Rumors About Du Meizhu’s Past Proven to Be False

When 19-year-old influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹) outed Kris Wu (吳亦凡) for sexual assault, she faced intense cyberbullying from the Canadian Chinese singer’s fans. Rumors were deliberately started to smear Du Meizhu’s past, which the police have clarified to be false.

False Allegations from Kris’ Fan

The allegations claimed that Du Meizhu is not a rich second-generation Beijinger, and instead a young girl from Ulanhot City of Inner Mongolia who profited from paid dates, charging 1500 Chinese yuan, which was known by many of the locals. The netizen attempted to damage her reputation by writing, “If you have ever slept with her, please voice a few words.” The rumors went on to say she deceived people on second-hand thrift websites.  

On July 22, Du Meizhu refuted the vicious rumors by sharing a post from the Ulanhot police department. A netizen by the name of  “Wushi Yang Hao” has been investigated for creating rumors and posting insulting information on the Internet, to gain attention and ignite the popularity of Kris Wu, a public relations representative from the police department revealed.

As one of the early whistleblowers to alert the public about Kris’ predatory behavior and accuse him of raping underage girls, Du Meizhu was cyberbullied even though she is a victim herself. Continuing to suffer from depression, she wrote on Weibo, “I’m not beautiful nor perfect, but I tried my best already…. It’s the truth that I was hurt, and I’m still receiving treatment and never stopped taking medication.”

“Speaking up in the fight for justice,” Du Meizhu’s actions have urged Kris’ other victims to step forward as well, providing the police enough evidence to detain the singer. Du Meizhu wrote, “If the heart is sunny, there is unnecessary grief. The smile is warm, and the years are approaching.”

Seeing that investigations are deepening and the matter is now in the hands of the police, Du Meizhu deleted all her posts relating to Kris on August 2 and only left behind her own personal posts.

Sources: HK01, World Journal, Weibo

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Du Meizhu Reveals How She Was Tricked into Kris Wu’s Bed

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  1. She is really courageous. It is hard not to believe her when she has no power and is up against his legions of crazy fans and highly paid lawyers. This must be so stressful.

  2. Victim bashing is so low!!! She is brave and a very determined girl…I admire her strength to go on despite the attacks she gets… She may not be innocence but she never said she was one either… She is a regular young girl learning to survive in a prospers Country- China. She did not harm people as Kris Wu did… she stood up against the money threw at her. I am thankful there are people like her that will help clean up the dirt in our world.

  3. Eh can’t believe anything online from ccp/prc/big 6…just like you can’t believe their covid #!

  4. It is the most toxic thing when 1) people blindly defend and 2) attack ad hominem
    I think he has the right to a fair trail and if he is deemed guilty, the wrath the victims experienced will be returned 10x to Kris Wu. Karma is real and so is stupidity. Be kind everyone.

  5. I don’t understand how these fans can blindly defend a scumbag and victimize the victim.

  6. I admire her courage to come forward to expose him. This led to many girls dare to come forward. Hope more and more girls/ladies will come forward if they are the victim on this case

    1. At the very least, even if she has ulterior motives, that doesn’t negate her experiences and it still makes her courageous. So many others that have been allegedly r@ped by him have never come forward. Her bravery resulted in them revealing his actions over the years. She has gained notoriety, but it stands to be seen whether she will make any financial/reputation gains from her actions. And, to her credit, she has never publicized the other victims involved because of their ages or financial background. Whatever you say about her, she still had the fortitude to stand up to him – not many women can say that.

      1. Exactly! Like most girls her age can easily dare to stand up to a high profile, rich, crazy powerful team on your perpetrator’s side. Yes, she was stupid, young and probably shouldn’t have been to these so called parties but well she did. No one is perfect let alone a perfect victim. Even if she is getting her 5 mins of fame does that wipe out the fact that she was still a victim. If not for her, no one would even dig deeper into this and more and more victims for years to come and also a wake up call for parents to perhaps stress to their kids especially young girl on not losing your sanity on your so called male god or goddess idols.

  7. A victim should not be expected to be perfect in order to label the other party as the perpetrator.

  8. I’m actually wondering since he’s under JC’s agency, how much JC knew about his proclivities and actions. It sounds like his mgmt team has been hiding all of his deeds from the public, but THEY knew so the head of his agency must also know. I wouldn’t be surprised if JC knew all along and encouraged him. I hope my speculations aren’t true and JC isn’t a bigger scum than what’s already known about him.

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