Steven Cheung Apologizes About Cheating Scandal: “I Really Regret It”

BOYZ member Steven Cheung (張致恆) has finally broken his silence on his cheating scandal that has been rocking Hong Kong’s entertainment circle in the last few days.

Multiple women came forth to accuse Steven of being a player and cheater after Steven announced his relationship with non-celebrity Au Man-man (歐雯雯) and their son five days ago. Model April Leung (梁皓恩) and an Instagram user identified as “Moon” were among some of the victims. Even TVB actress Angel Chiang (蔣家旻), who was rumored to have dated Steven, was dragged into the mess.

“Please don’t disturb my peace,” was Angel’s response to the scandal, and denied dating Steven.

Steven stayed quiet on the issue for four days. It was even to the point where Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Steven’s BOYZ bandmate, had to make a response on his behalf. On July 29th, Steven finally broke his silence on the issue and uploaded an apology statement on Instagram.

“I really regret having caused Kenny and the company to suffer,” he said. “My horrible conduct has hurt everyone. Even if I apologized to every single person who I have hurt, I will not be forgiven. However, I still want to tell each and every one of you: I have made a horrible mistake, and I am sorry to you all! I have deeply reflected my irresponsible behavior, and I am truly repenting.”

Steven then apologized to his fiance, Man-man, and thanked her for her forgiveness. “I promise to be a responsible person to take care of her and the baby. I will do my best to change. I know the road ahead will be difficult, but I hope that everyone will give me the opportunity to change and become a better person.”

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  1. “Even if I apologized to every single person who I have hurt, I will not be forgiven.”

    He got that right.

  2. What about the money that his exes said he owns them?

    I can never understand women who get together with a taken man and a wife who forgives a cheating husband. It was known that he was dating April. Why the hell would Man Man still get with him and even had a son? And that Moon also got with him knowing he was dating April? Also he cheated on his previous gf with April. It seemed that karma caught up with April. Now its his turn to face the karma.

    Besides, I dont know what the ladies sees in him

    1. @dreamer I feel like there was no victim in this whole scandal. All the other girls (Moon, Miss C, Miss S, Man Man), all knew Steven was in a relationship with April. They’ve all continued their relationship with him knowing so they’re not victims. Honestly, April was said to be the 3rd party in Steven’s last relationship too so I don’t pity her either. The only real victims are the innocent child who’s born into this mess and also Kenny who’s worked so hard for the last 10+ years.

      Regarding the money, I read that Kenny and Yumiko has lended Steven money to repay his debt and EEG isn’t suing Steven for the loss of monetary in preparations for BOY’Z concert.

  3. Another Edison Chen. What if his ex’s are pregnant too? He’s going to end up paying for child support.

  4. Apology is a verb….It is not a noun. He is a repeat offender….. dont trust him till he really understand the verb.

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