Sisley Choi’s Tearful Performance in “The Defected” is Praised

Sisley Choi‘s (蔡思貝) acting faced criticism since her TVB debut five years ago. It wasn’t until her performance in The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> that audiences slowly began to open their hearts. Her recent crying scene in The Defected <鐵探> emotionally moved viewers, who noticed that Sisley’s acting has improved greatly.

Over its broadcast duration, The Defected has received positive responses, especially in regard to Kara Wai‘s (惠英紅) exemplary acting skills. Her contrasting portrayal of a ruthless senior officer and a grieving mother who lost her son (played by Mat Yeung 楊明) received hot praises. Netizens even said they will support her to become TV Queen this year.

Other members of the cast are also in the limelight. Sisley’s tearful portrayal in losing her lover didn’t go unnoticed either. In a recent episode, a heart-breaking scene shows the actress displaying deep distress at the death of Mat’s character. She tearfully reminisces their memories together, “When I said I liked him, he ignored me. But today, he held my hand and said that he doesn’t need anyone else but me.” Hurling each word with tears, Sisley was able to successfully convey her character’s painful emotions to the audience.

On Instagram, Sisley uploaded a post that said, “When a person doesn’t love you; it doesn’t hurt, isn’t tragic. But the most gut-wrenching moment is when you love the person to the point that you’re willing to sacrifice your life for him, and he suddenly disappears.”

Fans responded actively, with many that said, “I can’t watch this scene any further, the acting is amazing!” and “Why can’t Sisley and Mat end up happily together?”. Overflowing with praises, many are expecting Sisley to deliver even better performances in the future.


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  1. I really like Mat-Sisley pairing in the series. It breaks my heart to see his character get killed and when she finds out especially Sisley’s crying scene in ep. 24&25.

      1. @tatsumakijim

        Don’t get me started. Though, I do admit that I like Sisley better than Grace. She acts better than Grace by a mile, and is arguably the best young actress that TVB has, yet I still don’t think she’s worthy of first-lead.

  2. she did really well. she has steadily improved over the years. she could be the next charmine sheh.

  3. Who writes these articles? Sisley performance in presumed accidents and Legal Mavericks were. How did her performance of the boring, subdued character in ‘learning curve of a warlord’ open audiences hearts?

    1. @jimmyszeto lol, yeah, the writer was really grasping for straws with that comment.

      Guess I’m part of the minority who thought Sisley and Ben had better chemistry/connection in the show than she and Matt, perhaps because their scenes together were so limited. There wasn’t much romantic development, aside from the repetitive flashbacks, so can’t say I was sold on this pairing.

      As far as her performance, her crying scene was good, but that alone, isn’t enough to warrant praise as an actress. After all, both Linda and Eliza have received the same praises in the past.

      So aside from that one scene, I still found the rest of her performance rather lackluster. I never got the sense that she was completely submerged in her role. To this date, Legal Mavericks remains the only series in which I think she truly shined.

      1. @oystergirl
        I thought Sisley’s performance was decent and had chemistry with all 3 Ben, Matt and Oscar. There wasn’t enough time in the rushed ending for Sisley to grieve though so I felt she recovered too quickly. She definitely is more watchable than all the recent Miss HK contestants…

      2. @jimmyszeto True, the ending was very rushed (and anti-climactic, typical TVB). The Matt-Sisley story arc felt very choppy as a result.

        I agree that she’s more watchable than a lot of the recent Miss HK contestants, which was why I had such high hopes for her in this series. Was expecting it to be her breakthrough role.

      3. @oystergirl Yeah, I though I kinda wanted Sisley & Matt to get together, I felt like the only reason why the writers did was to get more sympathy for Matt’s death. But honestly it felt strange.

        Sisley is earning my respect though! She did really well in the series but her character made no significant impact. I never really thought her acting was THAT bad but she used to have the tendency to scream her lines which is annoying if you have a whiney voice.

  4. She was actually average in The Defected. In fact in some scenes she was very awkward, like the scene where she was pulling Luk Wai Kiu’s shirt at the police station. Still think her best performance so far was in Legal Mavericks. Hope to see more of her in that kind of standard.

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