like an average joe not sure who and what he does probably a singer according to the clips but yes he sounds like an azzz period. He favors loose woman too I think base on how he posted on social media after the ex fiasco. But now he fathered another offspring. Oh Lord!!

    2. @wm2017
      i think his wife is pretty messed up. the company she belonged to did not have a good rep. there were sex scandals and force prostitution with the company. god knows, she might have found savage in this man back then.

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