Show Lo Cheated on Girlfriend of 4 Years?

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Show Lo Cheated on Girlfriend of 4 Years?

Yu Da Meng wanted to get Show’s girlfriend, Grace Chow, out of the picture.

Tabloids claim that Taiwanese singer Show Lo (羅志祥) cheated on his girlfriend of four years, Internet celebrity Grace Chow (周揚青), with 25-year-old Yu Da Meng (于大夢). It was alleged that Da Meng tried to expose her fling with Show to the media, wanting to get Grace out of the picture.

With her voluptuous body, Da Meng is often perceived by many as the real-life version of Nami from the anime One Piece. She was previously romantically linked with Jeffrey Huang (黃立成) and Calvin Chen (辰亦儒).

Da Meng allegedly felt upset to be Show’s backup girlfriend, so she deliberately asked paparazzi to follow and take photos of them dating and publicly expose their relationship, to force Show and Grace to break up.

Strategized to Become the Main Girlfriend

Da Meng had revealed publicly that she was dating a famous pop star for half a year in 2016. Apparently, she didn’t know that she was the third-party until she started dating him. Feeling stupid for being tricked so easily, she flew to the United States to heal her hurt feelings after her filming ended. But she still couldn’t let go of the relationship and wanted to be the man’s one and only girlfriend.

This had her concocting a plan to ask the paparazzi to secretly take photos of them at his home spending Christmas together. She hoped exposing their relationship will force him and his girlfriend apart and she could become his main girlfriend.

It is believed that Show is the man referred in the story. His agency responded that though Show knows Da Meng, they haven’t been in contact for two years already but hopes she is doing well. Da Meng has yet to comment on the news.

Source: Yahoo HK

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