Shirley Yeung Shares Photos of Daughter; Needs Quick Money to Pay for Mortgages

One day after announcing on Weibo that she had already given birth to her baby daughter, Hong Kong TVB actress, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) was once again active on her blog today. She posted two photos of her daughter online, in which the baby was bundled in heavy clothes. While Shirley did not disclose her current whereabouts, it was speculated that she was resting postpartum at her brother’s house in Los Angeles, USA.

When Shirley refused to respond to press questions as to whether the baby’s rumored father, ex-diver, Andy Ng (吳帥), was also currently in Los Angeles, this fueled rumors that the pair had already broken up. Reportedly a single mother, Shirley was very eager to return to Hong Kong to earn money, to compensate for her 6-month leave of absence rom TVB.

Shirley owned 3 properties in Hong Kong, which were valued at more than $20 million (HKD) in total. While some friends suggested that she sell the properties to reduce her financial burden of paying for multiple mortgages totaling over $100,000 HKD per month, Shirley refused to do so. Thus, she was anxious to quickly increase her income by resuming work at TVB at the end of March.

In addition, Shirley refused to respond on the news of ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), finding a new girlfriend.

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Jayne: I do not expect Shirley to respond to rumors via Andy Ng until she returns to Hong Kong at the end of March. Let’s hope her situation is not as reported by the Hong Kong tabloids.

If the news were correct that Shirley’s 3 mortgages totaled over $100,000 HKD, she was making quite a reasonable income in the past.

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  1. I feel sorry for the baby. Seems to me like she’s using the baby as her sympathy card to return to showbiz. Btw Jayne, I’m sure she’s collecting rents from these properties so her mortars can’t be that high. Just hop she’ll be a good mom, but from the look of it the baby is more likely be seeing the nanny more mommy. Sad!

    1. LOL, posting pics of bb doesn’t necessary mean she’s earning sympathy to return to showbiz.. If you ever a mother yourself, you’d feel proud and happy to share your bb’s photos to the world, that’s just natural. And it’s common for a mother who had been rested for the past few months after birth to plan her future if the rumor of her and bf Andy is true.

      1. Well no one knows what her true intentions are so we can all only guess and speculate. She can be using the baby to gain sympathy so who really knows??Or she can just be a proud mother that wants to share photos of her new baby to the world… Lets hope that she is not using her baby to gain sympathy…

    2. Why posting the bb’s pic = gain sympathy? If she wants ppl to sympathize her, she should hide the bb instead. Let nobody know she has a bb or when the bb was born.

  2. Shirley, 3 words of advice;


    And sell one house to pay for the mortgage. No point in bankrupting yourself. And is she still relevant in the viewers’ eyes?

    1. The father has no money and she’s not letting him get near the baby, or says the tabloid.

    2. I think the father is broke and plus, I personally think that a woman should be independent even after she marries since you don’t know what can happen in the future. You never know if the father would leave you or something else may happen. You need to be prepared not only for yourself but for your kids as well.

      1. If Andy is indeed broke as the tabloids mention, while Shirley is holding on to 3 houses in Hong Kong, I wonder if their argument may have involved money. Shirley strikes me as someone who is very protective of her money.

        If the above did occur, Shirley appears to have rushed into this relationship with Andy too soon. From the sound of things, the couple doesn’t seem to be able to resolve relationship conflicts well. How can Andy not be there for the birth of their daughter? That is a big moment….

        When Shirley is back in Hong Kong at the end of March, maybe we will get further details on the situation.

      2. Jayne,
        I have a feeling that you may be right. I feel that Shirley did rush into her relationship with Andy way too fast. Maybe she just wanted to be out of the relationship with Gregory so just hooked up with Andy just so she can break up with Gregory?? It is very important for a couple to be able to resolve conflicts if they want to have a happy and lasting relationship/marriage. I have a feeling that it may be over between them but lets see…Time will tell.

      3. Problem with Shirley is, she didn’t practice safe sex.. If she has been following it, things wouldn’t get this worse.

      4. I think we will never know the true truth. It’s always her story or his story.

      5. Yea, Shirley lied through her teeth already so who really knows when she is telling the truth or not?? Maybe she wanted to get pregnant with that ANdy guy on purpose so that she can get out of the relationship with Gregory??

    1. yes, be at work and lessen financial struggles will be the best way to solve any finance constraints..

  3. money, boys, career–they come and go, but hopefully children will stay with you forever 🙂

    Shirley seems like a strong woman so hope for the best.

    1. Loyal and obedient children will always consider parents feelings and be responsible for their parents.

      Agree, hope Shirley will be stronger each day to handle the challenges of being a young mother.

    1. Agree, hope she has the ‘big eyes’ like the mother.

  4. She should just sell some of those properties if she can’t afford to pay for them all. She has not worked in months so has not had any money coming in… Why stress herself out so much??

    1. Of course she is leasing 1 or 2. She would not just be kkeeping them and enjoying the fun. She is not too rich to have multiple relax locations.

    2. It depends, because properties in HK is so expensive, if she sells them out now, she may gain little profit from price escalation etc. But she may not be able to buy back such Properties from the previous amount she once paid. Properties & lands price will always escalate no matter how bad economy is..

      1. YEa, I think we all know how expensive it is to live in HK. It’s no wonder that Ron and many others still can’t afford to buy their own place.

  5. LAWL Krystal reminds me of Kri(y)stal Tin. I think it’s interesting that Gregory has found a new girlfriend, though I really don’t know how the relationship between them is going to work out. Do think it’s a good thing that he got over Shirley though. It appears as if Shirley is in a bit of a fix. But i hope her baby grows up healthy and in a good family (though i have to admit that appears unlikely).

    1. Shirley did well with her finance and investment. I bet Gregory got nothing… I think he is still living at home! Just to show she is better off without him!

      1. Lol have you not watched Escargot? Housing prices are crazy in HK. And I think I read somewhere that she was living for free at gregory’s place with his mom and brother while they were dating (9 years), that might explained how she was able to save for the down payments to buy those homes and Gregory has nothing to show for.

      2. Greg got nothing? last time I heard he hired a maid for Shirley when she was living with him? Why are you so harsh towards Greg? Shirley was the one who left the relationship to be with AAndy because she thought he was rich, but it turned out that he was a con artist.

      3. I would not say that Gregory has nothing… I mean IF he did, then it looks worse for SHirley because she leeched off his family and him so that she can save up for her own desires. NOw I wonder if she was only using him and his family all of those years?? It also makes me wonder why she had to live with them if she was not even married to Gregory??

  6. The size of the baby suggests that she was born at least 1-2 months ago.

    1. Definitely, she has prolong the time before exposing the news to public. This is to avoid further rumours about her betrayal towards Gregory.

  7. Great photos 🙂 Surprised she wants to hang on to all the properties – hopefully she’s renting some out?

    1. sushiroll,

      LOL, that’s really solution to get fast money but someone like Shirley who’s still “pretty popular” in HK, doubt she will be a chicken now.

    2. A good method for fast money.

      But, not all woman prefer to earn such dirty money.

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