Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin Prepare Red Envelopes for Lunar New Year

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Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin Prepare Red Envelopes for Lunar New Year

The two are looking forward to their first year giving out auspicious red envelopes as a married couple.

Married in October 2018, actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin’s (單文柔) first child will be born in a few months’ time. Since it will be the couple’s first time giving out red packets for Lunar New Year, Phoebe is full of excitement to join in visiting traditions and partake in the festive joy.

No Cap on Red Envelopes

Recently busy with filming demanding action scenes for the new drama Chinatown <唐人街>, Ruco has always relied on his mom to make preparations for Lunar New Year, but this year the responsibility will fall on Phoebe. As an artiste, Ruco always had the habit of giving out red envelopes (lai see) in previous years to colleagues. When asked how much he intends to set aside for the tradition this year, he replied, “This year will be the first time I’m giving out lai see after marriage, I will be handing out double the red envelopes, everyone’ll be happy and it’s for auspicious reasons after all. I will prepare more (envelopes) on my side and also help Phoebe in her preparations.”

Family = “Father and Mother I Love You”

When asked if he will rely on Phoebe for many of the festive preparations, Ruco shared that he will get new clothes for Lunar New Year every year and red undergarments are a must-buy to usher in good fortune. Adding that he will go visiting at his in-laws’ place this year, he also shared his New Year wishes as a father-to-be and new husband is simply for mother and child to be healthy. When asked what he wants to tell “Little Piggy”, Ruco added, “I am really excited about his (her) arrival, and look forward to completing my family. Even with marriage, it might feel like we’re only just dating, but with a child, it will be just right.”

Hearing Ruco’s preference for new red undergarments, Phoebe revealed that Ruco had reacted strongly when she appeared in a red set of pajamas after marriage. “I will buy a full set of pajamas in red for him then,” Phoebe joked. She is also excited to give out red envelopes as Mrs. Chan this year.

Belated Honeymoon After Baby’s Arrival?

Besides being a good wife, Phoebe is also a thoughtful daughter and daughter-in-law. “Previously I’ve started ordering nian gao (new year cakes), flowers, and also decor to let my parents and in-laws soak in the festive mood.” The 28-year old expectant mom is looking forward to performing traditional customs along with Ruco,  enjoying reunion dinner and visiting relatives.

“Many people told me that those born in the Year of the Pig have a happy and joyous temperament, and I’m glad that my child can be born under this auspicious sign.” Besides looking out for pig-related accessories for her child, she also hopes to go on a belated honeymoon with Ruco after baby is born. As for Little Piggy’s name, she will decide on the English name and consult senior members of the family regarding the child’s Chinese name.


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