Selena Lee Says “Barrack O’Karma” Will Get Darker

Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈> is excelling in the supernatural horror game, and it’s only going to get darker from here.

In an interview with CRHK, the drama’s lead star Selena Lee (李施嬅) teased that the TVB horror series will be spiraling down a darker path, to the point that even Selena herself was concerned  about the script being too intense for broadcast.

“I literally almost vomited when I first read the script,” she said. “I was like, wow, this is impossible. This can’t go on broadcast. It’s too intense. It made me feel uncomfortable. It’s possible that certain parts may be edited out for broadcast.”

Selena was referring to an upcoming story arc titled “Unusual Dream” <異夢>, which will guest star veteran actress Helena Law Lan (羅蘭).

A snippet of the arc was originally meant to be added to the trailer, but Selena said that the editors decided to take it out as it was too horrific.

Selena plays Alex, a flight attendant whom audiences think may be already dead. Selena declined to reveal the true faith of her character, saying, “Would it really be that simple?” She then dropped a spoiler, “The new few episodes should answer a lot of questions.”


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  1. Watched three epis so far…but I don’t consider it fresh yet. Some of the storyline’s been done before like the crazy lady and baby stealing circa 80s horror films. And the reincarnation idea is also very similar to that ghost drama with Kathy Chow. It’s still copying old stuff, but “fresh” in the sense that it triggers nostalgia. I hope the rest of the episodes will actually have new material and not just a rehash of old plots

  2. Watched the latest episodes, indeed it got real dark and violent real quick. From 0 to 100 in a single episode. This series is pretty enjoyable, hopefully it will end with a strong note.

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