Samantha Ko’s Daring Scenes in “My Commissioned Lover”

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Samantha Ko’s Daring Scenes in “My Commissioned Lover”

The audience is loving TVB’s new drama My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人>, which was shot two years ago and premiered last week, for its well-paced and relaxing storyline. Main actress Samantha Ko (高海寧) bared her back and changed into a swimsuit for last night’s episode, and it was pretty eye-catching.

In the series, Jing Che, played by Kenny Wong (黄德斌), was invited on a yacht during his business trip in Japan. In order to get away from the attention of several gay men on the yacht, he called “Kimchi,” played by Samantha to come and pretend to be his girlfriend.

When Samantha got the call, she was receiving a massage and cupping therapy in a semi-naked state. She rushed to put on her clothes, and in the process, examined the cupping marks on her back in front of the mirror, revealing her back and only covering her front with a towel.

After she threw on her swimsuit and bathrobe, Samantha hurried into the car and took off the robe to put on a white dress shirt. Underneath, she was wearing a black deep V swimsuit that opened up to her navel and had straps across her chest. Although Samantha did not deliberately sell her sexiness, her good figure and bold performance surprised the audience.

In fact, such a revealing outfit is quite shocking in recent times after TVB implemented a dress code at the end of 2017. However, since filming for the drama completed before the new rule was set in place, Samantha’s sexy outfit was not affected.

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