[Style] 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards Red Carpet Fashions

TVB actresses heated up the red carpet at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, as “naked” bridal and evening dresses continued to trend. Backed by nude-tone lining, the illusion of barely-there fashions were the top choices tonight.


Especially dressing up since she was one of the presenters for the Best Actor award, Elaine Yiu shined in a shimmering gown with romantic sheer sleeves. Although this look has been seen at a lot of red carpet events, Elaine still looked dazzling.


Tiffany Lau‘s dress from Paradiso Bridal is gorgeous and the design is very similar to Elaine Yiu’s dress.

Toby Chan, Vivien Yeo, and Roxanne Tong made a stunning trio on the red carpet. Toby and Roxanne impressed with their diamonds, but Vivien looked the most beautiful in a dazzling Kev Yiu white gown that showed off her hourglass figure.

In a dress from The Loft Bridal that moved with the wind to reveal her long legs, Kelly Cheung was the epitome of sexy.


Both dresses are inspired by the “nude” wedding dress trend: Jacequeline Wong‘s dress is by J. Verzotti and Kaman Kong was dressed by Amire Bridal.

Moon Lau wore a highly daring gown that showed a lot of thigh and also had a back view.

Alice Chan had two looks: a navy “swimsuit” dress with sheer skirt, and more elegant white “nude” bridal dress, both designed by Dorian Ho. Accessorizing with $5 million HKD in diamond jewelry and shoes by Rene Caovilla, Alice delivered one of the more memorable looks tonight.


Sisley Choi’s dress had a lot of promise. Despite the pretty top, the skirt would have benefited with a more minimalist look done in tulle fabric. Nancy Wu goes retro in sparkly fringe…fortunately her Blumarine dress is done in an understated pale pink.


Selena Li and Natalie Tong‘s dresses seem out of season, while Ruco Chan would look a lot better in a simple black tux.











This fashion review is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The fashions were a lot better than the Anniversary Gala. The diamond jewelry sponsorship was also more generous. Elaine Yiu has been showing good taste in her red carpet looks, while Nancy Wu continues to be experimental.

    Share your favorite looks in the comments below!

    1. @jayne If wedding or engagement party, yes I agree. But I find Elaine;s dress whilst pretty, is boring. Nancy isn’t experimental. I mean she can wear whatever she wants but that makes her look fat and swamped by fabric. It is an ugly dress.

      I find the one experimental is Kenneth. He seems to like to wear different accessories instead of the usual bow tie or necktie.

      Oh Ruco!! NO SOCKS?!?!?! And the pants is like half way, not long, not short, nowhere.. why?! WHY?! Can they pls watch MAMA HK and see how Cha Seung Won dress. Look at him. No hobo look. That’s a star look. Dress like that!!

      1. @funnlim Haha, I doubt Kenneth cares too much about fashion. After dating Jacqueline, she may be his primary stylist. His outfit likely came from a bridal sponsor, as most TVB artistes are conveniently dressed by them.

        I’m disappointed by Ruco’s fashion choice again…he really should just wear a simple tux…but he likes to make bold statements on the red carpet.

        I also love Kelly Cheung’s look; she totally rocked the dress. But it was a bit too minimalist for my taste to be “Best Dressed”, as I love shimmer and shine. 🙂

      2. @jayne She got shimmer, she got shine. Just no bling. But bling might be too much.

        What is happening to Ruco? Kenneth is bold statement. Ruco is just dressing up for the wrong party.

      3. @jayne I also like the one in the shimmery.. cobalt blue? Blue? But the fashion this year seems to be no waistline fashion. I mean these actresses are slim to very thin but the waistline for these gowns are non existent.

        I like Rebecca’s expression. Like what am I doing here in this god awful gown?

        The wind must be windy, cold and all that.

      4. @funnlim I agree with you, Funn, Kenneth’s outfit is a bold statement, I actually like it, in an odd way lol.

        Ruco is just an eye sore :/ that dude can’t dress even with that much money in his bank -.- I really dislike his no sock and no where pants.

  2. Kelly Cheung’s dress like liquid! Very sexy. I would say suit her. Joe Ma dressed like a gentleman and I like that but his posture is terrible.

    Kenneth Ma to me is best dressed for men, again. I find the way he dressed is traditional but with a little bit of change. Ruco.. looks like he just flew a 2 seater plane from the 40s to the event. For heaven’s sake, can’t he just wear a tux?!

    Best dressed for women to me is… not the first 3 mentioned. Wedding shimmery dress not my thing. runner up looks huge when she is slim. Alice’s blue dress is nice if it didn’t have the silver stars on it, Sisley wants to be a … ostrich?

    I quite like the pattern on Natalie. But I need to see from the front. Mandy and Kristal both look good. Ali looks youthful and Grace looks ok.

    But after seeing the photos in here, I gotta say Kelly Cheung looks smashing. Her dress and accessories may be simple but they are catwalk and red carpet walk ready and she looks great with just enough of exposure. The wind helped to magnify the fluid look of the dress. So for me hers is the best dressed. She came dressing like a star.

    1. @funnlim I also enjoy Kelly’s evening gown but what’s up with her makeup? I find her face unattractive.

      Even though Sisley’s dress is a bit funny, I still think she’s the only star that is willing to and can successfully pull off that short haircut.

      1. @sugadough Kelly is a pretty girl (at least from LotL), but I agree the makeup here is horrible, I don’t like it either, make she aged and her attractive features no longer the main point of her face.

        Though I have to say many stars have terrible makeup on. Don’t like Kristal’s look, the pose is terrible, the yellow of the dress make her face look sick (dress colour and makeup not matching). Don’t like either of Alice’s dress, she looks kinda trampy. Something about it is wrong, instead of showing class and sophistication, I’m getting a really wrong vibe.

        Best dress for me is Jacqueline. And Kenneth for the men

  3. My two favourites:
    Mandy Wong’s dress was very appropriate and stunning. It has a couture statement and she looked confident in it – the perfect choice for being a Queen (candidate) in my opinion. I also like Kristal Tin’s dress. Love the regal yellow with a hint of lilac peeping through. It’s simple yet so elegant, and she wore it so well.

    Don’t typically prefer bridal but nonetheless pretty dresses:
    Elaine Yiu and Tiffany Lau’s. TL looked a bit fat in it though, and EY needed a nicer hairdo.

    Worst dressed:
    Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Sharon Chan.

    Nancy Wu gets a pass. Barely.
    Ali Lee is dressed for a luxury beach resort.
    Grace Wong is ready for a New Year’s Eve party.
    Alice Chan – Dancing Show Girl. I would expect her to tear off the bottom half of her dress at any point during the show.

    Ruco Chan never fails to be one of the worst for men. Even his everyday casual outfits are awful.

    The rest I don’t care for.

    1. @blunt i agree, nancy was eh, and ruco chan was just horrible?! like the only time i remember him dressing well for an event/award show, etc, was the tvb anniversary award 2015, other than that, i can’t think of any other good ones. Honestly he’s got the looks, just throw on a tux and bowtie and he’ll look great. Not sure why he has to go over the top all time like that.

  4. My favorites: Jacqueline, Elaine, Mandy, Kelly, and Tiffany

    I like the sheer dresses as I think they are very elegant and romantic. Mandy and Kelly’s dresses really fit them well so they really stand out. I agree that Kelly’s makeup did not suit her. I think she looks much prettier with a more natural look.

    I also think Jacqueline’s dress really suit her too and she looked beautiful and wore it well. It’s my favorite dress.

  5. It’s interesting how the Hong Kong Red Carpet is into bridal styles while the American one is afraid of it. Most of the ladies looked lovely and I agree that Elaine’s dress, make up and styling were very pretty. Not ground breaking but gorgeous, never-the-less.

    I liked the idea of Ali’s color blocked dress but it may have had more impact if it didn’t match her skin tone. Mandy’s dress was nice and dramatic without resorting to “Skin! Skin! Skin!”

    Red was in for the men and only Ben Wong’s red jacket looked good. Joel’s was a dramatic cut but the face on it creeped me out. Sean’s hair looked messy. And guys, take your hands out of your pockets when posing.

    And for goodness sakes, Ruco, find pants that fit. This is a ridiculous ongoing problem. The short pants makes him look stumpy, which is the opposite of the desired tall shoes effect. The jacket – sigh… No, just no.

    They need a Queer Eye for the Hong Kong Stars. It will be more interesting than some TVB dramas.

  6. I like Vivien Yeo, the one w/Joe Ma and Alice Chan but in the first pic thou not the full length pics. lol haha

  7. Everyone’s seems dress up pretty nice accept Nancy, Natalie, Selena, Sisley, Alice, Ali, Joel and Ruco.

  8. Oh and that girl wearing blue with furr on the bottom not sure who she is but definitely a worst dress too.

  9. Sisley, Nancy and Selena dressed so horribly. Sisley looked like she could hatch an egg in that skirt. Ali’s dress wasn’t classy enough.
    None of the other dresses stand out although Elaine looked pretty overall and Mandy was quite elegant and poised in that dress.

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