Sammy Sum’s Career Shelved Due to His Playboy Image?

By on August 27, 2015 in NEWS

Sammy Sum’s Career Shelved Due to His Playboy Image?

Since entering the entertainment industry six years ago, TVB actor Sammy Sum (沈震軒) has been a constant subject of romantic rumors with multiple female stars. This has given Sammy the image of being a playboy.

However, the CEO of Sammy’s record company, Sun Entertainment, is allegedly not a fan of Sammy’s flirtatious image. It is rumored that Sun Entertainment has plans to shelve Sammy’s career. These plans appear to have already been put in practice, as Sammy has not been given any new assignments after his album release in April this year, apart from some autograph sessions.

In response to reports that Sammy is being put on the bench, a spokesperson for Sun Entertainment said, “Sammy’s management contract is with TVB, so Sun Entertainment has no right to shelve Sammy’s career. If you want, you can ask TVB. Furthermore, our company is only in charge of the music and film aspects of Sammy’s career. We did previously give Sammy some roles in films produced by Sun Entertainment.”


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