Sheren Tang Does Not Believe in Breast Enhancement & Plastic Surgery

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Due to the success of “Rosy Business,” Sheren Tang Shui Man and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung have been regarded as television’s golden screen partners. Yesterday, the pair were invited to attend an opening ceremony for a finance company. Other guests included Charmaine Li and Chiu Ching Yee.

Since Sheren had no financial difficulties, reporters teased her as to why she was cutting the ribbon ceremony for a financial company? Sheren laughed and said it did not matter, as it was for work. Asked whether she had refused any specific endorsements, Sheren noted that she does not support bust enhancement, plastic surgery, and slimming drug ads.

Did Sheren strongly oppose bust enhancement and plastic surgery? “I will never obtain these services myself, but that does not indicate I am strongly against it. I do not believe women have to increase their breast size to enhance their self-worth. Women should love themselves and not feel obligated to undergo plastic surgery because other people do not regard them to be beautiful enough.” Sheren normally conveys a strong sense self-confidence; if she were to undergo bust enhancement, then other women may start wondering whether it is necessary to obtain the same procedure.

Sheren said that she was quite satisfied with her appearance and figure. Of course, Sheren possessed a pair of big eyes, which usually comes with a big eye bags as well. However, she felt this was unimportant. She said: “My face is round, but my forehead is long enough to balance it out.”

Were Sheren and Wayne invited by sponsors to appear together on a regular basis? Sheren said that she was aware of several offers, but they have not been finalized yet. Since Sheren and Wayne were represented by different companies, the sponsors had to contact them separately. (Will this result in a higher total fee to invite both Sheren and Wayne at functions?) Wayne said this will not impact the fee, but rather the sponsors had to conduct separate arrangements.

Sheren laughed and said that an appropriate ad would be one for a school, since her character acted as a mentor/ teacher to Wayne’s character in “Rosy Business.”

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: Sheren is always so principled…. many actresses film breast enhancement ads (although the results seem to be achieved with a Wonderbra and PhotoShop effects rather than a magical herbal formula promoting new breast tissue growth) for the money. It may be highly likely that Sheren and Wayne collaborate together again, due to their success in “Rosy Business.”

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Sheren Tang Does Not Believe in Breast Enhancement & Plastic Surgery

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