Song Joong Ki Takes Family Vacation

Since filming in Colombia for Song Joong Ki‘s upcoming movie, Bogota, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor took this opportunity to vacation with his family of seven earlier. He stayed at a villa resort in Gyeongsangnam-do with his parents, his sister, and his brother’s family of four.

Joong Ki’s older brother recently shared photos from their family vacation on Instagram, and in the pictures, Joong Ki displayed his close bond with his two nephews while playing electric cars with them and gifting them new toys. Many fans noticed that Joong Ki’s nephews look exactly like him when he was young. Joong Ki’s younger sister, who rarely appears in front of the camera, was also seen in the pictures. The actor and his two siblings bear quite a resemblance to each other!

The Song family rented out a luxurious resort home with access to a golf course for an estimated 10 million Korean won nightly. To Joong Ki, he believes this valuable time spent with his family is worth it.

Source: HK01

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