Sonija Kwok Gives Birth to 6 Pound Baby Girl

Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) gave birth to her daughter on May 22nd via Cesarean section. The baby girl weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce, arriving two weeks earlier than the expected delivery date. Sonija’s husband, mainland action choreographer, Zhu Shaojie (朱少杰), accompanied her in the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord of the baby. Sonija cried tears of joy when she met her “little angel”!

Getting married in Guam in October 2011, the couple quickly became parents within one year. Although the pregnancy came earlier than expected, Sonija embraced motherhood and looked forward to entering a new stage in her life.

Since Sonija was carrying low in her pregnancy, the doctor advised that she undergo a Cesarean section two weeks before the due date. Sonija said, “The date of the Cesarean section was selected by the doctor. It’s a good thing, since my belly was huge. Since becoming pregnant, my weight has increased to 160 pounds!”

In the delivery room, Shaojie was by Sonija’s bedside. Sonija said, “He was pretending to be calm. Afterward, he told me that his heart nearly jumped out. I received anesthesia, so I was not entirely coherent.”

Sonija has already returned home from the hospital. Due to receiving a Cesarean section, she was still in pain. Both baby and mother were doing well. The baby’s name has not been decided yet; thus Sonija and Shaojie called her “little angel” for the time being. Her eyes opened wide and she was very lively in the photos.

Sonija said, “The baby’s eyes resemble daddy, but her nose, mouth and hands resemble my features.” Since Sonija was one-quarter British, her daughter’s features   were reflective of the mixed heritage as well.

Shaojie has taken time off from working in mainland China to accompany Sonija during her postpartum recovery. After things settled down, he will need to resume work.

Sonija declared, “We will try our best efforts to care for our little angel, allowing her to grow up healthily and happily! Thank you God!” Sonija graciously responded to the well wishes left by friends and fans on her Weibo personal blog.

Source:, Oriental Daily

This article was updated on May, 25, 2012 at 10:43 PM to reflect additional details regarding the birth of Sonija’s daughter.

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Jayne: Congratulations to Sonija! Baby looks like a cookie copy of daddy!

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  1. Awwww congratulations!!! I’m glad Sonija found her happiness 🙂

  2. Finally some great news after a string of negative news in hong kong. Congrats sonija! The second picture of the baby is so cute.

  3. Congratulations, Sonija. What a cute and sweet baby girl with her tongue out already!

  4. nawww so cute! beautiful mum come beautiful daughter

  5. Congratulations, Sonija. I’m very happy for her little family.

  6. Congrats to Sonja & hubby. Am sure she’ll enjoy her motherly role.

  7. The baby’s lower lip looks to thick in the second picture. Maybe it’s just the angle.

    Congrats to Sonija, Shaojie and baby. 😀

  8. Jayne, I think there’s a typo. “Getting married with Zhu Shaojie in Guam in October 2011, Sonija quickly became pregnant with their first child.” 10/2011-5/2012, that’s only 7 months…she was pregnant before the wedding. But it doesn’t matter as long as baby is healthy and they’re happy.

    1. I don’t think that is a big deal. What was the sentence in Chinese? There is no tense in Chinese so it may not sound right in English, but sounds ok in Chinese. Things are always lost in translation. I had a feeling she was pregnant before the wedding too. But it’s not like it matters…

    2. Trang,
      You’re right that the timing doesn’t add up. Although she may have been pregnant before the Guam wedding, I revised the sentence to just say that the baby was born within a year, to let everyone do the math.

      I also made updates to the article to incorporate additional details of the birth that have surfaced in the evening news.

  9. Congrats to Sonjia and shaojie! Their daughter is like a female version of Shaojie. Very cute and pretty girl!

    1. “Their daughter is like a female version of Shaojie.” ……. Agree. I wish Sonjia’s daughter would look more like her Mom. She will be prettier for sure.

  10. Lovely baby. Gof bless the baby and family@

  11. Very cute little kid…can’t really imagine what she will be like in the future though…..Sonija and her family….all the best

  12. Congratulations ! cute baby ! more like papa !

  13. Does Sonjia’s husband speak Mandarin or Cantonese with her?

    1. I am guessing Mandarin since he is from Mainland.

  14. Sonija looked quite pretty in this picture without any makeup.

    She deserved to be the pretty Miss Hong Kong.

    1. She looks the same doesn’t she, just a little paler. She doesn’t even look tired. Talk about good genes!

  15. Congrats to Sonjia and Shaojie.

    Their daughter is adorable, already has star quality with looking so lively in the photos despite only being a few days old!

  16. Congrats to Sonija and her family! Her husband gets what he wants (he would like to have a baby girl).

    The baby is adorable. Sonija looks pretty even though she doesn’t have any make up on.

  17. Congratulations to Sonija and her husband. The baby is really cute. She is going to grow up so beautiful like her mother.

  18. 1. No makeup
    2. Just given birth

    How does she still manage to look so fine? Pretty, indeed.

    Congratulations to the family! The second picture, in particular, is so adorable~

  19. Congratulations! The baby looks super adorable!

  20. Not only so cute the bundle of joy! Notice how sharp those eyes & her alertness? ! A totally adorable & so desirable baby. LUcky parents. Beautiful family. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  21. Sonjia congrats to u n hubby. U still owe me a picture together from new York! Her daughter is so cute got her nose.

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