Ruco Chan Heads to Taiwan as “Slow Boat Home” Premieres

Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) schedule is packed this year. As one of TVB’s heavily-promoted artists, he has been filming  nonstop with even more opportunities on the way. After years in the industry playing supporting roles, Ruco finally received his big break in 2011’s The Other Truth <真相>. The popular character Keith Lau opened up doors for the 36-year-old, earning him Best Actor nominations and public acclaim. His performance in this year’s Reality Check <心路GPS> further solidified his lead actor status and pushed him into the media spotlight. Despite all of the buzz and money generated by his hard-earned fame, Ruco remains humble and dedicates his all to his first love – acting.

Ruco attended TVB’s Mother’s Day event as a celebrity guest and helped raffle off prizes to viewers yesterday. He shared that he had already celebrated with his mother earlier in the week and gave her a very practical gift. “I just came back from Malaysia. I took my mother out for a vegetarian meal, which she loves. I don’t have time to celebrate with her today because of work. I gave her a set of exercise clothes as a gift because she is planning to participate in the Walk for Millions.”

Reporters asked Ruco if his mother had rushed him to get married, Ruco denied it and shared that his mother had asked him to focus on his work instead. He agreed with the advice and said that he will only consider marriage if he meets a suitable partner.

Although Ruco already has a heavy workload, TVB continues to line up more work to take advantage of the momentum. Ruco shared that the company had suddenly asked him to fly to Taiwan on Monday to film a travel program with Elaine Yiu (姚子羚). Since his latest drama Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> is premiering Monday night, reporters asked Ruco if he is worried about missing out on the series’ promotional events. Ruco seemed unconcerned however and appreciates the work opportunity, “Filming travel shows is part of my job. I’m not worried at all!”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. He’s collaborating with Elaine Yiu a lot…

    1. I only remember Burning Flame 3 .. when else did they collaborate?

      1. The new TVB Drama “Slow Boat Home” has them together as a couple. They also just finished filming Outbound Love in Malaysia together.

      2. They were also in Ghost Writer and When Lanes Merges

      3. RLF LOver – i think u got the wrong person. Elaine Yiu isn’t in Slow Boat. It is Selena Li and Aimee Chan only.

      4. SY, I didn’t get the wrong person. Elaine Yiu IS in this series. She will be involved with Ruco and Selena.

  2. I thought the first episode was boring but I hope it’ll get better once Selena and Aimee are shown. Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong are great TVB actors, I hope this series gets some good ratings so they get more recognition.

  3. Feeling strange why Ruco put for trip suddenly on same date as his drama premiered.

    1. win,
      Ruco is so popular even the travel show producers want to cast him! It’s indeed an odd move, where Ruco would not be able to promote for the drama in HK.

      1. He will most probably be back for the next promotional activity this Sunday then fly off again next week for the tvb events in Toronto and Vancouver ..

  4. Was hoping that Ruco and Raymond were co leads but judging by the promo clips Raymond seems to appear a lot more

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