Shawn Dou Visits Family with Laurinda Ho

Dating for over a year, Shawn Dou (竇驍) and Laurinda Ho (何超蓮) have decided that it’s finally to meet the family.

After celebrating their friend Grace Chow’s (周揚青) birthday, they traveled to Xi’an, China to visit Shawn’s relatives. In Xi’an, the couple were spotted were matching black and white outfits to watch a musical adaptation of Chang Hen Ge <長恨歌>. Netizens joked that they looked like a pair of well-behaved students watching a school play.

The couple reportedly met back in March 2019 at a fashion event in Hong Kong. A month later, Shawn was photographed kissing a mysterious woman, which was later confirmed by both parties that it was Laurinda. They announced their relationship in April 2019 to put a stop at further speculations.

Laurinda has said in an interview that she sees Shawn as a potential marriage partner. Now that she’s meeting his family, it appears that Shawn sees Laurinda the same way.


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