Stephanie Ho Denies Being a Jealous Girlfriend

By on July 28, 2017 in NEWS

Stephanie Ho Denies Being a Jealous Girlfriend

Since publicly acknowledging their relationship four months ago, Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) and Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) has been subject of media scrutiny. Because Fred did not properly address his previous relationship status, many immediately branded Stephanie as the third party. Since then, Stephanie has remained the brunt of public criticism. In addition, reports also claimed that Stephanie has been cutting her wrists due to emotional problems. These rumors were further fueled when she was spotted at an event wearing a long-sleeved shirt and refused to respond about the rumors.

The negativity did not end there. Most recently, reports claim that Stephanie is a possessive and jealous girlfriend who often checks Fred’s phone. No longer staying mum, Stephanie adamantly refuted the claims, “No. There was absolutely nothing of the sort. We have never checked each other’s phones. We both trust each other.”

Despite the many negative reports, Stephanie assured fans that her work has not been affected. However, she is only human. “My mood has definitely been affected, more or less. But I’m confident that I can get through this hurdle. I’m very fortunate to have many supportive people around me.”

In addition to a supportive network, Stephanie also exercises to reduce stress. “I can lose weight when I exercise too. I feel that my body shape is a little more round. When I play golf, I have to use my abs a lot. Exercising more can help a person be more positive too.”


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6 comments to Stephanie Ho Denies Being a Jealous Girlfriend

  1. lyu310 says:

    I understand why people want to dislike the pair, but also, who cares? That’s their business. I don’t see people criticizing Alvin Chau – a true scum.

    Also, if Fred was the one to cheat, WHY do people only attack Stephanie? Being a third party is wrong, but hello, SHE wasn’t the one in a relationship. It takes two to tango, and the GUY should be one getting most of the backlash. Double standards. Can’t imagine the pressure she’s under from people who don’t even matter. Hope she can get through this, because mental illness is no joke. Do people want to push her over the edge??

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    • linvin8 replied:

      @lyu310 You’re absolutely right. I really don’t get why it’s anyone’s business if Fred and Stephanie are together. Let them be, for goodness sake.

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    • jjwong replied:

      @lyu310 This reminds me of Moses and Bernice break up. Media, TVB and peeps backed up Moses, painted him as an innocent, love struck, pitiful victim. Bernice got backlashes and dubbed as a bad woman. It’s honestlu creepy how much media and some people/fans care about random strangers love life so much.

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  2. cutie777 says:

    Is it me or I think Stephanie looks older than Fred? Maybe because he’s got the baby face?

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  3. hannah says:

    poor Stephanie, do hope she get through it.

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  4. emiliachan says:

    i wish the press would just stop trying to make news about them because its their private life. the hk press have been talking about it for months but they don’t realise how they’re ruining their careers.
    i support fred and steph so much and i hope they stay happy <3 :))))

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