Ruby Lin’s Agency Slams Netizens for Negative Rumors Related to Her Pregnancy and Marriage

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Ruby Lin’s Agency Slams Netizens for Negative Rumors Related to Her Pregnancy and Marriage

On October 28, Ruby Lin’s (林心如) personal studio and agency released a long post condemning netizens for spreading unfounded rumors and gossip about Ruby’s personal life, including her marriage and pregnancy. Ruby is married to fellow actor Wallace Huo (霍建華) since July of this year, and is over six months pregnant with their first child.

Along with the post, Ruby’s agency also shared a series of screen captures of various Weibo netizens who attempted to spread false and hurtful rumors about Ruby’s private life. Such rumors included Ruby using her baby to “bind” Wallace into marriage, as well as malicious comments about Ruby and Wallace’s unborn child.

Outraged by the rumors, Ruby’s agent said, “We originally planned on releasing a statement to stop all of this nonsense, but [Ruby] said it wasn’t needed. We felt really unfair for her. Ruby did nothing wrong to deserve such disrespect and abuse. But Ruby said she is unafraid of the gossip, precisely because she did nothing. We told her that the malicious comments were directed at not only her, but also her unborn baby. She told us that her baby wouldn’t care about such useless gossip either.”

The agency firmly said that all negative gossip related to Ruby’s marriage and her child were “sheer nonsense.” As a public figure, it is understandable that her private life would be talked about, but there should be a limit to everything. The agency condemned the netizens once again for creating negative rumors about Ruby’s private life, describing them as misogynistic and violent.

“And such, to all of Ruby’s beloved fans, to the media and netizens who love Ruby Lin, we apologize for worrying you. She is well, and she thanks you for your blessings. Let us protect her like we’ve always been doing, and let us work together to take down cyber violence. Love women. Live well.”

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6 comments to Ruby Lin’s Agency Slams Netizens for Negative Rumors Related to Her Pregnancy and Marriage

  1. happybi says:

    Some netizens really have nothing better to do then spread trash. kinda remind me of someone here that does the same. Bring legal action like what the Korean celebrity does and those anti will shake in their pants!

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  2. coralie says:

    Surprising – her agency went mommy-protective mode on her.

    Personally I don’t see the point in replying to those negative untrue rumors, as 1) it does not affect Ruby’s personal life and 2) even Ruby doesn’t see the point in it.

    Is it unfair for her? Probably but she’s above that nonsense.

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  3. dramadrama says:

    Ridiculous. She is not underage, and her husband is not a married man before marrying her. Why the hate? Really don’t understand.

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  4. elizabeth says:

    Usually Ruby does handle malicious rumours pretty well but I guess no mother wants rumours being spread about her baby. I think some netizens should really grow up. If they dislike a certain star or celebrity relationship, then just ignore it and don’t read on about it if it makes them so mad. But to make nasty comments on a public forum won’t really much to the star and only shows how stupid and some people really are.

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  5. funnlim says:

    She has had her fair share of extreme malicious criticisms since many years ago but I don’t think she should be too bothered. She doesn’t sound bothered, her agency do. The statement of her getting pregnant to bind Wallace is classic insane jealous fans talk when these same fans perhaps forgot no one forced wallace to impregnate her. Moreover ruby is a good deal, no harm done to wallace.

    Anyway let them talk, She’s the one carrying his child, she’s the one going to bed being held by Wallace every night. No criticism will take that away.

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  6. cuckoo says:

    I remember I haven’t made any comment about Ruby or WH for 3 months. Since someone’s still calling me, so I’ll say one time more. About 2-3 days, on Wednesday, before Ruby agency’s post, the head of an paparazzi agency, the agency that also disclosed Zhao Liying and her boyfriend photos, had answers for questions relating to many famous celebrities. One question about WH ” Was WH forced to marriage?” He answered ” True nature will sooner or later be disclosed”. This leaded to negative comments about her marriage. That’s why her agency replied –> because ppl strongly believed in the paparazzi. If only criticisms as before, her agency will normally not reply. Of course, her agency and herself is one, because she’s the owner of her agency, She made it like she didn’t care but actually .. opposite.
    In Hide & Seek promotion after her agency’s post, WH replied about her rumors ” it’s fine not to be bothered by them”. Her fans were angry so much, calling him “fake man”, “coward”, “going with wife, the face is always cold but meeting girls the face is cheerful”, “irresponsible”, “dare to do but don’t dare to bear responsibility”, etc. I think WH and Ruby had discussed about the issue together when it came out, his idea is ” not bother”, she agreed with him but still issueing the reply and made it as if she didn’t care, only her agency cared, but who is her agency dare to issueing anything about her personal life without her instructions. Now WH gets lots of crictisms, she still plays a happy wife. Ok, happy is happy, no problem. Hope she will do much much legal action, don’t just threaten ppl.
    I don’t want to be called about Ruby’s marriage and pregnancy. If I always have to join this topic, my life is so sorrow while I need a happy life, I’m currently feeling happy, creative, so spare me from this kind of topic. Want to check any information, read news from other online newspapers, millions of ppl comments there. When you’re lack of information you’ll think one side, that people are malicious or anything. Btw, I haven’t said anything about her unborn baby, I love babies, don’t compile it into her marriage comment. I still care WH filming, at least the current drama, because I was one of those who requested him to play a drama when I felt he only played movies. Happy late Halloween!

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