Sisley Choi is an Outcast Among Other Miss Hong Kong Winners?

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) beat Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) by more than 50,000 votes in the publicly-voted 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Yet, Sisley’s figure surpasses Grace, who at 87 pounds and with a chest measurement of 30 inches, is teased for being the Miss Hong Kong with a flat chest.

According to reports, Sisley viewed Grace as her biggest rival for the crown from the start. At the start of the pageant, Sisley often appeared without makeup at events, while making a jab at other contestants who could not reveal their bare skin. When attention was drawn to Grace before the competition because of her rich family background, Sisley spoke about her family voluntarily, revealing that her father is a retired policeman while her mother is a housewife.

In the pageant’s follow-up interview, Sisley was asked if she thinks that her looks and figure are better than the newly crowned Grace. Sisley said, “Miss Hong Kong is not based on looks alone. Grace has both (looks and figure). If Miss Hong Kong is based on those criteria, then every year the result will be the same.” Sisley said that Grace was very calm and her performance progressed well throughout the pageant.

Shortly after, in the celebratory party on September 4 in Tseun Kwan O, reporters remarked that Sisley’s figure is better than Grace. When Sisley praised Grace’s good figure instead, others speculated whether Sisley was being sarcastic. When Grace came to know of Sisley’s reply, she said graciously, “No one knows the perfect height and weight. Everyone’s definition of beauty is different. I won’t lose my confidence just based on what others say.”

Ignored by Other Pageant Winners

Sisley’s bluntness may have irked other candidates as well. During the pageant, Sisley said that Miss Friendship winner, Tammy Ou Yang (歐陽巧瑩), is the most fake among all the contestants. Tammy remembered the remark and rarely spoke with Sisley afterwards.

After a promotional event last week, the top three winners as well as Miss Friendship, Tammy, proceeded to Causeway Bay for shopping. Grace, Tammy, Moon Lau (劉佩玥), and Vicky Chan (陳偉琪) were seen laughing while eating together. Sisley had wandered off by herself, and was noticeably ignored by the other women when she rejoined them an hour later.

Responding on her rumored rivalry with Grace and the other women, Sisley said, “Although certain reports have surfaced, I don’t think it’s necessary for us to intentionally act a certain way. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s in our hearts.”

Video News Coverage

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  1. sisley’s the most “fake” answer was actually a compliment.she explained that tammy is fake because she is a good immitator. so i can not understand why people misunderstand her answer.i dont believe she is an outcast too, just because the other miss talks more with each other. i think she is pure natural and doesnt pretend to be good friend with other miss hk. i like her character.

    1. She has a chest of only 30 inches?…….that is pathetic for a woman…..guess she will have to use paddings for everything she wears from now on cause a woman with a 30 inch chest looks awful without curves……..

      1. and how big are your boobs yuaida?

        is it your life mission to spread your ridiculous negative comments everywhere?

        you must have a sad, sad life.

  2. haha, when i heard sisley say that tammy was most fake, i was thinking to myself “what a biatch”, turns out i’m not alone. sisley has an arrogant look and her answers, though meant to project an air of confidence, sounded like she was too full of herself (like when she said that she’ll be the winner). grace on the other hand has a genuinely friendly look and she’s the only ms hk i’ve actually liked (though i didn’t follow the pageant from day 1, only watched the finals).

    1. You’re one to jump to conclusions. If you didn’t watch the entire MISS HONG KONG pageant from the semi-finals to the actual competition don’t assume such. Reporters are twisting a girl’s well structured comment into something so negative. Her comment on tammy being fake was because she was good at imitating people. Earlier in the segment Tammy imitated to be SISLEY and she was such a good sport and incorporated that into her own introduction. Maybe she doesn’t want to be all “friendly and friends” with the other winners because of their personalities. It doesn’t show that she’s not wanted it just shows that she wants to remain authentic.

      1. lmao at your over-reaction to my comment. Let me ask you a question-do you need to finish a whole plate of stale food to know that it’s stale? Just becos i didn’t watch the WHOLE ms hk, doesn’t mean i can’t have an opinion. There’s such a thing as first impression, you know. Sure i’m aware that sisley’s answer was in a twisted way “meant to be a compliment” but her explanation was really lame and totally unconvincing; the subject in question was also clearly unamused with the “compliment” and i would say that sisley actually succeeded in embarrassing her, whether or not that was her true intention. My observations had nothing to do with the reporters twisting her words around, they are entirely my own. I’m not even talking abt whether she’s being friendly or not with the other winners, who cares how genuine she is?

  3. I don’t get why ppl, even the news, keep citing the “Tammy is fake” comment. It was a joke and a play on words at Tammy’s imitation skills (ban yeah). If u watched the semi finals u’d know exactly what sisley was referring to ( if anything Tammy made fun of a bunch of ppl with her imitations, not that it bothered me cuz she was asked to but everyone knew that was her thingoffscrn). I thought it showed sisleys quick wit instead of giving the usual elusive answer…
    I also thought sisleys answer to graces figure etc was appropriate, it was the generic answer, courteous & didn’t find it sarcastic. That’s how ppl answer, sincere or not, that’s how u have to answer.
    I also liked her confidence. I feel that in Asian society, we’re taught to b humble (cite what we need to improve on instead of selling ourselves) but in US society we’re taught to be confident. I didn’t see her saying she felt she would b #1 arrogant, I feel like its like saying I’m the best candidate for the job at and interview, certainly the answer that should be given.

  4. Ehhh, it’s really unfair for the media to continue bringing up the ‘fake’ comment. To be fair, that was a question asked during the competition. Sisely was stuck in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ moment. If she shied away from giving a straight answer, she would have been considered elusive. No matter which contestant she spoke about then, she would have been skewered for that choice.

  5. It’s odd they keep saying Grace has a good figure when clearly it’s not ‘good’. It may be acceptable for a human being whose not living in poverty but it’s not ‘good’ in the usual sense people would attribute to a Beauty pageant winner. I think the media know it and just want to ridicule her by repeating the matter.

    1. I heard that Grace’s busts are 30″ only. She must be the flattest Miss HK so far.

      1. 30” … ugh is that her measurement with a bra or without? if with a bra, that is pretty sad .

  6. in certain pics, grace doesn’t look flat at all. she just has a very small frame.

  7. Passing offhand comments:

    I didn’t bother watching Ms HK.

    Beauty pageants are afterall a meat-fest.

    Grace the winner seems the ‘real-deal’ – features wise. Skilful enhancing make up and braces can do wonders – cheekbones/jawlines etc can be created or diminished.

    From the runner up’s pt of view … just reading between the lines and making some deducted guesses.

    Perhaps Sisley just has a big chip on her shoulder on the wealthy in HK.

    Afterall her dad is a policeman, and as with many places in the world = money and networking influence/connections must be frustrating within the police force.

    And for the have-nots it must be pretty frustrating that the haves are competing. Why, when they don’t need the opportunity.

    I feel BOTH of them are pretty gracious though, in their tactful replies to the media. If sarcasm was intended, it was skilfully done, and the come backs were equally intelligently and classily handled.

    At least they both reflect intelligent grey matter, WITHOUT blatent fish-monger wives’ type biatching.

  8. Actually it was very smart for Sisley to say that Tammy was “fake” because for those who didn’t watch the entire pagent shows and interviews, Tammy is known to be the impersonator and when a host/judge asks you the question who is most “fake” it would be pretty difficult to answer because you would usually hurt the other contentant (whoever you pick) but because Tammy is already known to be “fake” by being the impersonator amongst the contestants, picking her wouldn’t and shouldn’t have effected their original relationship since it was a pretty easy answer to the question.

    1. she tot she was being smart too by playing on the fake word, but shows lack of EQ on her part, imho. she shld hv said something which wldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  9. I like Sisley’s character. She is very genuine and not pretentious. Very blunt and straightforward which could easily irk others but she really stood out amongst the fakers like Tammy which in my opinion, she has a very fake personality. She has the arrogance in her facial expression as well. Glad she lost and went down the bottom in the finals. Serve her right!

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