Ruco Chan: “Sisley Choi Did Not Visit My House!”

When reporters earlier spotted Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) taking Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) to an auto repair garage to fix her car, tabloids speculated that Sisley later visited Ruco’s house without telling her boyfriend. When the 38-year-old actor was approached for comments while filming for Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> in Japan, he exclaimed the reports are inaccurate.

In an interview, Ruco explained to the press that Sisley’s car experienced some problems that day, and so he brought her to a trusted auto repair garage to get it fixed. Since Sisley is unfamiliar with the car, Ruco drove her back to TVB City to ensure that the problems have been fixed.

In terms of being spotted driving towards his home, Ruco exclaimed, “That was because Tseung Kwan O had a traffic jam, so I took a detour and drove through the street that led to my place! You guys are thinking too much!”


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  1. This is such a ‘high school’ rumour! Can a guy and girl not be friends and help each other out without their motives/actions being questioned? Seriously! How old are these reporters? 12?!

    1. @melodylai
      Looks like a matter of supply and demand. HK paat kwa readers seem to lap up such crap. The more acid and dirty the reporting the more sales goes up.

  2. Read from Instagram that Ruco won the award…very happy for him. It’s time TVB recognizes his hard work and give him due recognition.

  3. Ruco is currently tvb’s hottest actor. He’s good looking and sexy as hell. He can do much better than sisley. Go for Linda. She matches him more than this starlet with the poor reputation who also happens to be cohabiting with someone . Ruco you deserve much better please…..and you’ll never be a third party isn’t it?

    1. @isay: Yes, Ruco is super hot and super sexy !!! Can’t get enough of this guy. I don’t think Sisley is his type. I do think he likes Linda back then when they were filming BK. Not sure about now. But I do hope he finds his Miss Right (even though I’ll be devastated). 🙁

  4. I like Ruco with Linda… she always have a good image so don’t mind if they really date in real life. He can do much better then Sisley for sure!

  5. I think Linda is hard to beat as the ultimate trophy wife, which guy wouldn’t want to marry a beauty queen? She’s not just any beauty queen, she’s Miss Chinese International, tall, sweet, young (7 years younger than Ruco). She’s also TVB’s fadan, perfect for our handsome siusang!

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