Single Mother, Shirley Yeung, to Spend Father’s Day with Daughter

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) has adjusted well to her role as a single mother.  Since returning to Hong Kong in March after giving birth to daughter, Krystal, Shirley’s exposure rate has been high. She often appeared in promotional events and variety programs for TVB. Shirley vowed that she and her daughter will have a happy Father’s Day without the presence of ex-boyfriend, Andy Ng (吳帥)!

The event organizer also invited Olympic diver, Wu Kai (胡佳), to appear alongside Shirley Yeung. This inevitably made the public think of the father of Shirley Yeung’s daughter, Andy Ng, who was a also former Olympic diver. Asked whether she was still in contact with Andy, Shirley said simply, “No.” Shirley did not wish to elaborate further on the situation with Andy, aside to imply that their lives were no longer intimately entwined.

As for Father’s Day, Shirley said that she will be celebrating with her own father. Although Andy was a missing father figure in their daughter, Krystal’s life, Shirley said that she did not feel disappointed.

Appearing cheerful and fit at the promotional event, Shirley said that she wished to lose another 6 pounds. After giving birth, Shirley has traveled outside of Hong Kong for work reasons on 3 occasions. Fortunately, Shirley’s mother has been able to take care of baby Krystal while Shirley was away, allowing her to focus on her career and earn more “milk money”!

Asked whether she was afraid that Krystal would not recognize her if Shirley continued to work such a hectic schedule, she replied, “At first, I was worried. One time, I held her and she recognized me and smiled at me. Afterward, I knew I had nothing to worry about!”

Source: Oriental Daily,

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Jayne: Shirley Yeung appeared to have moved on without Andy Ng. If the rumors are true that he is not well off financially, she may even be paying for all of baby Krystal’s expenses herself. Not easy at all, especially with her mortgage payments for 3 houses. Her income at TVB must be pretty good!

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  1. I’m not quite sure how reliable this source is. As I have read from other sources saying that Shirley has had problems with getting jobs. Her most recent job was actually only $6k hkd for a game show in china that involves her in an extremely sexy swimsuit. Basically the problem with her was her poor image and baby product sponsor wanted no tied with her.

      1. It is pathetic, since Shirley was never really trying to go the sexy route.

  2. I feel so sorry for Shirley Yeung. She has lost so much since she made a stupid mistake in her life. Hope people will forget it and accept her again soon.

    1. I think it will just be a matter of time before all will be forgiven and forgotten. Look at all of those that were involved in the Edison Chen scandal?? They have all moved on and are still successful, so why can’t Shirley? I feel that what they went through was more serious than what Shirley did, so I think she still has a good chance to move on and be successful again.

      1. Agree. I hope it works on Shirley Yeung as well.

      2. I don’t know if we really moved on from Edison’s scandal. Sure, he has a career but he’ll never be the “idol” that he was before. It also doesn’t help that he’s constantly in the news with scandals that are smaller scale.

        Most of the girls, however, in the Edison scandal seem to have moved on so I see what you’re saying.

      3. Actually those that were involved with the scandal have taken quite a blow and has yet to recover. Bobo has basically retired. Gillian is constantly working in china in small roles which are time consuming and low pay. Even with cc, no matter what she does the audience doesnt seem to fond of her. Even with edison, no matter what he does he can do no good in the audiences eyes. None of them involved with the scandal has truly recovered or even came close.

      4. I think Shirley’s mistake was her personal problem. She did not have any nude photos posted on the website.

        Her only mistake was she did not get rid of Gregory Lee first before she had a relationship with Andy Ng.

        For being a single mother, there were many actresses who were single mothers, such as Elaine Ng, Jenny Yan Nei (pop singer), Rebecca Chan, Yan Pang Pang, etc. No one talked badly about them.

      5. Not sure about Bobo and others, but Gillian seems ok in her career from what I have heard… However, I am not a fan of hers so don’t follow her news much. I think if they make no more mistakes, with more time, people will forgive and forget. We all know why no one is ever or will ever be fond of Edison since he is constantly caught in mini scandals one after another… he just cannot change his perverted self…

      6. @sandcherry,
        I agree and I think with time this will all pass and be forgotten. There are many single mothers besides Shirley, but yea she made a mistake which is why people go on and on about it.

      7. Edison’s scandal was never meant to be seen by the public either. It was simply stolen pictures that we posted online. But those pictures were meant to be personal and not meant for the public. So in the end it is a personal matter.

      8. Uhm, those single mother didn’t go on tv crying they weren’t pregnant and acted like a victim. Had the magazines not have found Shirley hiding in LA, she wouldn’t even admit she was pregnant. There was never anything about her pregnancy on her weibo account.

    2. I’m not sure about this. In fact the scandal can boost her fame up as well. We have to wait to see more in the future.

  3. I think as long as Shirley stays fit and cheerful, she would get more jobs. She does seems to be a strong and positive mom. I initially thought she won’t be able to survive.. now I can see she has potential. If I am the advertiser I would rank her as “pretty, hard working and loving mom”. Good luck Shirley!

    1. She may be a single mom,but is lucky to have the love and support of her family as we can see. Her parents and brother all seem to really love and support her. Therefore, even though she doesn’t have a husband, she will still be ok. She is lucky to have her family.

  4. Feel bad for that dad and daughter….how come he doesn’t get to take care of his daughter? Shouldn’t belong just to Shirley.

    1. I think Shirley made the right decision for her daughter. It is better to have no dad than a terrible dad.

    2. Well, if Andy wanna take care for his daughter, he’ll have the rights. But he wants, or not?

    1. I agree. Society these days don’t need another role model for the young girls out there to be single mothers.

  5. what u mean by ths kind of person.. kudos to u shirley..she obviously luv her kid vry much.. she looks radiant.


  7. This feels like a useless article for the reporters to keep reminding people that Shirley is a single mom.

  8. Hope to see her in TVB series soon.
    If only the media will to leave her alone!!!!

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