Steven Ma to Return to TVB?

Over the past half-year, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) has been busy cooperating filming mainland Chinese productions since leaving TVB. He focused on acting, scriptwriting, editing, and expanding his music career. TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), allegedly hinted that Steven will return to film for TVB next year.

Speaking about his plans for next year, Steven revealed that he has indeed decided to return to Hong Kong, but the exact details will not be made public yet. Currently, he wishes to work hard to earn more money. “Actually, I have been in discussion with many different broadcasting companies lately. I did say that I would film in Hong Kong in the middle of next year, but I cannot announce where I will be filming at.” Does he feel like TVB is still the place to be? “Catherine Tsang is my mentor. TVB is my maternal home. There are strong emotional attachments. After everything is settled, I will announce my plans to the public.”

What has Steven been up to recently? “I am learning how to do production editing and writing scripts.” Is he more interested in becoming a crew member instead? “Acting is the most important, but I hope I can achieve a broader aspect by learning more valuable skills in the industry.”

On December 21, Steven flew to the United States to perform for three concerts. Since there were rumors about how the volcanoes in Yellowstone National Park were going to erupt that day, Steven was asked if his family would be worried about him. He smiled and replied with a realist point of view, “My family and I are not worried, because we don’t believe in the end of the world. If there does happen to be some world-ending catastrophe, then humans won’t be able to avoid it no matter what. Even if the end of the world does come, the most important thing is to make the most out of everyday life!”

This year has been satisfying for Steven, and he revealed that he has experienced many new things. A lot of opportunities had opened up to him. “There will be more next year!” he remarked. Steven’s new mainland dramas such as “Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder” <建元風雲> and “Yuan Yang Pei” <鴛鴦佩> will broadcast next year. Steven further revealed that in the future, he hopes to take part in a martial arts series.


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    1. he looks so stylish with his new hairstyle.cant wait to hear him speak cantonese again!

  1. Btw, Steven did not say TVB is like a family to him. He said: TVB is my maternal home.

    1. At least that shows that he is not on bad terms with them which is good.

  2. Actually i don’t really like him! Every time he plays the same characters and its kinda getting boring

    1. I like his righteously boring character xD just not when they have sad ending -.- he tends to always play the good guy, and generally those type aren’t so exciting lol -.-

    2. LOL, characters are up to him! He’s not the scripts writer …He have to act those boring characters. Steven just finish filming Yuan Yang Pei, in that series he has 2 characters, one of them is a villain…

  3. Omg I really hope he would come back to Hong Kong and film there!!

  4. I doubt very much he will come back to TVB after the treatment he got in the news, as much as I would like him to. Miss him at TVB and don’t really enjoy all those dud mainland series as much as I like to follow TVB stars in mainland series. So fingers and toes crossed for him to come back!!

  5. can anyone refresh me, what exactly did tvb do to steven to make him leave tvb????????????????

    1. Long story , it started “Once upon a time in Hong Kong a TV Station call TVB….

      Sorry I think you just google ” steven ma leaving tvb “

  6. Shout for joy! I hope he will start to get some decent scripts! The show with him, Ada Choi and ?Moses Chan is still one of my all time favourite! I think it’s titled where the legend begins. So good!

    1. omg! that was one of my favorite dramas. I fell in love with him as a prince!

  7. Yes!!!!! In my opinion, Steven is a way better actor and singer than raymond….. ughh… no offense raymond fans…

    1. Agreed, Steven is not only a good actor but he has a powerful singing voice, i think RL needs to work more on his vocal.

  8. I hope he doesn’t come back to TVB because of the way some in TVB treated him. He’s better off filming in Mainland China. In my opinion, Steven should screw TVB & sign with CTI instead.

    1. I agree. He should film for stations that value him and pay him better. Why bother slaving for tvb when they are just using you to help save the ratings.

  9. My intuition tells me hes going to CTI. Who the heck wants to go to TVB to earn LESS money after you’ve made 10x more in the mainland?

    1. Friendship card? TVB is an expert in that field.

      Let’s hope yr intuition is correct.

    2. My intuition tells me he won’t sign up with CTI just yet cos’ Steven has this misguided sense of indebtedness to TVB. Catherine Tsang’s mentor/friendship card will ensnare him for sure.

      He most probably will pick a middle ground, which is Miu Siu Ching’s NowTV station. MSC says on weibo that her new tv series will start in March next year.

      So, will see.

  10. i hope he does come back and he’s a great actor!! i miss him! :O

  11. I would love it if he came back to HK and filmed, but I’m worried TVB will treat him as poorly as in the past.

  12. Really good news, really like Steven. Crossing finger that it’s true 🙂

  13. What I appreciate about Steven is the layers to his person – in this case his eloquence.

    Below is a partial transcript to Steven’s one time sting as celebrity host on Nov 12 2012 for for Commercial Radio HK’s(CRHK) program 有誰共鳴 (Musing). (transcript + video)

    Actually, these past 2 years, my time in Hong Kong has indeed become shorter. Last year, around November, I started filming different series in mainland, a year in all. Of course every month I would return home to Hong Kong for 3 days or so but would stay in mainland for at least 2 or 3 months at a time. Actually since I was 16 or 17 years old because of work I was outstation in mainland quite often but seldom away from home for this long of a stretch until filming these 2 series. The longest time away was in Hengdian for 4 months. Even though I was still in my own country but actually one can still feel homesick, especially the 1st ten days, my homesickness was quite acute. During that period, I constantly felt this urge of wanting to go home to Hong Kong, or frequently called up my family members or friends, or through different methods such as texting or go online. About half a month or a month later, I became more acclimated, and the constant feel of homesickness became less acute.

    But anyway I’ve this habit of transferring many songs into my cellphone so that at night I could easily listen to the songs I often listened to back in Hong Kong. Among them is this English song that I like a lot, also its title is very suited to my mood then. It’s Michael Buble’s Home. It totally matched my homesickness feeling at the time. I hope you all will like this song too.

    Paul Anka’s song, The Painter
    Many friends thought that I prefer listening to either Mandarin songs or Cantonese songs. Actually it’s true, I do enjoy them, but English songs I love them a lot too. The English songs I like, I dare not say are the latest or hits, usually I would first listen to its melody and its composition, and if attracted by its melody I would look up on what kind of song it is. Like this song I will now introduce to you all is a Paul Anka song. People would say huh how come you know of Paul Anka. True, when Paul Anka was at his prime or most popular, most of us were either still young or were not born yet. But Paul Anka’s songs, not that I’m very familiar with them, for some reason this one song truly spoke to me. The song is ‘The Painter’ and depicts a painter – who gives to his craft his all as an artist, but when he lives his paintings don’t worth much and unappreciated by others, however, once he passed away, his worth and his paintings’ worth suddenly increase manifold. As artiste myself upon hearing the lyrics I’m quite moved, actually, in that as artists they tried within their own art world to bring forth their own visions through different ways and methods. But can they really when they are still alive receive other people’s appreciation and approbation? This song describes it in great detail. The song emotes the feeling of a solitary painter and depicts his artistic journey. I hope you all can savor the flavor of this song. It’s Paul Anka’s ‘The Painter’.

    1. Thank you! It was a very nice read. Although I do miss Steven Ma in his TVB days, I am glad that he has finally found a place where his talent is appreciated and treasured. I have always admired Steven for his work ethics and personality. If he is truly returning back to TVB, this will definitely be a treat for us viewers! I look forward to his upcoming work.

  14. Oh man, I love watching Steven Ma. Can’t stress how much he has been robbed of the TV King title over the last decade…

  15. Favorite Steven Ma series: A Journey Called Life, Where the Legend Begins, Return of the Cuckoo,and Better Halves. That is actually pretty low ratio for prolific actor like Steven Ma – he needs better scripts.

    TVB has forever pegged him as slightly different versions of nice guy next door. Once someone commented that he seems to bring out the best in his female costars but is bland when he leads or needs to conduct a scene by himself.

  16. Yeah! I hope he goes back to TVB as I miss seeing him in series! He’s such a good actor. I love him in comedy roles!

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