Stephy Tang Admits Dating Prince Chiu

The dating rumors between Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and Prince Chiu (邱勝翊), turned out to be true after all! At a function today, Stephy admitted that she is dating the former Lollipop star, but asked the media to give them space.

“As artistes, our lives are very transparent. I understand everyone’s concern over my relationship status in the past year. I thank everyone’s concern, but hope everyone is lenient and give us space to develop further.”

Last month, reports emerged that Stephy and Prince had vacationed to Thailand together. Prince reportedly attended a Mother’s Day celebration with Stephy’s family, proving that their relationship is very stable.

This is Stephy’s first publicly acknowledged relationship since ending her 10-year relationship with Alex Fong (方力申) in 2016 after disagreement over marital views.

When asked whether Stephy and Prince had started dating in April, she dodged the question. “We’ve known each other for a long time. We were managed by the same company before, but we didn’t know each other too well back then.” Asked how they went from friends to lovers, Stephy said, “We ran into each other at a friend’s dinner gathering.”

Since there is a five-year gap between them, how does Stephy feel about dating a younger man? She said, “I don’t have anything particular to say. It’s already 2018, everyone’s tolerance level is very high.”

With Prince’s career based in Taiwan, Stephy often has to fly there to meet with her boyfriend. She said, “I’m used to flying a lot. I just got back from New York.” Asked if they do video chat, she said, “Please give us some space.” When the press congratulated Stephy for her dating status, she said, “Thanks! You’re making [my face] feel very hot!”

Prince’s Response

After Stephy acknowledged their dating status, Prince said through his manager, “Thanks everyone for your concern! I hope everyone gives us space and time to be together.” In his social media update, Prince seemed apprehensive about fans’ reactions and asked them to treat Stephy well. But his worries were put to rest, as the majority of fans eagerly embraced the couple’s dating news, sending their congratulations and asking Prince to cherish Stephy。


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  1. Yay!! Happy for this two and 5 years apart that’s nothing just like the rest older woman with younger man for an example: Tavia and Him, Ruby and Wallace, Yoyo and Vincent.

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