[Style] Wang Yibo Rocks Chanel Womenswear

First debuting as a member of the Chinese-Korean boyband Uniq, Wang Yibo (王一博) is a talented singer and actor. The Untamed <陳情令> star has also embraced the “flower boy” image popular in South Korea, which is apparent in his fashion style and his preference in wearing Chanel womenswear.

Since 2018, Yibo frequently attends functions wearing clothes from Chanel women’s collection. Possessing delicate features and a tall, thin frame, Yibo has defined his own distinct style.

During a red carpet event recently, Yibo sported a blue tweed jacket from the Chanel 2021 spring/summer ready-to-wear series. Pairing the jacket with a white collared shirt and vintage beret, he appeared chic and stylish.

Despite often seen wearing Chanel, Yibo is actually not a spokesperson for the brand. Instead, he may only be accepting partnership or commercial fees from the brand. Given the frequency that he is seen wearing the brand, it appears that Yibo may have even more Chanel outfits than the brand’s spokesperson, William Chan (陳偉霆).

Wang Yibo’s Chanel Looks

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I doubt that’s his personal style. I never liked his chanel female jackets look. He looked fine in proper suits of jackets but I always hated his chanel looks. The latest blue jackets and hat was to me the worst. When he went inside the hall he changed and that was way way way better.

    1. @funnlim
      OMG! Totally agree. The blue jacket, beret, short pants and white socks was terrible (the photo above does not show his full ensemble). I was joking to my sister and friends that Yibo likes to wear women’s jackets. Apparently it’s true. LOL. They do fit him well though because he’s so skinny.

  2. I really like his style of clothings. He looks good in whatever he wears. I was surprised to hear that the jackets were worn by female models. If u look at this way if it is a male model wears it out then will u ever know . The jacket does not have a bas line so it can be worn either male or female . Why restrict who can wear. If u wear the jacket does it look good on u??? Not everyone will have same effect or look. I would say he has great taste .

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