[STYLE] 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards

Red carpet styles at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards were surprisingly subdued. The ladies wore predominantly black and white colors, and bridal-inspired gowns made their expected appearances. Diamond jewelry was kept to a minimum and the atmosphere was somewhat sober, as compared to the more lively Anniversary Gala in November.


2013 TVB Anniversary Mandy Wong Benjamin Yuen

Since many of the ladies dressed conservatively, it was difficult to pick out the most outstanding ensemble of the night. Mandy Wong left the most memorable impression in a fiery red ruched gown that hugged her figure and showed off just enough leg. However, the dress resembles Mandy’s gowns from other awards ceremonies this year and reflects a lack of originality. Mandy’s accessories and escort of the evening, Benjamin Yuen, looked equally wonderful; the only improvement recommended would be for her hair.

2013 TVB Anniversary Awards Linda Chung Ruco Chan

Linda Chung’s black dress has interesting ribbon detail, but the cut of the dress emphasized her wide shoulders and narrow hips. Dresses with fuller skirts have worked better for Linda in the past. Ruco Chan loves bold patterns and colors, but he should have ditched the jacket and white-rimmed glasses and opted for a simple black tux.

2013 TVB Anniversary Eliza Sam Him Law 2

Him Law was the best dressed male celebrity of the night. His suit was modern and offered just the right pop of electric blue. Eliza Sam made a more subdued statement in a crystal princess dress. The dress was beautiful, but may have been sourced from a bridal shop.

2013 TVB Anniversary Elaine Yiu

Elaine Yiu’s figure received a hourglass makeover in a dress with strategic cutouts. Her makeup, hair, and accessories made a confident statement that set her apart from other TVB actresses.

2013 TVB Anniversary Elena Kong Ben Wong

Elena Kong’s dress suited her well, but the thin fabric and drape of the dress was more suitable for an informal occasion. Did Ben Wong arrive on his motorcycle?

2013 TVB Anniversary Kenneth Ma Tavia Yeung 3

Tavia Yeung wore another white Viola Chan dress that serviced, but impressed less than her diamond jewelry. But she was well matched with Kenneth Ma, who looked handsome in his gray and black suit.

2013 TVB Anniversary Wayne Lai Myolie Wu

Wayne Lai appeared youthful in a cropped, belted jacket. Appearing in splashy fashion spreads recently, Myolie Wu’s Prabal Gurung white pantsuit was a surprisingly subdued choice. Was the pantsuit a last-minute choice?

2013 TVB Anniversary Carol Cheng

Carol Cheng turned to favorite designer, Dorian Ho, for her pale mauve dress. Although the beaded detail and fur wrap made an elegant statement, it was also outdated.


2013 TVB Anniversary Niki Chow Bosco Wong 3

Niki Chow made a fashion-forward statement a Stephane Rolland gown. The crystal details on her cape were exquisite, but the top and pants made Niki’s figure appear to be flat and masculine. Bosco Wong wore a deconstructed Octo Cheung suit that made his frame appear frail.

2013 TVB Anniversary Oscar Leung Grace Wong

Oscar Leung’s top was well coordinated, with the salmon shirt providing a nice contrast. The white streaks and wrapped skirt were unnecessary distractions to his ensemble though. Grace Wong’s dress had just enough sparkle for the awards ceremony.

2013 TVB Anniversary Nancy Wu Vincent Wong

Nancy Wu appeared in a black Roberto Cavalli gown that may have suited a taller frame better. With a few hair, accessory, and makeup changes, Nancy could have brightened up her look.


2013 TVB Anniversary Katy Kung Oceane Zhu


2013 TVB Anniversary Sharon Chan Louis Yuen Priscilla Wong

TVB actresses often turn to bridal shops for red carpet occasions. Katy Kung, Oceane Zhu, Priscilla Wong, and Sharon Chan should realize that the fashions are truly more suitable for wedding occasions. Louis Yuen’s green-hair was more fitting at a Halloween ball.


2013 TVB Anniversary Ron Ng 2a

Normally dressed conservatively at awards ceremonies, Ron Ng decided to throw the red carpet around himself instead. Kate Tsui’s dress had too much tinsel in it and her hair aged her considerably. Their outfits do not complement each other, unlike other pairings for the night.

2013 TVB Anniversary Kristal Tin Edwin Siu 3


Kristal Tin and Edwin Siu’s acting received recognition after Brother’s Keeper, but their style choices leave room for improvement. Kristal’s dress flattened her chest, while Edwin’s floral suit may have looked hotter in the 1970s.

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  1. I can’t believe I am saying this but Tavia looked the best. It is classic but not in the 90s that she usually wears. The rest are just either boring, ridiculous or WTF is going on (Niki Chow is not fashion forward, it is fashion sheer curtain and she is flat chested so that does not compliment her at all). Kristal actually looks good except again she is not very well endowed so the top looks rather missing. What I like about Priscilla Wong is not about the bridal gown feel but rather no matter what she does her hair is always looking messy and she looks like she doesn’t care and I like that. Nancy’s dress looks great bottom half but top half makes her look shapeless. If the bottom half is shorter she may have just stepped out from the great gatsby movie. Myolie looks severe which is the look she has been favouring lately, something Linda is trying to emulate to disastrous results. Linda is someone like Priscilla Wong who gives a vibrant sunny vibe and to see her making an effort to dim that vibe for whatever reason is painful. Maybe she knew she was gonna lose that night and so prepared for her award funeral.

    Over the guys, Ben Wong looked like he just finished performing with Village People. It doesn’t even look macho. Kenneth looks the best. And is flower the new motif for guys? Ruco looked good except when I first saw him in the jacket I went moooooo. Edwin is just forever bad fashion choices. He and Bosco and now Ron can have a go at the crown as King of Fashion Disaster. Oscar should stop trying to be edgy. he just looks silly.

    The rest no comment. Wasn’t May Chan there? Why no comment? I remember she looked lovely? How about the veterans? Some looked really good. Why only comment on only the young or famous ones? Give some love to the veterans too!

    1. Him Law wasn’t best dressed. Kenneth was. Kenneth looked like he could have been at the Oscars and still garner positive review for being slightly different and much youthful.

      1. Agree. Kenneth looks the best that night, a pleasant surprise after his flora outfit in Malaysia.

    2. Priscilla’s dress doesn’t look too great in the picture above but it looked amazing on screen/stage. She’s not very pretty but she knows how to make herself look good. I was having major hair envy. Other than Priscilla’s hair, I think Kate pulled the vintage waves off best. The others like Grace and Tavia totally missed.

      As for dresses, all very boring or bizarro like Niki’s hot mess.

      1. advo, I do think Priscilla as pretty. She has unconventional prettiness, and her ability to be goofy is also a plus point. I don’t think she knows how to make herself pretty. In fact I don’t think she even cares that much. It is the make up dept that made her look like some pageantry princess.

    3. ^Agree with most of what Funn Lim said..

      Still cannot get over Nancy and kate’s attire- what in the world were they thinking!

    4. Agree with most of what Funn said. Tavia’s look best. I actually like Linda’s look too. The simplicity of Linda’s whole look made her look elegant.

      Kenneth easily best dressed for male. What’s with Edwin Siu, two atrocious outfits in a row!

  2. I like Niki Chow’s dress the most, as it was the edgiest of all the dresses and for the men, it would be Oscar Leung because he looked so ‘Chok’ especially his hair!

  3. Personally, I liked Tavia’s, Elena’s, Eliza’s and Cilla’s dress the most. I really liked how Priscilla did her hair. I think it was a side fishtail braid or something among the lines. For girls, I hated the outfit Kate and Myolie wore.. As for guys, I personally didn’t think much of what Kenneth wore. I liked Vincent’s, Ruco’s, Ben Wong’s, Benjamin’s and Francis’s outfits the most. I think I would have liked Edwin Siu if the pink suit was in a lighter shade (:

  4. carol cheng, she thinks shes so pretty, when shes old and wrinkly as hell, especially when she tried to have the joey meng haircut from the last award show i cant remember. f her

    1. You did not see that one photo where her face looked like a pile of burned plastic. I still freak out whenever I think of of that photo. I wonder if everyone that has had PS will end up like that years down the road?

  5. I love Elena’s simple red dress with the diamond necklace hanging at her back, thought it was elegant and classy. Second goes to Myolie, love her pant suit. Normally kate has nice gowns for aniversaries but this year… What a horror she looks like she has aged 10 years overnight.

  6. I like Mandy Wong’s evening gown the best ………… bright, sharp and classy.

  7. Would have to say Elaine Yiu looked the best! From makeup to hair and dress, everything was perfect. Myolie’s makeup looks gorgeous as well; she seems to be getting prettier with time. Linda Chung and Niki Chow also look good. The best dressed couple would have to be Kenneth and Tavia…and not trying to bash but Ron and Kate are the worst-dressed couple. They are beautiful people but those outfits would be a no-no on anyone…

    1. No offense but I would have to disagree. Her dress is too reavealing. She should have to made up her mind if she wanted to show her legs then then she should have covered up the chest area. If she wanted to show off her chest then cover up her legs and not to mention her waste. It made her look a bit trashy, NOT CLASSY.
      But her face looks very pretty.

      1. i agree, Elaine’s dress was awful and made her look trashy sexy like those karaoke girls.

    2. I agree with you Victoria. When I saw her in that dress I went VA VA VOOM! SEXY!

    3. Agree that Elaine looks the best with her dress, look and everything. She has my attention from the first glace.

      For Ron’s, actually look at it carefully, I dun think it’s that bad. It looks like a blanket anyhow.

  8. I agree with Jayne. I love Mandy’s dress lots. But there’s something about her that makes the whole ensemble less perfect. Her posture?

    I also love how Elena carried herself in the dress. Just like her. Understated yet elegant.

    For guys, I like Benjamin, Kenneth and him. I actually like Oscar’s white streaks but if only he kept his suit simpler.

  9. WTF did I just look at.
    They (for the most part) should all be ashamed of themselves – guys especially.
    I know it’s only TVB.. but seriously, turning an awards ceremony into an amatuer fashion show for blind designers is really tacky.
    Ron and Oscar, should have been arrested for looking like that outside their houses.

    Ben Wong – working hard to dim my appreciation for him. Why would you wear that?!?! I don’t know what is worse, looking like you don’t care, or actively trying to look like a clown (Ron, Oscar).

    Shockingly, Bosco came in on the conservative side (for him).

    Asians can look so amazingly handsome in good traditional suits, why are they trying so hard to look obnoxiously grotesque?

    1. Agree. I still think guys look the best in either tuxedos or dark suits for formal occasions.

  10. Oscar Leung looks like an old idiot. look down on him.

  11. Guys stole the limelight for dis party but Him Law hes a WOW who beat them all n d ladies fashion n style neither fab nor frumpy n some kinda have similar bow on d left huh! Check out JPG ladies!!!!!!!!!

  12. Niki Chow must have been really worried about getting bitten by mosquitoes. So much so that she wore a mosquito net to protect herself.

  13. Best dressed couples: Mandy Wong & Benjamin yuen and Tavia Yeung & Kenneth Ma

    Worst dressed: Ron Ng and Kate Tsui. What in the world were they thinking???

  14. Worst dressed ever: Ron and Kate
    Runner up: Oscar Leung and Niki Chow

    Best dressed: Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

    1. But she makes it look good. Like some good dresses were ruined as the ones wore them looked odd.

  15. Ron and Niki take the titles of worst dressed male and female. Ron looked like he wrapped his grandma’s table cloth or blanket around him and in screaming red too! Was he planning to go for a bull fight after the event? If so, the bull would get a splitting headache just looking at him. Niki, hmmm, let me guess…she’s a fan of Adam’s Family, Morticia Adams in particular. Her hair is as flat as her chest. The gauze she wrapped herself around with looked like it was thrown in as an after-thought and that bandeau around her chest just emphasised what wasn’t there. Awful to the max. On the other hand, Elaine was showing too much flesh – waist, b-reasts, leg. Someone ought to tell her that showing too much flesh turns sexy to trashy. What on earth was Ben thinking about when he wore that leather outfit? Way too casual Ben! Oscar takes the cake for most Halloween-appropriate look, followed closely by Louis Yuen. What on earth was Oscar’s bottom half supposed to be? Pants, skirt or blanket? I like Linda’s gown and her hairdo. She looked sexy gorgeous and the red lipstick and nails made her look really outstanding. I must say that i thought Ruco’s jacket was ugly the first time i saw it in a still picture but he carried it off very well and as usual, he and Linda looked perfectly matched. Do they actually discuss beforehand what to wear? Poor Edwin, as usual, looked like he can’t get over his Lo Wai Shun character. I thought Kristal looked great in the Malaysia awards but this time, she didn’t. The top of the gown flattened out her chest and threatened to malfunction and she wore opaque black stockings!!! For best dressed ladies i pick Linda, Elena and Oceane. Ruco, Kenneth and Vincent are best dressed for the guys.

    1. OMG RON!!! what was he thinking?? He must not own a mirror that day?? Nikki what in the navy???? And Edwin, he needs a new styles!

  16. For female, I like tavia yeung’s dress the most. Whereas for males, I pick benjamin yuen and kenneth ma.

  17. I like Myole the best, so beautiful in white and the big earrings, pretty!

    1. 2nd place couple is Kenneth and Tavia.
      3rd place couple is Ruco and Linda.

      1. Benjamin and Mandy look very classy and appropriate. look like leading role materials rather than supporting.

    2. I think oscar is like trying to act like bosco?his dressing reminds me of bosco in the past

  18. I like Linda and Elena ‘s dresses for the classic look. On the other hand I also like the edgy look on myolie and nancy. The so so ones are Mandy, Eliza, tavia because they look so uninspiring and they had worn same styles before.

  19. Was looking at Tavia’s picture and noticed that her cheeks are very very very prominent. Her chin is getting more squarish. Did she do an upgrade?

    1. I noticed the same thing bout her face, it’s disturbing. The upper part of her face is pretty but then you see one big chunk of chin jutting out; and it turns not so pretty.

  20. Just noticed Mandy’s dress and Carol’s are almost identical.

  21. Linda is a ravishing beauty..Though her dress is quite plain,but it made her fair skin stand out..Both Ruco and Kenneth make a good pair with her..but dun think kenneth was paired up with her before?

  22. wtf… oscar and nicki… they looks like idiots. they need to fired those stylists lol

  23. tavia looks so good! loved her dress and hair!
    best dressed: tavia and kenneth

  24. I think Tavia looked pretty, and I really like how she’s now more confident and dares to show her cleavage (when appropriate). I hope I don’t sound rude by saying this, but Tavia really has nice breasts. Also, I like the header “from the bridal shop”. Some aristes really go to the awards shows dressed as if it’s their wedding day.

  25. Elaine Yiu looks the best to me. Very classy AND sexy.

    I also liked Tavia’s outfit.

    I agree that Linda’s outfit really didn’t suit her… made her look out of proportion (her hair style all swept to one side didn’t help either – her face looks so heavy/wide).

    As to Myolie… zomg.. PLEASE STOP WEARING PANT SUITS. I really hate them on her. I always thought it funny when she was dating Bosco that she’s wear the pants, and Bosco the dress.

  26. Elaine was sexxxyyy and classy! Props to Tavia and Myolie too.

  27. Nancy and Kate usually know how to dress up and while Nancy isn’t ugly, she doesn’t look as good as she usually does that night. As for Kate, it’s a straight no-no for that night.
    Myolie and Linda, however, look so much better than they usually do during TVB big events. Linda is a pretty, sweet-looking female but she doesn’t seem to know what compliments her in most events. 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards is one of the rare times I actually think she looks good overall. As for Myolie, she often tries to look different which usually leaves much to be desired but I do like how she dresses up this time, cool and confident.
    Elena seems comfortable in what she wears but her makeup makes her rather pale looking.
    Tavia isn’t one of the best dressed, nor does she looks awful but standing beside Kenneth, they compliment each other and look so good together.
    Eliza’s dress suits her sweety, girl-next-door image but she seems more like someone going for her prom.
    While I like Niki’s fashion a lot, someone with a taller frame and a colder aura will look better in it.

  28. Don’t really like Mandy Wong’s dress. Her shoulders are quite broad, so I don’t think it suits her that well, and I hated her hair. Benjamin Yuen’s suit was ok, nothing special. Linda Chung looked ok, although I don’t really like her hair and nails. As for Ruco, he has a naturally sly look and his suit made it less obvious, so it was good. I hated Him Law’s suit and Eliza Sam’s dress. Her dress looks horrible on her. She should seriously stop with that damned princess act. Is she going to act like one even as she gets older? Seriously… I didn’t mind Elaine Yiu’s dress, though she should have revealed less leg, and her hair isn’t very nice. Raymond Wong looked pretty plain to me. I actually loved Elena Kong’s dress, she looked really pretty in it, though she should have worn something more formal. Ben Wong…I have no comments. Kenneth and Tavia’s outfits really compliment each other, and both look good, even though I prefer her with her hair let down, pushed to the side and curled. I thought Myolie Wu was wearing a bath robe when I first saw what she was wearing, and Carol Cheng should seriously drop all those jewels. Niki Chow looked horrible, and so did Bosco. He looked like he just walked right out of a 1980s set. Oscar Leung, what were you thinking? And what’s with that thing you pinned on your suit? Grace Wong pulled her outfit off quite well, IMO. I absolutely refuse to comment on the rest. Just get a stylist.

    Best dressed: Kenneth and Tavia
    Worst dressed: There are too many.

    1. Funny, but true. I think Katy Kung’s dress is cute. It is the best out of all the princessy looking dresses.

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