Selena Lee’s Outlook on Love

Taking her career to new heights this year,Selena Lee’s (李施嬅) love life is quiet in comparison. The 38-year-old actress revealed that she had dated a younger man before, but it didn’t work out. Being an actress also makes it more difficult to lead a normal dating life.

“I always have to fly around for work, so it’s hard to maintain a relationship. As well, I’m not the type to play a damsel in distress, I don’t like saying mushy things. The other party also has to accept that I am a public figure and he will lose quite a bit of anonymity. Earlier, I had a suitor in his twenties but I’m hoping for my other half to be older than me. I’ve tried dating a younger man before, and I found him to be clingy. He often complained that I didn’t have time to spend with him, why I didn’t reply to his texts, and why I didn’t call him to say good morning. I find this annoying and hope that my other half will be more mature,” Selena said.

Many of her good friends in The Nonsense Club are still single, and Selena hopes that they find their other half first. “Nancy Wu (胡定欣) is a great catch, but she is very passive and does not open up easily. Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) trusts easily, and once she loves someone she may not see their flaws.”

Selena disclosed that a potential suitor from outside the entertainment industry is currently pursuing her. “My friends and I have the same philosophy: it’s not important that the man is rich but he must have the ability to possibly become rich. If we had to choose between a rich or a smart man, we would choose the smart man for sure. I am very open to meeting new friends and want to keep my relationships on the down low. My suitors are from outside the entertainment industry and they are not used to the spotlight.

“I believe in fate. What will come, will come; there is no avoiding it. It’s like work. No one expected Barrack O’Karma <今宵大廈> to be so successful, but now there are people hoping that I win TV Queen. After all these years in TVB, I got lucky after I’ve just left. So it’s best to leave things to fate; what is meant to be will eventually come.”

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  1. “But he must have the ability to possibly become rich.” Lol. Is this lost in translation? It still sounds very superficial / materialistic to me.

    Doubt she’ll win the BA though. Stars are not aligned for her.

    1. @jjwong Not superficial, but pragmatic. “He must have the desire and discipline” is what “ability” means. If she was superficial, she wouldn’t be single and still working at 38.

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