Sonija Kwok Fantasizes Daughter Joining Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Sonija Kwok‘s (郭羨妮) five-year-old daughter, Kylie, is already turning out to be a beauty. Like all little girls, Kylie wears her mother’s high heels around the house. “She’s been doing that since two years old!” Sonija admitted that she has fantasized Kylie joining the Miss Hong Kong Pageant when she grows up.

Kylie enjoys being all glammed up. Sonija revealed, “There  is an Easter party at school today. I woke up early to style her hair. Kylie put on a little lip gloss and glitter herself. I told her that she is not going to a dance competition and to tone down her makeup. She said to apply cream first so the glitter would stick. She said I told her this before, but I don’t remember. When she grows up, she can be my makeup artist.”

Asked if Kylie will follow Sonija’s footsteps and join Miss Hong Kong, Sonija said she has thought about it. But Sonija would not nominate her own daughter, “I want to give others a sense of fairness. She will be competing based on her own talent, and not related to her mother’s [recognition]. I would be backstage bringing her soup.”

Sonija noted that her new web drama, My Rules: The Office <我的法則-辦公室篇>, will be premiering. She portrays a demanding boss in the drama. Later, she will be traveling to China to perform. The 43-year-old mother was modest about her singing skills and added, “I’m getting old. My bones are too stiff for dancing.”


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